The 2nd Coming…

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…
The moment you’ve all been waiting for…
The time is now…
The return of…
Da’ KRUsader’s Manor…!!!

I could not have chosen a better date to kick off this second coming. A day we, as one united people, celebrate the 40th birthday of a country we hold so dear and close to our hearts. It’s an honour and great pleasure to be finally back in this blogging scene. I apologise to my legion of faithful readers for the sudden and abrupt “disappearance”, due to unforeseen circumstances. For those who know the reason, I hope it stays a secret between us, and for those who do not know, it’s best that I keep things to myself. Things are already complicated as they are. I’m just glad that everything’s back to normal and that I can continue feeding you, my sidekicks, my posses, with insights of what the KRUsader has experienced through the course of his life, his thoughts, his ponderings, in short what he calls his “mind craft“…

Stay freaky with da’ G, Baby!!!

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5 replies

  1. woohoo!! dah balik!!! baguuuuuuus!!!

    happy national day!

  2. Broo…yooo welcome back to how was the fireworks?

  3. Yipppeee!!

    Welcome back!!

    It’s a good date to remember, btw. heh.

  4. feeewitttt!!

    welcome back bro.

  5. are you infinitely sure that you don’t wanna do what i’m doing for a living? *LOL*

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