Influenza Strikes Again…

I’m down with influenza since Sunday. Something about the air and my sensitive nose. Went to my aunt’s new place at Pasir Ris on Sunday for her housewarming and since she keeps about a dozen cats, I must have inhaled the leftover fur flying around the house, which made my nose itched when I was there thus resulting with this influenza. Though I went to work yesterday, I decided to get an MC today as I woke up with a stiff neck this morning. Good thing too, since I can spend the day working out my guest list for my wedding.

Last Wednesday night, along with my parents, my cousin Kak Uda & her hubby Abang Umar, we went to meet the good people of Shad & Ky, the wedding decor specialists. My mum had been extremely impressed with their workmanship and decor outlook during Abg Faiz’s (Kak Uda’s younger brother) wedding last year, so she insisted on taking them for my impending wedding. Not that I’m complaining since she said she’s willing to fork out the amount, though I kinda baulked at the price since I did not want it to be so extravagant in the first place. We settled for a tropical theme for the wedding dais. I initially wanted a Victorian theme but since Aida is taking up SJ Decors who are known for their Victorian and Modern English themes, we did not want both sides to clash and instead have some variety to it. Even Kak Uda praised their professionalism when they did Abg Faiz’s wedding. She said they left after setting up the decor at 3am back then and were back at 7:30am to ensure that everything was ready and no cock-ups were occured.

I know, I know, some of you might wanna use the opportunity to shove my words back into my mouth when I used to say in the past that I don’t want to “bersanding” nor be so extravagant with my wedding. Believe me, in an ideal world, my idea of a wedding is still the “nikah” and inviting people to my place to introduce my wife, just like a normal “kenduri“. But like I said before in the past before I deleted my previous entries from March to July, this kind of event is not a selfish and one-sided event, dictated by one person. It’s for the whole family and friends to come and celebrate and everything is decided by family. Being the only son and the first to get married in the family, my parents were the ones who insisted on having a “proper wedding“, complete with wedding dais and the whole razzmatazz.

One of the reasons is also to avoid people from talking behind our backs, as my family is known amongst my circle of family and friends as well-to-do and if we were to make a simple event as I had mentioned above, chances are we’ll be ridiculed, such is the tongues of our Malay folks. But things will still be kept as minimal as possible eg. I will not be engaging any kompang / hadrah groups to accompany my entrance during the day event. As much as I wanted my way, I have to respect my parents’ wishes as nothing is more noble in the eyes of God than to abide to your parents’ needs and wants but there’s also give and take here and there too. Importantly, there should be communication and I feel I’ve communicated more with them now than before.

We’ve never regarded this event as a “business” event whereby we reap back from our guests whatever we’ve invested for the wedding. We know of some people who have this mindset that a wedding event is as such and they go all out to have the best hoping to gain a lot in return from their guests. To us, this approach is extremely not sincere and definitely not blessed. My mum clearly spelt this out to me when we first sat down to discuss about the wedding. Her main goal for this wedding is to announce to the world that her only son is getting married and to have it done in proper fashion. She said most weddings are a “lost” (in business terms that is) anyway, unless you are sponsored by the wedding specialists. She kept on stressing to approach it with a cleansed heart and not to think of it in a business sense, which thankfully has not crossed my mind from the start. I certainly hate the idea of making use of my guests to earn back the money I’ve invested. I just want everyone to share my happiness with me and their attendance will definitely make my day, and that includes you reading this.

Aida and me watched “The Myth” and “Brothers Grimm” last Saturday. The former was good, it had a decent storyline, good fighting scenes and of course it had the babes. The latter started off in a draggy fashion, which resulted in yours truly to doze off. Most upsetting was Monica Bellucci‘s short cameo appearance as the evil queen. She only had about 4-5 scenes, just like Mallika Sheerawat in “The Myth“. Speaking of watching movies, I’m kinda disappointed that I will not be able to watch “Into The Blue“, “Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo” and “The 40-Year Old Virgin” as they will be shown in Ramadhan. Nope, I’m not blaming Ramadhan for it, but the timing of the movie distributors to show them on the big screen. Looks like I just have to buy the DVDs from Johor.

I’m actually happy that Ramadhan is coming as I feel it is the month where I can be a better Muslim by doing a lot of things that we are encouraged to do. I’m looking forward to completing reading the Holy Qur’an again as I had done before for the past 4-5 years. God-willing with good health and time-management I will be able to achieve that again. Not to mention losing more weight. Last year I lost 5kg. I’m actually aiming for 10kg this time around but that’s being too extreme so I’ll settle for 7kg instead. I have to lessen answering the invitations of breaking fast with friends if I want to achieve that goal. Oh and I’ll be blogging less during the month as I’ll be busy with work, Tarawih prayers, wedding preparations, renovations at my family’s new home, Hari Raya preparations etc. Phew… That’s a lot of things to look forward to. With such a hectic schedule, if I don’t meet my 7kg target, I’ll be extremely surprised!!!

Oh for those who ask if I’m going to the Konsert Mega-Warna-RIA this Sunday at Kallang Theatre, my answer is “NO!”. Surprising huh since I’m such an avid supporter of the radio station. Well, it falls on a Sunday and my Sunday evenings are always dedicated to my football. I’d rather play football than do anything else on a Sunday evening. Lately I’ve been cooling down from my active role on radio and being present at outdoor events. I just don’t want to be overexposed and be accused of chasing cheap glamour and publicity like some of the listeners out there. Anyway there’s nothing of interest for me to comment on air nor see at the outdoor events, so I’d prefer to just listen and save on my sms-es and do other constructive things during my weekends. Right, I’m off to see my doctor…