I’ve Been Tagged…!!!

Ok I know this is so, so belated as I was tagged over at Mahd‘s blog sometime last week and I also just realised that Aliyah had tagged me as well. Did not have the mood to answer the call initially due to the recent happenings in my life but since updating what is gonna happen in my life over the weekend will only be about 5 days to a week later, I’ll just post this as a filler. Nah the tag stops here and I won’t be tagging anyone after this. This is just for fun and perhaps for people to know “3 Facts of My Life“. Here goes:

Fact 1:

This weirdo does not drink hot beverages like Milo, Ovaltine, Hot Chocolate, Nescafe, Hot Mocha, Coffee, Tea, not even if you put ice on them. But I drink Horlicks though. I don’t eat any chocolates, sweets nor candy. I dunno how to eat Malay kueh except Epok-Epok, Jemput-Jemput, Pisang Goreng or your normal Hari Raya kueh. The only fruits I eat are apples, pears, oranges, bananas and watermelon. Durians are an absolute no-no. But the funny thing is that I eat durian ice-cream, Kit-Kat, love mango juice, have a soft spot for coffee cake and adores mango ice-cream just to name a few. The thing is, there’s so many things I dunno how to eat yet I am so fat. Imagine if I love to eat almost anything and everything…???

Fact 2:

Not to blow my trumpet nor be arrogant of my own achievements, but I was the only Malay student in my cohort to get an A* for Malay during my Primary School Leaving Examinations back in 1990. That feat thus cemented my position as my Malay teacher’s pet throughout my 6 years in the school as I was the top boy in Malay for all my years in primary school, save for Primary 2. And because I was her pet, I was always the main star when the Malay Club put up annual performances during the school’s Speech Day. You name it, I’ve done it – Tukang Karut for Dikir Barat, Silat, & Malay Dance. I think the audience got sick of seeing me year in, year out on stage that I was told to rest in my last year.

Fact 3:

I also set a record of sorts during my kindergarten days. I only attended one year of kindergarten before enrolling into primary school. And during Speech Day, I was made the Master-of-Ceremony (MC), a feat no other student had achieved before, prior to that. My teachers had faith in me as they said that I was *quote*the most bubbly and talented kid they’ve come across*unquote* I did well as the MC that night, I did not even need to read my script from the cue cards. I surprised even myself as I had felt jitters before the event began. Honestly speaking I was just like any other kid, naughty and cheeky and since that young age, I’ve always loved the attention and limelight. I even had the cheek to chase after two girls and nearly won the heart of the last one but because I forgot her number since I did not jot it down when she gave me, there went my monkey love. So if anyone knew any gals by the names of Haslina or Mazlinda, born in 1978 and used to attend kindergarten at Boon Teck CC in 1984, tell me. Nah nothing of hanky-panky nature, I just would like to thank them for the memories…

Thank you so much for the kind reminders in the wake of my accident last week. Really appreciate your thoughts. Hope everyone have a great weekend ahead. Till then…