Hits & Misses…

Saturday was not such a good day for me. A case of hits and misses. A day I would rather much forget. But first, the reason why I did not go to the “Johor Cultural Extravaganza Featuring Siti Nurhaliza” concert at the National University of Singapore‘s University Cultural Centre. I was told by my informant that it was unwise to spend so much watching Siti sing just a few songs. She was only a guest singer afterall and since we’ve watched her performed a few of her traditional songs during her July concert, the option not to attend the concert fell into place just nicely. Anyway, with the current situations at home right now, I kinda agree that things do happen for a reason and I was needed more at home as I’m the only other driver in the family after my dad…

My Saturday began with an early morning trip to a place of attraction somewhere in the West side, as my company held our annual Family Day event there. It’s been ages since I last been to the place, I think it was back in primary school, so you can more or less imagine how long it was, almost two decades!!! Honestly I could not recall how the place looked like so it was nice to see it after undergoing a major renovation within the timeframe of my last visit to the current time. I did not stay long. Just had breakfast, say hello to fellow colleagues and off I went to Golden Landmark Shopping Centre for the launching of Siti Nurhaliza‘s “C-Tea” product.

Reached there at 11:20am. We were one of the first few people there. What was initially scheduled at 12:00pm, turned out to be a longer wait than expected. In the meantime, I made small talk with some of the die-hards who were there. By 1:30pm, the place was packed to its brim. What do you expect, when the greatest diva comes to town, and it’s a free show to top it off??? My first miss of the day: I had won a lucky draw prize at the Family Day event, a $40 NTUC Fairprice voucher which was rescinded as I was not there to collect in person. Siti, finally appeared from one of the glass lifts in the shopping centre at 1:40pm. She had apparently waited via the hotel concourse at level 4. After the initial introductions had been made by Lokman Hakim, the master-of-ceremony for the day, Mr Liew, the director of CCT Marketing, the company in-charge of distributing the product in Singapore, came on stage to deliver his speech.

When Siti came on stage to deliver her own wise words, pandemonium reared itself from amongst the crowd, cheering and whooping her every move. However, certain individuals spoilt the event by their constant boisterous behaviour just to get Siti‘s attention. I’ll be the first to say it is extremely okay to cheer for her but I certainly felt that it was extremely rude to interrupt her when she was giving her speech through their incessant shoutings and asking her to sing and so on and so forth. Singing, for your information, was not part of the agenda for the day (However, Siti did relent and sang “Seindah Biasa” as a token of gratitude to those who had come to witness the event).

If I were to hit out at this particular individual for his boorish attitude during the event, I run the risk of having my neck hung out to dry, as evident from my slamming of his group in my blog back in March. But when I think back, why go all the way and be unethical and rude just to get someone else’s attention??? At least let the person finish his / her speech rather than interrupting and disrupting the event. This went on throughout the event. I could see a few of the spectators were also irritated by this person’s behaviour. Even Lokman Hakim got frustrated at one point and said, “Kasut aku ringan aje ni…” If that is not proof of the frustrations felt in certain quarters, I dunno what is.

I say, our community still has a long way to go in respecting a formal event. Basic ethics and courtesy are sorely lacking and with such hooligan-ish behaviour, I feel sorry for the state of our community. And to think the tabloids painted a rosy picture on the event. Some people were just out for some cheap publicity, just for their own personal cheap thrills and lacking decorum. If you think I’m jealous and bitter over the fact that Siti called another person up on stage, don’t be cos I’ve met her God-knows-how-many-times to even feel that way. My comments this morning on air regarding the topic was met with equal disdain from my usual detractors, but I too had my fair share of those who agreed with my comments. I could have told the individual/s off that day but I would only be stooping to their level by shouting back at them to shut the hell up.

When Siti took her leave, Aida and I left for Sultan Mosque and said our Zuhur. As we were crossing the road to go to the mosque, a black Mercedes which was turning left into Arab Street honked at us. When we peered at who was behind the wheel, we saw the would-be host of our wedding, the man himself, Mr A.B. Shaik. From the mosque, we then drove to the airport to see Siti off. When we reached there, several of her die-hard fans had arrived and were waiting at the Departure Hall. Aida and I had lunch whilst waiting for her to arrive. The wait turned into a long one and I even fell asleep sitting on the bench. When I woke up at 5:00pm, I felt queasy as she had still not turned up. Then I found out that she had taken the first class SIA flight at 5pm, meaning, she had entered from a different entrance. We were all stationed near the Malaysian Airlines check-in counter, where she normally pass by. So a lot of us were left disappointed. Me??? Well surprisingly I was not disappointed in not meeting her. I was more disappointed I couldn’t have slept longer. Hahahah…

Subsequently, we went to see my father at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. In fact I’ve been running up and down visiting him every day. He’s down with dengue fever for more than a week now. A few of my relatives had come over the weekend to see him. He’s had to undergo transfusion to restore his platelets. Alhamdulillah he’s getting better, the tubes are off, but he still has slight fever and still suffering from chronic coughs. The doctors detected water in his lungs, possibly he’s also suffering from acute pneumonia. If all goes well he should be discharged tomorrow. I’ve been the family driver for the past week and I kinda realised how tiring it can be ferrying people around. No wonder my dad’s hobby is sleeping cos it’s just so tiring having to work the whole day, yet send my sister for tuition at night and send my two sisters to their respective school early in the morning. But the one week or so of constant driving has made me into a speed demon and stunt driver. I can cut into a turn from 2 lanes away at 110km/hr. *Disclaimer* “Please don’t try this if you are not confident of road conditions!!!”

I went to Bugis Junction yesterday to meet one of my good friends, Farid Amir. He’s a Fitness Consultant / Trainer at California Fitness, one of the experienced guys there. I needed his help to whip me into shape before my wedding cos I’m obscenely obese now. They had some high-tech gadget that measured my bone mass, muscle mass, water mass etc. One thing I have going for me is that I already have a ready muscle mass and I have a high metabolic rate, burning at a rate of 1817 kilo calories (kCal) a day. I just need to do a lot of cardio workout to condition myself and most importantly look after my diet. I was issued a VIP Pass which would last me about 6 weeks.

Going to the gym proved to be an eye-opener of sorts. A lot of beautiful people were there working out. One of those I noticed was Nadia Fazlini of Anak Metropolitan fame. She’s drop-dead gorgeous in person, even if she had no make-up on. She was busy carrying weights when I saw her. Seeing the other guys with good-looking pecs and washboard abs to die for, it gave me the drive and impetus to be like them too. But I don’t want to be muscular, just well-toned. Not only do I meet beautiful people but also renewed acquaintances with those I had known before as I know some of the trainers there either from my National Service days or through my interests in the entertainment industry. So I hope the next 3 and a half months would be fruitful for me. The fasting month I hope would also help me lose as much as possible. Hope you guys would see a leaner and fitter me during my wedding… Have a great week ahead…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

5 thoughts on “Hits & Misses…”

  1. u know PM, once again, I stopped listening to RIA since the past few weeks coz I kinda tired of hearing the same names n dedications said out over n over n over again…I wonder how long I’m able to work without hearing my favourite station, this time :op

    Have a nice weekend, bro.

  2. Liz doakan agar ayah PM cepat sembuh 🙂

    Miss chatting with you because I’ve been so busy at work. And you know what? Regarding the Malay community issue, I agree with you whole-heartedly.

    Malay men are getting on my nerves (minus my beloved father & boyfriend). Takde adat langsung and are so bloody MCP *grrr*

    Anyway, will see you when I see you. Kirim salam ngan Aida and have a wicked weekend 🙂

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