A Week Left…

Well, what do you know??? We’re down to the last 7 days of Ramadhan. Hope that everyone is in high spirits, not only by looking forward to celebrating Hari Raya but also in performing our fast and religious deeds to the best that we’ve ever done throughout our lives. I for one am not looking forward to ending the month. Besides saving a lot, I guess I did myself justice to lose the targeted weight that I’ve set myself to lose (7kg) in the month, though right now it stands at 5kg. I’m hoping that the last week would see me lose the extra 2kg so as to hit the jackpot.

Thank you so much for all your kind advices in my last entry, in the wake of the irresponsible sms-es sent by a cowardly listener. No point in me brooding over some stupid remarks which only backfired on the person who gave those spiteful comments. Just goes to show how intelligent and matured some people are, doing things without thinking in perspective and whether it has any adverse effects on him or her or the group he or she represents, if any. Scums like these do not belong in society and certainly have no sense of respect for Ramadhan nor have compassion for innocent people who have no bearings in their lives. With such attitude and mindset, it’s no wonder our community is still lagging in mentality and progress. I thank you guys again for all the astute advices, I really, really do appreciate them all during that period of time when I was seething and felt as though I wanna whack somebody so badly…

Speaking of such mindset and mentality, it’s no wonder I received an sms from sis Mahd, asking me why were the listeners so against my comments when she was listening to the morning show today??? Well for your info sis, I have no power over what these people wanna send, for or against me, so I have no idea how some people interpret general, off-the-cuff remarks. Some are open-minded while most are too sensitive. I must be hitting a lot of raw nerves everytime I send a general remark. Or the name “Pujangga Malam” just irks them so much till whatever I send do not go down well with any of them. Some people can’t differentiate between general remarks to personal attacks. So of course I do not blame her when she said these kind of negative and sensitive mindset by listeners are one of the reasons why she switched to listening to an English station. Believe me, she’s not the only one. You don’t get listeners of English stations bickering with one another and calling them names when they disagree on something. I wonder when the Malay listeners would adopt such attitude and move on.

However, I noticed that those who are against me, are normally from the same so-and-so. They just changed nicks to add to the number of people against me. I’m already immuned to the detractors cos I regard them as nothing more than pesky flies that won’t go away. As is life, you have people who like you and people who don’t. You keep your friends close but keep your enemies even closer. They are sometimes your best critics in life but don’t expect any wedding invitations or Hari Raya greetings from me, that’s for sure, certainly not after the way they’ve been lambasting me and going on a personal level rather than a professional one… *smile* Wait a minute, did I just say “Best Critics“??? Certainly not them!!!

Enough of them, period. So did you guys manage to catch Siti Nurhaliza reciting the Holy Qur’an on television??? What do you think??? Personally I feel that through practice, she could be good at it. Yeah she did come across as quite fearful during her recital but I think she did a credible job, even if it’s not as spectacular as we would have expected, with regards to her tajwid (science of correct pronunciation), idgham (assimilation) and makhraj (consonantial pronunciation). And please do not compare her to Mawi, the winner of Akademi Fantasia 3. He has his roots firmly stuck to the ground due to his strong religious background and he was also a tilawah champion from what I’ve heard. So for sure, he recites way better. I just feel at ease watching Siti in hijab and reciting the Holy Qur’an. Even my colleague commented that if his mum were to see her like that, she would surely agree to send representatives and ask for Siti‘s hand in marriage… Hahahah…

Last Friday, I had a great time having dinner with my “brothers” and “sisters”. It’s not exactly an Iftar session as we broke our fast at home before meeting up at Sakura Compass Point. It was nice meeting up with everyone again since we only meet like once every 3-6 months. Even if we do not meet up as often as we would have liked to, I’m sure the friendship bond amongst us is still as tight as ever. I just wish such meet-ups are done on a regular basis, but all of us have our own priorities that take up important precedence, which I perfectly understand. I’m just thankful that we are all doing well in life even if we have our own problems to face. Many thanks to sis Iannie, hubby bro Nizam and bro Ahmad for coming up with the idea of the meet-up session.

I was down with flu the following day. But that did not stop me from going to IMM to check out my new bedroom furniture for the new house, at Picket & Rail. Nope, there won’t be any queen size bed for the soon-to-be-wedded couple. We’re gonna sleep on a super-single-sized bed. Aida is petite and since yours truly is on the road to losing his weight, I reckon it would be just nice. Enough room to snuggle and cuddle when the time comes. Well we can always upgrade to a queen-sized bed if things get too uncomfortable and we need more room. Actually I’m amazed that I have not stepped foot at IMM for a year and within that time span, there are a few new shops available. It’s a one-stop shopping centre that just lacks a cinema to top it off…

From Jurong, we headed to Peninsular Plaza to collect our traditional clothes for Hari Raya and also as part of our wedding gift at Surip’s Exclusive. I especially love my Hari Raya clothes. One look at it and I imagined myself getting ready to undergo the akad nikah ceremony. My guess became a reality when I donned the garb and saw myself in front of the mirror. With Aida buying something similar, I guess we’ll look great together in them. A pity I did not take any photographs for your viewing pleasure. It’s ok, I’ll take them during Hari Raya.

