Weddings, Birthday Gatherings, Etc…

I purposely pushed this latest entry to a later date to honour Aida on her birthday. Hope you all did not mind. Of course you won’t. Cos I believe a majority of my readers are smart, mature and open-minded people, save for a few rotten apples and sour grapes, but let’s not go there again. I would just like to thank those who had taken the trouble to leave your comments in here and also to those who had emailed me your kind thoughts and advice (you know who you are) with regards to that fuming mail last Saturday. I apologise for the 4-letter tirade which I’m sure most of you did not expect to come from me. I can take the abuse but not towards my loved one, who was not in the picture in the first place, and certainly did not want to get involved in any form of altercations with absolute strangers…

Last weekend, I practically stayed away from home from morning till night. So many invitations to answer to. And we were like all over Singapore and even journeyed across to Johor. We began Saturday by going across the Causeway to Taman Perling Utara, Johor, to attend the wedding of Malaysian singer Mazleela with 6 other friends. We went there via a mini van that we had rented for the day. Mazleela (or Kak Maz as how I called her), for the uninitiated is known for her hit song “Tabah” and a few cover hits with the now-defunct group 2 By 2. I’ve known Kak Maz ever since I helped out at Konsert Malam Amal Suria 2002 at the Singapore Expo, a charity concert by artistes from Malaysia’s Suria Records that boasted household names like New Boyz, Noraniza Idris, Liza Hanim and of course Siti Nurhaliza. Kak Maz was also a part of the act for the night. Noraniza Idris, Liza Hanim and Siti have since left the recording company.

As it is with my friendship with other famous names in the industry, I’ve never asked Kak Maz who she was seeing nor asked about their private lives unless they were the ones who introduced them personally or talked about it themselves. There’s a degree of respect for the privacy that they crave for, being in the limelight. So it was a surprise when I learnt she was tying the knot. A pleasant one I might add.

We arrived at the bride’s place about 11:50am. We were surprised to see that we were the first guests to arrive as no one else was sitting down to savour the ready spread. The bride had just finished bathing and greeted us in her t-shirt and pants. She was kinda embarrassed to be in such a state but her make-up artist was only coming at 1pm. Not that we mind though. We were just happy to see her and sharing her joy. We have seen her without her make-up too anyway before this when she came over to Singapore and also when we all went up to Kuala Lumpur to attend Liza Hanim‘s wedding back in March 2003, so it did not matter at all.

The bride greeting us outside her home…

The wedding dais in its full regalia…

The bride told us that the marriage solemnisation which was supposed to be done the previous night, was actually postponed to Saturday morning itself as the Kadi had seven places to go to!!! Embarrassed that she was not “proper” to meet her guests, she told us to help ourselves to the food. When I was serving my food, I noticed the presence of Izzla, a new singer who came into prominence after winning RIA 89.7FM‘s Kriatif competition. Like me, she is also part of the Kriatif alumni. She won the singing category in the year 2000 edition of the competition (while yours truly won in 1997 in the Impersonation Category, if you didn’t know already). Since then, she’s released a few singles but of note is the hit “Ku Kunci Rindu Buatmu“. She sounds a bit like Ziana Zain but I understand she has her new full album out in stores. It would be interesting to hear how she has improved over the years so as not to be another clone of an already established singer. A pity I couldn’t get a photo of her as she left while we were eating. She does look better in person than from what I’ve seen of her in the entertainment magazines.

After we had two rounds of the food (brunch time, hence the two helpings… Hahahah…), we chatted with the bride for awhile in her bridal room as we awaited the arrival of the make-up artist. We were genuinely surprised to find out that the groom is actually the brother of Kak Maz‘s younger sister’s fiance. Hers is an example of age knows no barriers when it comes to falling in love, as she is older than the guy by a few years. So it’s a case of being all in the family. Just that I’m still wondering why they did not get married together on the same day as her sister and his brother, as it would definitely save costs but I guess they all have their own reasons, which we respect nonetheless…

Her make-up artist, “Joanne” arrived at 12:55pm and we had to stifle our laughter and grins as “Joanne” was actually a guy. An effeminate one I might add. Jokes aside, I think he’s a great make-up artist as can be seen from the photos that we had taken of the bride and groom in earlier bridal studio pics that they had taken. We took our leave and then did a spot of shopping at Plaza Angsana Mall. I will never fail to walk into a music CD shop whenever I’m in Malaysia and last Saturday was no different. But I was kinda irritated that every shop I went into was playing songs from the latest Akademi Fantasia 3 winner, Mawi. No doubt he’s a phenomenon, but I guess they are taking things a bit too far. Even Siti Nurhaliza does not get such unwarranted attention when she releases an album… Hahahah…

