The Current Apple Of My Eye…

This past Monday saw Aida’s niece Nurin Diyanah turned 2. She is a darling now (not that she wasn’t previously), very cheeky, talkative but also has her moments of emotional angst and crankiness. For a 2 year-old, Aida and I believe she’s clever enough to do things that perhaps most kids her age might not have developed the instincts to do just yet. For instance, when her grandma sits down and folds the already-dried clothes, she would point out and say whose clothes, scarves or undergarments they belong to, even without us telling her beforehand, indicating what an observant girl she is. She also knows the cue to laugh at certain scenes in movies she’s watching without prompting. She can sit down and watch “Garfield” and “Robots” all day and not care about things going on around her. She is also an avid watcher of “Hi-5“, “Sesame Street” & “Krayon” (sis Nura will be pleased to hear). Nurin is musically-inclined and into pop music. Her shoulders and body will start to sway if there’s some catchy music on air with the odd ballad song thrown into the mix. Her personal favourites are V.E.’s “Pop Yeh Yeh” and Peter Pan‘s “Mungkin Nanti“…

I finished work early on Monday as I was undergoing a course and Aida took time off to shop for Nurin‘s gift. Since the little darling loves the character “Elmo” of “Sesame Street” fame, we both decided to get an “Elmo” soft toy for her from Forum The Shopping Mall‘s Toys R’Us store. We also bought a chocolate fudge cake from Secret Recipe on top of that. Bumped into our friend Mahmud and had a short tea session before making our way back to Aida’s place. It was only after Maghrib that we had the cake-cutting ceremony for the birthday girl. She clearly loved the attention and love showered upon her that night, not to mention the toy we bought for her. The toy is quite inseparable from her now.

Nothing grand… Just Chicken Murtabak and two cakes for the little one…

The birthday girl smiling sheepishly as we sang the birthday song to her…

Cutting the first cake…

On to the cake that we bought from Secret Recipe

“Feeding” her new friend…

Of late, I’ve been visiting friends at Changi Hospital along with my friends whom I’ve gotten to know through listening to RIA 89.7FM. We’re part of the large “Lanun Family“. Why “Lanun” some of you might ask??? Someone coined this term to describe the majority of listeners who are into rock music. Me??? I was sucked into the group even though my music preferences are R&B & Hip Hop. But the music tastes are secondary. It’s the company that we all treasure. Whenever we have gatherings, we’ll always have a good time laughing at one another’s antics and jokes. Well actually this was how we started off before a few factions decided to break away due to differences and misunderstandings.

Back to the visits, last week along with the others but minus Aida, I visited “Lan Tawei‘s” wife who is suffering from cancer of the nose and had to undergo surgery and subsequently chemotherapy. For someone still so young and good-looking, it struck me that such a major illness can hit us at anytime. We also visited a new listener “Man Badong” who is paralysed from the chest down. He has been paralysed from the chest down for 11 years now after falling from a ceiling while at work. When we visited him last week, he was surprised at the large turnout (there were 10 of us) but was still thankful to have made friends out of total strangers he listens to every day on air. He underwent a surgery to his leg due to infection incurred from his paralysis.

On Tuesday, in a smaller group than last week but including Aida this time around, we visited “Zul Devil‘s” mother “Datin Raemah” who has been suffering from continuous fever of late. From there, we visited “Man Badong” again, but not before we got wind that the nurses at his ward were cute. Hahahaha… I really admire his courage in facing life and he was in high spirits when we visited him. I know he enjoyed our company judging by the din and laughter we created. It was a good thing the nurses did not chase us all away. And speaking of the nurses, nah they weren’t as cute as we had heard. Anyway we visited him not because of the nurses, but to see his condition after the surgery. The nurses, if they were what we heard they were prior to the visit, were just a side bonus. Honest!!!

I’m really thankful for your kind visits to my humble “manor”, my dear visitors. Words cannot describe my gratitude and appreciation for taking the time to read my long-winded ramblings. Even though some of you prefer to be passive readers and tend not to comment, I am still grateful that you do take the trouble to read them. Not to mention that a large majority of you are quite open-minded and tolerant to some of the things I talk about. However there are the odd few who seem to have had a field day slamming yours truly lately.

