Suckers For Fireworks…

I guess for those who know me and Aida well, know that we’re suckers for any fireworks display on this island. So much so that even LizaNoor, remarked in her entry last week that we both should have fireworks for our wedding at the end of the year. Hahahaha… Not a bad idea huh??? But who’s gonna sponsor that???

Last Saturday marked the opening of the National Day Carnival at Marina South. Due to prior commitments, we did not get the chance to view the exhibits on display. But we did make plans to at least catch the Fireworks Festival, which was due at 8pm. Seeing that the best place to view them was at Marina Promenade, we made our way there once Maghrib was said at Moulana Mohd Ali Mosque at UOB Building. A huge crowd had already gathered outside the Esplanade along the promenade, but since there was talk of low-level fireworks this time around, I was sceptical if we could catch them from there. So I told Aida to move on till we surpassed the Benjamin Sheares Bridge. The moment we walked underneath the bridge, the fireworks went off. Cameras, video cameras and camera phones were whipped out by the majority who watched, including yours truly. These were what we managed to get:

As you can see from the pictures we took, even from such a close distance, we could not get much of the low-level fireworks. We weren’t satisfied by the 13-minutes display. So we came back for an encore on Monday night. Along with my colleagues Jun, Shah, Shah’s friend Mai, and Aida (I felt like a pimp daddy that night, being the only thorn amongst the roses), we set off for the carnival and reached there about 9pm. We were quite disappointed that most of the stalls had closed for the day, so we could not try the fun stuff like the Flying Fox & Bungee Trampoline. My colleagues were more inclined on seeing the uniformed guys. I told them earlier in the day that I would wear my Army garb, just to soothe their “tortured” souls, which they duly turned down and said they would make sure they are 20 miles away from me if I did that. Girls… *shakes head* Hahahaha…

We were even more disappointed that being a national event, the Countdown concert was dominated by Chinese artistes. Even the comperes spoke in Mandarin most of the time. The only time I remembered them speaking in English was when Taufik came on stage and during the countdown itself. I’m deeply saddened that all those talk about racial integration was not practiced at an event to celebrate the nation, its people and its progress. They should have respected the minorities there and we personally felt ostracised. At least have the decency to speak in English, which everyone understands.

Disappointed and tired from walking, we parked ourselves at the Marina South Park directly behind the stage area but further up, facing the Marina Bay. We spent about 40 minutes chatting away and taking the mickey out of one another. We were absolutely delighted that the fireworks came off directly opposite us. The shells were shot over at the opposite bank about 300m away, so we had the best spot. Don’t believe??? Enjoy the pics…

Once the fireworks display ended, we made our way to the boarding bay, but not before stopping on our tracks when AhliFiqir‘s name was mentioned as the next act of the countdown concert. I immediately ran into the concert area leaving the gals behind. You guys should have seen me ran in. I think the sight of me swinging my hips and arms are still etched in the girls’ minds. The girls did not go in as the concert area was muddy from the earlier downpour.

AhliFiqir was excellent. I speak not because I’m a fan, but because they really showed their mettle to the point, even the other races amongst the crowd were seen dancing away to their songs. For the record, the group performed Pesta, AhliFiqir & 7 Penyamun and the massive hit Angguk-Angguk Geleng-Geleng. I’m extremely proud of them for making waves in Malaysia and I’ve never regretted liking them since they first came out with their single in 2002.

The journey home was a long one. Not only because there was a long queue at the boarding bay, there was also a human jam at the Marina Bay MRT Station. We decided to take the Night Rider bus outside the St. Andrew’s Cathedral bus-stop. However, Jun and Shah did not flag the bus, so we had to wait almost 30 minutes for the next bus to arrive, much to my irritation as I was already feeling sleepy. But I did not want to spoil the mostly jovial mood we had throughout the night, save for the countdown concert, so I made a joke out of it. I gave them the benefit of doubt too since the stupid bus driver had kept the bus on the second lane instead of the first lane. We all reached home about 3am, tired but happy that at least we had the best spot of the night. I’m still contemplating whther to go this Sunday night for the penultimate display of the Fireworks Festival at the same area since I have football in the evening… Hmmm…..

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

6 thoughts on “Suckers For Fireworks…”

  1. elo u!

    U were there? (@ the nation’s countdown)

    My hubby and I were there too!

    and u sure snapped better pics than us! The fireworks, i mean.


  2. wow!!! awesome never watch fireworks directly in my life ishk…bunga api yang budak2 main tu ade lah…

    hmm wat to do bangsa kita dah dimonopoli oleh bangsa tooot….

    take care n enjoy u r weekend soon….

    jazakallah khair.

  3. Bro,

    This Sunday you should head down to Marina South with Aida. I was informed that there will be bigger fireworks display then. Oh, and the Grasio Pencak Silat team(the kiddies) will be there too. Very cute bunch… boleh pecah perut ngok dorang 😉

    Insyallah I will be going kalo takde pape halangan. Might head down to JB instead. Anyway, have a great time if you’re going.


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