Did not buy anything other than a birthday gift for a friend’s birthday gathering later that night and a pirated Playstation 2 game, Winning Eleven 9. Managed to walk past the customs without any glitches. Went home to rest before leaving home after Maghrib. My cousin Jatt was away in Kantchanaburi, Thailand and his mum who is the only other driver in the family, was away on a business trip. So my uncle, the famous Dollah Kassim (ex-Singapore international footballer), told me to bring the car out for a spin. Couldn’t have come at the right time as the birthday gathering was all the way at Toh Guan Road and we were from Sengkang.

My friend who invited us to her daughter’s birthday gathering was “Kak Ogy JR“. She’s one of the listeners I got to know through listening to RIA 89.7FM. When we reached her place, some of the listeners were already there but the short prayer ceremony did not start until the ex-members of Merbuk Platoon arrived. It was then that I realised that the birthday thingy was just a secondary thing. Kak Ogy‘s husband who led the short prayer ceremony had said that the purpose of the gathering was to unite the conflicting listeners together, in light of the shameful event that happened at Fort Canning a few weeks ago.

I was taken by surprise but I welcomed the move with open arms. I was initially sceptical what was the reception I would get from the ex-members of Merbuk Platoon as I had slammed them hard in my blog in March. Alhamdulillah, most of them greeted me with genuine warmth and after the prayer ceremony, some of us took the opportunity to mingle around, apologise for past deeds and understood why the other party was peeved at one another. I also got to hear the actual reasons why the majority left the group.

As usual, in any Malay organisation, you’ll have the normal backstabbings, petty bickerings and vengeful characters. So leaving the group was the best thing those guys ever did and they regretted wasting their time with it. The incident at Fort Canning was the icing on the cake for them after months of internal bickerings. Which was why I thought my words in one of my previous entries proved to be prophetic, that due to the exodus, it could provide the spark for the majority of listeners to unite again and be happy as how we were when we all got to know each other last year, albeit for 2 months. I really enjoyed my time there just bridging whatever gaps I’ve made with them. And of course not to forget the cheeky birthday girl, Siti NorJannah, Happy 7th Birthday to you

The night did not end there. “Lynn Riziah“, “Da Rock“, his fiancee “MamaRock“, Aida and me then went to Jurong Point and watched “The Maid“. It had been a good 3 weeks since Aida and me watched a movie. Can you imagine that??? 3 weeks??? Some of you might say, “What’s the big deal???” Well for starters, that’s very unnatural for movie freaks like us!!! I wanted to watch “The Maid” as it had been widely acclaimed in the media and from some of you bloggers who said you were scared out of your wits watching it. My verdict: I’ve seen better and it was evident when I slept halfway through the film. I dunno about you, but being involved with, I guess seeing the scary stuff in the movie actually proved to be an anti-climax of sorts. I did not find it scary at all and worse still, it was kinda draggy from the start. The first instalment of The Eye was still the best for me in terms of horror and make-belief.

The next day, we went to a wedding in Tampines before going to Changi General Hospital to visit “Lan Tawei“‘s wife, “Finn“, who I had stated in last week’s entry that she’s suffering from cancer of the nose. She’s in the stage 3 process, suffering a recurrence in April this year. I heard from some of the listeners who visited her last Friday that she was fighting for her life so we took the time on Sunday to check on her condition. Alhamdulillah she was up and reading Manja magazine when we came but she could not talk as much as she could. Her condition worsened last Friday as a result of her chemotherapy two days earlier. She’s kinda resigned to Fate but there’s actually a spunky look about her that says she’s not going to give up on living anytime now. Aida and me had nothing but sympathy for her and her family. She said it’s a genetic problem as she has Chinese blood in her and some people had said that Hainanese people are prone to getting cancer of the nose, though she does not know if her predecessors were Hainanese. All we can hope for is that God be merciful to her and cure her of her pains and troubles.