By then it was already 3pm and we were still due to collect our wedding cards at Cardlinks situated at Joo Chiat Road, a few doors away from Hajah Maimunah Restaurant and to buy food for Iftar. We had also planned to drop by sis Diana‘s stall. My flu became worse and I told Aida to take a bus instead to Geylang Serai so that I can sleep in the bus and temporarily make the flu go away. So we boarded bus service number 2 from Hill Street down to Geylang Serai.

And so like a virgin being deflowered, I finally stepped foot on the 18th day of Ramadhan, my first time there during this fasting month. We headed straight to Darul Arqam to do the necessary before embarking on our targeted destinations. Aida wanted to withdraw money as the card-making shop only accepted cash. As the ATM machine at Joo Chiat Complex was down, we had to walk over to where we had alighted earlier. Before that, we bought doner kebabs from the Alaturka stall just opposite the 7-11 at Joo Chiat Complex. We ended up going to the wrong stall as the one that we had initially planned to buy the kebabs, was actually situated in front of the McDonalds‘ outlet at the old Singapura theatre. My mum has been a regular customer there throughout the month and my family swears by this particular stall as they give generous fillings. In fact the first bite is pure heaven right down to the last one.

From the Alaturka stall, we headed to where the ATM machine was and then we dropped by sis Diana‘s stall. We had actually passed by her stall twice but we did not see her as she was inside. We made small talk asking her how she was and how was business. I really take my hat off to her for still having the energy to clean up her house, do the laundry and cook for the family, even after a long day at the stall and reaching home at 2am everyday. But she did admit her body’s giving way soon. So we hope she can hang on. One week left and she’ll be able to relax.

Aida then wanted to buy laksa for her family so we dropped by the Geylang Serai market where the stall is situated. While Aida bought the laksa, I went over to that kebab stall I was talking about and bought 6 pieces for the family (actually 2 went into my stomach in the space of 2 days)… Last stop was the card-making shop, Cardlinks. I can’t explain how surreal it is to finally see our names etched on a wedding card. I’m finally getting married!!! We headed for Aida’s place straight after that. By then it was already 6:10pm. It was perhaps a blessing in disguise that I wasn’t able to follow sis Iannie, and bros Nizam & Ahmad to break our fast in JB as I would have inflicted the flu virus on them, since my flu got worse as the night went on.

The following day, I mustered enough energy to help my parents over at our new family home over at Park Villas Rise and cleared the porch and garden area. The sun was up and about and the heat was unbearable. Having to clear the garden and dig up the soil under the sweltering heat was testing but Alhamdulillah we kept our fast intact. I even managed to play football in the evening!!! After breaking fast, Aida and I went to nearby Hougang Point‘s Best Denki outlet and bought ourselves a 26 inch Sharp LCD television that we are able to hang on the wall of the new home.

Aida will be staying with my family when we are married. Normally people would say the guy has to follow the gal and stay with her family but me being me, I only subscribe to the Islamic way of the gal having to follow the guy. Anyway, her place is getting small with her nephew and niece growing up and needing their own space. The new family home will just be a temporary one for us anyway as we will be buying over the current family home in Hougang.

The current house needs to be renovated and having bought the new house, doing the renovation, buying of new furniture, not to mention my upcoming wedding, we need some time to recoup and use the money for the renovation of the current house. So I foresee that we will be staying at the new home for about a year or two. In the meantime, I’m gonna convert my room into an ultimate home entertainment centre. The television was just the start. Next up will be a new PC complete with wireless mouse, keyboard and a state-of-the-art speaker system to complement my Playstation 2 and the movies that we will watch via the PC. Aida will kill me for saying this cos she doesn’t like things to be too noisy, but I’ve always envisioned myself of having something like this since I was young. Just imagine, we spend more time at home and enjoy rather than go out and spend unnecessarily… Makes sense doesn’t it???

The next few days and weeks will be very hectic for me and family as we will be doing the packing and doing minor renovation works on our own. As such I doubt I would be able to blog as much as I would like to. Henceforth I would like to take leave of absence till everything’s settled.