I’d rather the criticisms be constructive, substantial and with ample proof rather than beating about the bush with no concrete evidence to back them up. Branding me a “social predator out for hanky-panky liaisons” just because a majority of my blog links are female bloggers is kinda laughable and makes one appear one-dimensional. I think we all know females make up a majority in our local Malay blogosphere community. That is evident in most of our links am I right??? I would like to welcome more male bloggers in my links but they are sometimes too expressive to the point they run foul of the law or they are just sprouting nonsense which yours truly abhors.

Anyway a large majority of the female bloggers in my blog links are either married or attached and if I was supposed to be out for some sexcapades, I wouldn’t even say that I’m due to get married or keep on harping that I’m always with my partner when I go out. Most of you too can attest to the fact that I’ve done no funny shenanigans like asking you guys out on secret rendezvous. Really, such baseless comments are best read and thrown into the Deleted Items folder of my Outlook Express. Not worth my time stooping down to such low-level crass. I’m too classy to respond with equally rude vulgarities, bile and over-zealous venom. Oh and not to mention reading too much into my profile, especially the part where I said I get turned on by intellectual beauties hence the various branding of names. I might lose a link but I don’t lose sleep over it nor get so hard up about it.

All I can say is a big “THANK YOU!!!” for exalting me to a status that is beyond my wildest imaginations and the vile abuse given. What matters now is the friendship I’ve forged with you my dear readers, and I intend to uphold that through the respect that we have made through visiting and commenting in each other’s blogs. Sticks and stones might break my bones, but words will never hurt me, especially when it contain lies and endless fibs…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

9 thoughts on “The Current Apple Of My Eye…”

  1. Woo true. Let people do or say whatever nots abt u. The best is to ignore and do not be bothered for empty vessels made the loudest noise. These people just tend to make others pay attention to them. So let them have it for we don’t need it especially when our life are at the most wonderful peak.

  2. this must hv been the longest blog story that i hv read 2day is difficult to please everyone..but the motive of living is not juz to please everyone..they r free to do want they one so do every soul

  3. lantak lahhh apa orang nak kata apa punnn….yang penting ur NOT what ppl tot of u, orang kata pon u still have ur beautiful life kan….sooo buat bodoh sua, btw ALLAH IS GREAT.

  4. Hello, yang part sindir kat bahagian bawah tu, u patot letak kat bahagian atas, biar manusia2 yang call u desperate and etc baca tat part. I hope they bother to read… cuz tat part like a slap to their face… Sapa sapa yang tuduh PM macam2 tu, heh.. kenal dulu.. jangan asal main hembus ajer… PM DESPERATE?? If he’s desperate Aida wont stay wit him for 9 yrs… kahkhahak. Bodoh nya orang.

  5. *LOL* well, people have a right to say anything they damn well wish to. it’s beyond our control. things that we can’t control, buat derk suah…buat pe nak stress kan otak? (mentang² i learnt that in class just now. shows i paid attention, hokay?!)

    relax ah…u dun lose anything by losing 1 link when you have so many others who would love to link you. otherwise, be contented with what you have. lu tak rugi/kalah apa² lah, bro :p

  6. Well PM, rambut sama hitam (eh..sekarang rambut pun dah kaler-kaler kan?!) hati lain-lain…

    They probably forgot that there is such a word as “Respect”.

    The people or person who judged u base on ur entries should have judged themselves…R they better than u? Say watever they want to, just dont forget He is The Perfect One…and wat goes round comes around.

    Watever it is, keep on blogging coz IT IS YOUR BLOG. Those who do not agree on wat u have been saying…shoooo! Why keep on coming?!

  7. I havent had the time to bloghop ever since I started werk…but I make sure I visit yr blog! Hehehe!
    Senyum senyum kambing dia…
    Kiss her for me ya and say hi to yr partner for me!

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