I thank all of you who took the trouble to leave your well-wishes to Aida on her 27th birthday. We both really appreciate all the prayers and the glad tidings that were said. And I’ve never gotten as much comments in my blog before this!!! We did not celebrate other than cut a big birthday cake for her at home. I also had no mood to celebrate as I’m currently having some problems at home, with regards to the health of my father. Even though I had no mood, at least I had Aida’s niece, Nurin Diyanah, to thank for cheering me up with her antics. You see, the memories of celebrating her birthday was still fresh in her mind and seeing the birthday cake made her thought that we were celebrating her birthday again. She referred the cake as “To You” as in “Happy Birthday To You“. She kept on gazing at the cake and couldn’t stop smiling even if the cameras were not focused at her. Cheeky little so-and-so…

A quarter of the cake is safe in my tummy… Hahahahah…

Another reason I had no mood was because I just received a call-up to do my reservist in-camp training 2 days after my wedding. People I spoke to wondered why I did not want to defer to a later date??? Things are complicated as it is. For one, the reservist period is after the wedding and since we are not going on a honeymoon in that period, I had no substantial documents to back myself up. Secondly, even if I get to defer, I have to do a make-up within the same workyear (An Army financial workyear is from April-March). The reservist period also falls during the Hari Raya Haji season and I doubt we’ll get time off, since we’ll be outfield during the celebrations itself. I am also sure I cannot fast prior to the celebrations as every year I make it a point to fast as much as possible on the 9 days leading up to it.

As I’m already planning to perform my Umrah-cum-honeymoon most probably in March or April next year, it is not feasible to defer. Anyway, I’m the kind of person who likes to get things over and done with so like it or not, I have to go. I’m just hoping I can be exempted from going outfield as the last time I went for my in-camp training, I suffered a recurrence of my shoulder injury carrying the fieldpack, rifle and Standard Battle Order. My specialist had already told me to see him again the next time I’m due to serve the nation again, so he’ll recommend the excuse. Next Monday’s the appointment. I just hope things are favourable for me.

Today’s the day Siti Nurhaliza makes another performance here in Singapore, this time at the National University of Singapore‘s University Cultural Centre. You guys must be thinking being the die-hard fan that I am (as was stated in this month’s Manja magazine where I commented on her concert in July), I would be excited all over. Not exactly and I’m not even going to the show tonight. Why??? I’ll tell you my reasons in my next entry. But I’ll definitely go to the official launch of her C-Tea product tomorrow at Golden Landmark Shopping Centre. But I still don’t feel the vibes that I normally get before I meet her. Maybe it’s because of my current problems and work commitments that’s taking my mind off it. But one thing’s for sure, you can expect another report full of pictures on the event in my next entry…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

10 thoughts on “Weddings, Birthday Gatherings, Etc…”

  1. Yup, you were snoring away halfway thru the show. Kuat lak tu. Hehehehe. Thou, it might not be that fantastic but it was pretty ok. After both of you left, they bunked at my place,we chat till dawn. Imagine, the 3 of us terkekek-kekek sampai pagi. Bergegar rumah.

    Anyway, thank you to you & sis Aida again for the Bday wishes.
    Will catch up with ya both again, sometime. Take care ya! Tatta

  2. Hi PM,

    Wow! Thats a nice pictures that you have upload……its best to let everything settle once and for all so that there’s no further misunderstanding between the group. I may not know what the issue but I just hope that everyone is happy and remain as frens but not enemies.

    Looks like you plan to go Umrah cum honeymoon, insya allah if seruan dah sampai you will sure go with Aida.

    Seems like you going to Golden Landmark to watch Siti tomorrow anyway send my regards to her. How I wish that I could go there but I have a wedding invitation tomorrow in Pasir Ris and as well as attend my course some where near Golden Landmark..Maybe drop by for a while if there’s a time….what time does it start btw….

  3. bro…panjang panjang eh ur entries…lama tak drop by and quite hard to follow but i try my best ..krehehe..just wishing u a great weekend and tc yah..ciao!

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  5. wah…such a long entry…da longest i’ve ever read seriously…hehe…u really can write…salute u brader! Aniwei, great to know dat Mazleela has tied da knot…like her sweet & gentle voice…

  6. Tamat…The End

    oh bro di kelilingi oleh artis2 eh….lenkali nak gi jumpa artist bawak akak ni..jangan lupa especially kalau si budak siti tu nak kawin…heh

    nak g umrah eh macam jeles gitu bila dgr orang nak gi sana…

    hmmm have a great week ahead bro…

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