Since Hari Raya is a week away, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish one and all an advanced “Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri“. May all the deeds that we do for this holy month of Ramadhan be blessed and well received by Almighty Allah. If any of my words and deeds might have irked any of you in anyway, I seek your forgiveness from the bottom of my heart. May all of you have a memorable festive occasion. I would also like to sincerely apologise beforehand if I am not able to answer to your respective invitations and open house invites, looking at my current situation. I will only be free I think, only on the last week of Syawal, such is my busy schedule and family commitments. If things are settled earlier, I’ll surely announce my return. Till then, have a blessed Ramadhan or what’s left of it…


I’m amazed, in this sacred and holy month of Ramadhan, some numbskulls have scant respect and think they can say what they like without first investigating nor provide ample proof. My poor wife-to-be got framed this morning on air and though the sms-es were not read by Syah Ibrahim, it is there for all to see on RIA‘s sms bulletin website. It all began when Syah played a Nasyid song, in which one of the lyrics to the song reminded us not to forget our daily prayers especially during this holy month. I then made a general remark through my sms about how true it is because I observed that some people who attend Iftar sessions tend to forget their responsibilities once the fast is broken and when they get lulled in the presence of good company. Well I did that before in the past so I know what I’m talking about.

Lo! Along came two responses that rebutted my sms: “SYAH BETUL KATA PM,BNYK YNG TAK SEMBAHYANG MAGHRIB KERANA NAK PERGI MAJLIS IFTAR TERMASUK TUNANG & FAMILY DIA YNG MAKAN DIRESTAURANT KELMARIN :ROAD RUNNER” (Syah, PM is right! Many people do not observe their Maghrib prayers due to Iftar sessions, including his fiancee who ate at the restaurant the other day : RoadRunner) and “PM SIBUK DGN ORG TAK SEMBAHYANG ? DIA HANTAR SPY SATU FAMILY MENGINTIP ORG MAKAN BERBUKA SAMA JUGALAH 10 KALI 5 TAK SEMBAHYANG NAK CAKAP ORG :ZIANA” (PM is concerned about people who do not pray? He sent one whole family to spy on people who broke their fast, which is the same as not praying, look who’s talking? : Ziana)

I cut and pasted the original sms-es in its original glory. See the similarities??? It’s from the same person, who just changed nicks out of convenience. Well in case you guys are wondering what that person was getting at, well last Saturday, Aida went to Geylang Serai with her family to do a spot of shopping for Hari Raya. Since they could not reach home on time, they decided to break their fast at Jeewa Restaurant. It so happened that a particular group of listeners were also there having their Iftar session with members of their website community.

These 2 messages were from the same person who changed nicks. And since this person knew abt my wife-to-be and her family’s presence the other day, it could only have come from someone who was sitting in that group. This person’s response to my earlier sms (which was meant for the general masses and not aimed at any groups or individuals in particular) is totally uncalled for and smacks of irresponsibility and lies. Did my earlier words hit this person’s raw nerves for him or her to shoot back as such??? Did I hit the bullseye till this person felt aggrieved and tried to deflect back to an innocent party???

Cos really, I can’t be bothered to send a spy to investigate things that do not concern my life. As such I am extremely angry with everyone in that group, unless someone has the guts to own up and admit who was responsible for those two sms-es. As it is, some of the members in the group are notoriously known for the old adage “Lempar batu sembunyi tangan” (not owning up to one’s mistake), so I am not expecting anyone to own up…

To that particular group of individuals (you jolly well know who you are!!!), if you are reading this, please do me a favour. Rein in your childish members and tell them to be more responsible with their sms-es. Cos their actions are only affecting the good name that you are trying to build for yourself. The allegations you’ve made are totally out of line and may God be our witness to Aida’s deeds the other night since she did go to Darul Arqam after that to do the necessary, even if you guys assumed that she was there at the restaurant the whole night. Just remember: Fitnah (Slander) is worse than killing a fellow human being. I hope God shows HIS mercy on you people. Thanks for the kind comments above, your professionalism and actions which certainly lacked class, hitting out at an innocent person and her family who have nothing against you in the first place…

P.S. If you have something against me, hit me and me alone. Leave my loved ones alone…

A Third of Ramadhan Gone…

Well what do you know??? A third of Ramadhan has gone just like that. Kinda fast if we were to think back. A minor sign that Yaumul Qiyamah (Day of Judgement) is looming perhaps??? Could be, as time seems to fly too fast for one’s reckoning each year. I hope now that the month is into its second gear, our body system would have been accustomed to waking up early and having to function without food and drinks in the day.

Speaking of body system, I read with interest some of your comments about my weight in the last entry. I reckon that some of you thought I lost 5kg during the first week of Ramadhan, judging by the way you typed. Let me go on record once again to say that the 5kg lost was within a 5-weeks time frame, about a month before Ramadhan when I first started my fitness regime. What sped up the process of losing the weight was Ramadhan, which I am extremely thankful for. So if you were to look at it, I only lost about 2.5-3kg during that first week of Ramadhan. I think I speak based on the last entry but as of now, I am happy to add I’ve lost another kilo so that makes it a grand total of 6kg in 5 and a half weeks time frame. So hope my explaination dispels the notion that I lost 5kg in one week. That is extremely unhealthy in fitness standards and could be detrimental to the body system.

Since we’re at the subject of losing weight, I think I did not add the fact that I am actually being aided by the Herbal Diet pill that is being promoted extensively on radio. Though the promotion says we can eat as per normal with it, in reality, we have to back it up with our own methods to lose weight like eating in lesser proportions and exercising. There is no short cut to losing weight. I am fortunate I have a goal to meet, which is driving me on. Thanks to the progress I’ve made, I will be interviewed on radio sometime next week I think, to speak about how the pill had helped me in losing weight. Basically what I will say is what I’ve said in this paragraph, that there is no easy way out unless one is prepared to spend thousands and go for liposuction.

On one of my previous entries, I noted how sad I was to see different sets of friends at odds with one another. I’m pleased to say that one set has reconciled through a chance meeting. Though it might take some time to regain trust on the other party after what had happened, taking steps to building the bridge again is an extremely noble thing to do, in the spirit of brotherhood and friendship. For that, I thank God for instilling compassion and forgiveness in us, to accept mistakes made and to work on the relationship and return to what we used to be…

10 days have passed, onto the 11th day and I still have not set foot at Geylang Serai. This is a record of sorts, one which I’ve never set before in past years. At the rate I’m going I think I will only set foot much, much later. If earlier, then perhaps it would be to run errands for my mum. Going there is an eyesore really seeing teenagers and those in the 20-35 age group in tight clothings, tattoos etc. I feel sad for the community really cos it does not seem to be progressing for the better. *sigh*

However, I feel like going over to Woodlands later today to savour the things in store at the Northern Bazaar. That’s just a plan though, cos I might have last minute things that might crop up later. Last week on my way to Jurong via the North-South MRT line, I saw the big tentage next to Causeway Point and I thought it looked bigger than previous years’ in terms of space. My ultimate vice would be the kebabs of course…

Right, not much to say really as nothing eventful has happened over the past week. Have a great weekend!!!

1st Week of Ramadhan Has Gone…

Alhamdulillah… We’re into the 7th day of fasting, that’s a quarter of the month gone, since we’re fasting for only 29 days this year. How has it been for you guys out there??? I’m sure that all of you are coping well, no matter what problems you are facing at work, at home, or with anything or anyone for that matter. Hopefully any problems you guys are facing are mere tests from the Almighty, just to test your resolve especially during this holy month. And I hope too that whatever goals you set yourselves to achieve this month will be met and that you are on the right track since day one.

For me, I’ve been diligently visiting the gym on weekdays everyday without fail, about two hours before Iftar. Alhamdulillah I am pleased to say that I’ve lost about 5kg ever since I started my regime about a month ago. The fasting certainly helps to speed up the process as I eat less and drink bottles of plain water to kill the hunger pangs. The only thing I hate is the feeling of being bloated with water especially after Sahur. I have to stock up since I’m using it to aid me throughout the day, especially on weekdays when I visit the gym. The tummy is still quite tubby (perhaps due to water retention) but my cheeks have since gone down quite a bit and I’m able to see the contours of my cheekbones. Can’t rest on my laurels yet, it is still all systems go right up to my wedding day…

Ramadhan too has also made me be more wary and afraid of death. Ever since I received Kak SK‘s forwarded email on the signs of death last week, I kinda freaked out wondering if I were to experience that anytime soon and whether I’m ready to leave the world and meet my Maker. Coupled with attending a funeral on Sunday and hearing a long sermon (Talqin) at the cemetery, life it seems is too short and whatever we do should be worked towards meeting our Maker. During the sermon, we were stressed to look after the most important pillar that we have to uphold, and that is of course our daily prayers and everything else will fall into place automatically. As I was saying in my previous entry, there’s no point fasting if we don’t pray. Yet I see a lot of people skipping theirs as though it’s nothing. Sorry for preaching when I’m not perfect myself but the past few days have made me a chicken when it comes to thinking about death…

Speaking of the funeral I attended, my heart goes out to the family of my colleague Azh who lost his father due to a potent combination of diabetes, heart problems, stroke and kidney failure. Watching my colleague leading the prayers warmed my heart and made me want to emulate his deeds when the time comes in future for me to step forward, moreso since I’m the only son in the family. He is after all someone, who all of us at work respect for his strong religious background and pious character. Another thing that warmed my heart was seeing my female colleagues in hijab and covered when I always see them at work sometimes in sleeveless blouses or short skirts. To me, the physical beauty of a Muslim woman lies in her donning the hijab and I was happy to see them that way. Though being the cheeky person that I am, I couldn’t resist clasping my hands ala those female nasyid groups when they perform, when I saw them. I even called them “Al-Nisan“, a reference to the gravestones but in retrospect, a comedic parody of yesteryears’ famous groups like Al-Jawaher and Al-Mizan. I know I am being bad and sarcastic, but deep down I was very proud of them for covering up.

Saturday was spent on getting myself a new handphone (Nokia 3230) as the current one (Nokia 7200) kept on resetting itself whenever I flipped it open. I thought there was no point trading-it in and instead would send it for repair and act as a substitute if the Nokia 3230 were to act funny on me. As though it had feelings of its own, the Nokia 7200 stopped resetting itself when I was fiddling with the Nokia 3230. And it has stopped playing tricks on me ever since. Aida decided to just take it as one of my wedding gifts, so long as the Nokia 7200 does not try to be cheeky like its owner again.

My Ipod is back at the service centre once again as I had dropped it whilst working out at the gym last week. The damage was not immediate and I only realised it was spoilt when it took me more than 3 hours to transfer my songs into the Ipod. So I’m kinda naked for the next few days as I await for a replacement. Arghhhh can’t leave without my Ipod as that is what I normally listen to the moment Hafeez Glamour & Azlin Ali go off the air at 2pm every weekday.

Saturday was also spent on going over to Jurong West to savour the Ramadhan bazaar delights at blk 729 at Jurong West Avenue 5. The ex-members of Merbuk Platoon (now calling themselves “Happy Family“) have a stall selling Malay kueh and drinks there so Aida and I went down to support them. They can be found at stall 24 next to the kebab stall. It was nice to meet some of the other listeners there as well, not to mention meeting my friend Dew, whom I’ve not met for one and a half years. On the way home, we passed by an even grander bazaar at block 440, Jurong West Avenue 1. It was like Geylang Serai had invaded the area. I’m sure Jurong residents reading this can vouch for that.

Speaking of Geylang Serai, I haven’t stepped foot there this Ramadhan. And I intend to prolong that as long as I can. Just feel that the place is kinda saturated with the same old things wherever you go and turn to. The only thing I like about going there is to meet long-lost friends in case our paths cross and not forgetting the kebabs. Even if I were to go there, it would be to buy food for Iftar, then I’ll be rushing home before breaking fast, when the crowd sets in. But the best food to break fast to me is still the porridge from the mosques. I’ve had my first taste of it on the 3rd day. Ramadhan to me is not complete without it and it is one of the reasons I always look forward to the fasting month.

Ramadhan Is Here…!!!

Looking at my tight schedule for the coming month ahead, I doubt I will be able to update my blog on a regular basis. The only times I see that I would be free are on Saturdays and Sundays. Even then I dunno what eventful things will happen as basically I’ll be doing basically routine things daily like working out at the office gym during the weekdays (abt 2 hours before breaking fast), do things expected of us in the fasting month, tend to the renovation of my family’s new home, prepare for Hari Raya and prepare for my wedding. Not to mention my daily work. Responsibilities have increased ever since I got promoted last month. So yeah I’m in for quite a busy month. So I hope you guys will understand for the lack of updates in the month to come. Speaking of promotions, Aida too got promoted this month so it’s a double joy for us but I apologise if we are being stingy as we need the extra income for our upcoming wedding, in case certain quarters are expecting a gorging session.

Ok I know this is stale news but I just wanna talk about last Thursday’s Anugerah 2005 Finals. I know a lot of you felt aggrieved that Syed Azmir did not win. The fact was, the best “man” won. Yah I put the word “man” in inverted commas for obvious reasons. Personally I felt it was a toss-up between the 2 Khai-s and Syed Azmir. Though Fauzie is a personal friend of mine, I thought he was too simple and ordinary, vocals and performance-wise. Watching them sing Maroon 5‘s “She Will Be Loved” made me cringed as there was no harmony whatsoever. And hearing Syed Azmir and Khairil sang in their Malay accent and atrocious diction, I had half the mind to throw eggs or tomatoes at them if I had been part of the audience.

The finals was all about taking chances and Khairul certainly took his with both hands. He wanted to win badly and it showed in all his performances. He also sang in clear English diction along with Fauzie. Could they have sung better in English compared to Syed Azmir and Khairil just because they are educationally better off??? Maybe, maybe not. It’s not fair though, to stereotype those who are less educationally-inclined as unable to converse English well. Cos I’ve known of many people who speak in excellent English without the need to hold a diploma or degree.

My other peeve was judge Eddy Ali‘s “blind” (or is it “deaf”???) loyalty towards Syed Azmir even after he bungled during the English segment. He still maintained Syed Azmir was excellent. To me, Syed Azmir was too relaxed and depended solely on his fans to up his sms support. My best judge of the night was Edry, and not because he is also a personal friend of mine. He was quite direct with his analysis and comments and I know if he had his way and not be so diplomatic, he would have been the “Simon Cowell” of the night. I thought of meeting him after the show but since he said he only arrived in the evening and was leaving first thing the next morning, I shelved those plans and let him rest for the night. I told him I knew he was holding back his laser thoughts and he agreed that he was trying hard to be nice. He told me he would be back soon on a social visit so perhaps we could meet up then. Good thing too cos the last time I met him in person was when he invited me to hang out at his studio when I went to KL to visit my Australian cousin who was posted there for 3 months, about 2 years ago.

Last Saturday, Aida and I went to the Malay Heritage Centre at the old Istana Kampung Glam. There was a bridal exhibition cum ideal wedding couples’ competition organised by Manja Magazine. We went there on the invitation of SJ Decors, who are the wedding decor specialists at Aida’s side. We began the day early, first stop was Orchard Cineleisure to watch “The Dukes of Hazzard” (Jessica Simpson‘s simply hot!!!). We arrived at the Malay Heritage Centre at about 2pm shortly after saying our Zuhur at the neighbouring Sultan Mosque. There were a few programmes lined up like cultural shows by renowned group Sri Warisan, a bridal fashion show, a teh-tarik competition as well as performances by Hetty Sarlene and Dayang Nurfaizah. The host was none other than Hafeez Glamour, one of the head writers of Manja.

We were both joined by my cousin Jatt and his fiancee Julie. Julie is also taking up SJ Decor‘s services for her side of the wedding. We managed to catch the bridal fashion show (the models were mostly Caucasians and were very beautiful and handsome, like dolls!!! There was even a guest appearance on the catwalk by Hetty Sarlene, Nurul Aini Ariffin and Rima Melati Sheila Adams…) and a dance performance by Sri Warisan. There was also a guest appearance by Aaron Aziz, who promoted Yew Home Design, his home contractors. And trust Hafeez to announce that Pujangga Malam was in the house when he was doing his random interviewing of the audience to kill time. Luckily I was standing from a distance so no one knew who I was, but people were looking left and right to see who was this eccentric character they hear on radio with his daily dose of laser comments. At 4pm, we watched the “Pasangan Ideal Manja” (Manja Ideal Couple) event albeit only up to the question-and-answer segment. I think this was a competition for recently-married couples to take part. We had quite a few good-looking couples but sadly they did not give smart answers, a bit bimbotic and “himbotic” (is there such a word???) at times. Some of them even tried to take the easy way out by saying they agreed with their husbands’ views.

By 4:30pm, we were off to Sultan Mosque, said our Asar and made our way to Prince / Jade Cinema about two bus stops away to catch “4 Brothers” at 5:15pm. That Andre Benjamin (of Outkast fame) can sure act. Compared to his funnyman role in “Be Cool“, this was his most serious yet and I was kinda surprised by the twists in the movie. You gotta watch it to catch my drift. Show over and we returned to Sultan Mosque yet again for Maghrib. We then went back to the Malay Heritage Centre to catch Dayang Nurfaizah in action.

She sang her English number “Need A Break” and her hits “Erti Hidup” and “Dayang Sayang Kamu“. Before the last song, she made the audience request for songs that she could sing like her old hits “Coretan Cinta“, “Seandainya Masih Ada Cinta” and “Kau Pergi Jua” amongst others. She also sang Beyonce Knowles‘ “Dangerously In Love” in a manner that even Beyonce would have been proud of if she had heard it. Yours truly cheekily requested for Anuar Zain‘s “Rindu Belaian” just to see her reactions, since both of them are rumoured to be romantically-linked. She declined and said that the original singer should be the one singing, which made me wonder why the hell did she sing “Dangerously In Love” when it is not her song in the first place???

After her performance ended, Dayang stayed back for a good half an hour to sign autographs and take photographs with her fans and the audience. One thing I notice about Singaporean audience is that they are generally shy when an artiste on stage coax them to join in the singing or come up on stage to dance with them. But when it comes to taking photographs, they will rush forward and whip out all those digital cameras and cameraphones without the need to inform them. Aren’t we all suckers for photographs??? Hahahaha…

Oh yes as some of you might have heard yesterday on RIA, yours truly finally managed to qualify myself for the grand draw of Jukebox, a game currently being played about 3 times a day. For the uninitiated, this is how the game goes. The listener is required to collect 3 passwords and then sing or say out the first line of 3 particular songs from 15 boxes. Each box contains one song, a current English or Malay hit and these boxes change everyday. The morning segment has never seen a winner. Normally those who win are those who have heard what are the boxes that were opened earlier, which was not answered by the listener who called in. I had got through last Thursday afternoon during lunchtime and when I was in the gym working out on the cross-trainers. However, I only managed to get one song right as I had left my sheet of paper that I had jotted down the answers at my workstation.

So yesterday I was fortunate enough to get through the line again during Azmi Sempoi‘s segment. God knows how excited I was when I got through. I was shivering with excitement as I spoke to Azmi before we went on air. Even when we went on air I was still shivering but I think I did myself proud compared to a large majority who called in and just said out the lyrics. Yours truly sang them with gusto knowing the win is there for the taking. For the record, I sang the first lines of Sugababes‘ “Too Lost In You“, Christina Aguilera‘s “Beautiful” and Maroon 5‘s “This Love“. Oh I forgot to mention that the prize won were the station’s premiums and a chance to qualify for the grand draw that might see the winner win thousands of dollars. I’m not putting my hopes too high but the money, if won Insya-Allah, would certainly come in handy for my wedding.

Looking back at my previous entry on the tags, I did have Mahd and Crab saying my entry was a funny one though after reading it again more than 10 times, I still cannot find head nor tail on what was so funny except the part when I said I can fart in different tones and types. But I think the last part on the celebrity crushes need to be changed cos there’s more than 7. I think I should have classified them under “Malaysian Artistes“, “Bollywood Artistes“, “Hollywood Artistes” etc. Never mind, I’ll save that till Ramadhan is over, out of respect for the month.

Speaking of Ramadhan, rejoice my fellow Muslim brethren for the holiest month in our calendar has finally arrived. This is a month where Satan and his accomplices are locked up and we are free to practice our faith without any disturbances. It’s a matter of whether we want to do it or not. I hope that all of us grab the chance to do as much religious activities in this month than in other months. A good month to kickstart doing so many positive things eg to quit smoking, lose weight, be more charitable, be a better Muslim etc. I hope that we all would fast not just for the sake of fasting, that is to refrain from eating and drinking in the day. Another pillar that we have to uphold is our prayers. I feel sad seeing people fast without saying their prayers, even when they have their prayer mats in front of them. It does happen but I hope it’s not anyone of you reading this.

May Allah grant us all his mercy, showers of blessings and forgive us for all our sins in this coming month. I pray too that we all would meet that one night that is better than a thousand months, “Lailatul-Qadr” or “Night of Power“, Insya-Allah

I’ve Been Tagged… (Yet Again!!!)

I’ve been tagged yet again, this time by sis Nura. Something to keep you guys occupied over the weekend whilst you await for my next entry. So without further ado, here goes:

Se7en Things That Scares Me

1. Death without repenting (Don’t we all???).
2. Losing a loved one.
3. Heights (And to think I love to fly or dreamt of being Superman when I was younger).
4. Cancer and other major illnesses.
5. Failure in life and after-life.
6. That I will not be a good husband and father in future.
7. My weight!!!

Se7en Things I Like Most

1. Playing football (Be it on the pitch / court, playing it on PC or on my Playstation 2 console).
2. Manchester United
3. Eggs (Any form: Poached, scrambled, boiled, half-boiled, omelette etc. My ultimate vice!!!).
4. Potato cutlet (Bergedil): My personal sambal belacan.
5. Admiring pretty girls (Admire only, nothing more!!!).
6. Singing (Not singing for a day feels as though there is an emptiness in my life…)
7. Slurpee Coke flavour.

Se7en Most Important Things In My Room

1. Playstation 2
2. Television
3. Laptop
4. Ipod
5. Handphone
6. Bed
7. Fan

Se7en Random Facts About Me

1. I take football too seriously, even if it’s just a friendly. I hate losing and if I were to score, I will celebrate like a professional player with arms outstretched and screaming at the top of my voice. As a goalkeeper, I’m not afraid to scream at my players if they suffer lapses in concentration. When I was in polytechnic, I cried my heart out when 2 of my players walked off the pitch in protest of the referee’s biased decisions and we were disqualified.

2. I gave Siti Nurhaliza a necklace with her name on it on 24th December 1996 when she was in town to receive 2 awards at Anugerah Muzik Popular held at Suntec City Convention Centre, as an advance birthday present (Her birthday falls on 11th January). She wore it on a television programme on the eve of Hari Raya about a month later on TV1 when she sang “Wajah Kekasih“. (P.S. I wasn’t with Aida during this period. I was a swinging single…)
3. Along with my cousin Jatt and best friend Nizam, we impersonated KRU and won the Impersonation Category when we entered Kriatif 897 in 1997, a talent competition organised by RIA 89.7FM. The guest artiste that night was Siti Nurhaliza. I entered the competition solely to meet her, so to win that night was a double bonus.

4. For veteran RIA 89.7FM listeners who remembered a weekend programme called Siber-RIA back in 2000 & 2001, I was the co-host with the robotic voice in 2001. I sounded monotonous having my voice changed but nonetheless I had a fun time co-hosting the show with Suriani Kassim (S.K.), who is now at Warna 94.2FM.

5. In the past (pre-National Service), whenever I played football, I must be clad in my Manchester United jersey from top to bottom. I saved enough money to buy the original jerseys, shorts and socks (which amounted to hundreds) and felt on top of the world whenever I played football wearing them. Felt as though I was a Manchester United player.

6. I entered the auditions to join the-then Singapore Broadcasting Corporation‘s Malay Children’s Television Workshop (Bengkel Kanak-Kanak TV SBC) back in 1983. The producers found me too hyper for their liking cos before I went into the audition room, I was running around the building when it’s restricted to the general public. Hence I wasn’t picked. There went my first shot at stardom. But Aida got in when they had another audition in 1988.

7. I despise camping sessions by the beach that my paternal side love to organise. They are so fond of camping that we could have about 12 tents at one go, all in different shapes and sizes. They go as far as Australia just to buy the gazebos and tentages. Whenever we have these camping sessions, we’ll have generators and all, complete with television and spotlights. Passers-by will always stop and admire them. Ok actually I love the camping sessions as they are meant to forge closer ties with my relatives and cousins (my dad has 18 siblings and god-knows how many cousins, nephews and nieces I have), but what I despise is the before and after stage. You see, the intention of organising is to rest and relax but we are only tiring ourselves by setting up the tents and cleaning up afterwards. So it defeats the purpose of “Rest & Relax“.

Se7en Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

1. Perform my Hajj at least once in my lifetime and do my umrah at least once every 2 years.
2. Go to the Theatre of DreamsOld Trafford, Manchester, United Kingdom.
3. Teach my kids and later on, my grandchildren to read the Holy Qur’an and see them completing it.
4. To lose this obscene weight and maintain it.
5. See the world – Europe, USA, Australia, Middle East etc. (As though money grew on trees…)
6. Be a better Muslim.
7. Be the best father anyone could dream of.

Se7en Things I Can Do

1. Belch.
2. Fart in different tones and types but the best is still the silent killer.
3. Pick my nose.
4. Sing at the top of my voice and causing those around me to cover their ears when I shrill.
5. Whistle through my teeth.
6. Vary my laughter from a Djinn to a Pontianak. (Those who’ve heard me laugh like a Pontianak had nightmares after that. Wanna try???)
7. The gift of 6th sense. I always have thoughts of meeting someone and ended up meeting them a few minutes or hours later.

Se7en Things I Can’t Do

1. Pull-up. I have a permanent shoulder injury.
2. Convince people. I make a bad salesman.
3. See red and green dots or blue and purple dots together. I’m colour blind!!!
4. Slip into my size 34 pants.
5. Write with my left hand.
6. Play a musical instrument. I can only sing.
7. Fix spoilt household appliances.

Se7en Words I Say Most

1. Sapppppp!!! (a term to show I’m impressed…)
2. Riiiggghhhttt…
3. Fair enough…
4. Insya-Allah…
5. Dol betullah dia ni… (You are so stupid)
6. I**p ah!!! (whenever I’m frustrated at someone when the person is asking me to do an impossible task… See??? Told you I am no angel…)
7. An unprintable Hokkien word depicting a certain part of a female’s anatomy. Said whenever I’m angry especially when driving and I have rude drivers zipping past me or cutting lanes wihtout any prior signals.

Se7en Celeb Crushes

1. Siti Nurhaliza
2. Sarimah Ibrahim
3. Angelina Jolie
4. Jessica Alba
5. Aishwarya Rai
6. Mahima Chaudary
7. (Local artistes I won’t say who. Make your own wild guesses. More than one here…)

Happy weekend people…