I’ve Been Tagged… (Yet Again!!!)

I’ve been tagged yet again, this time by sis Nura. Something to keep you guys occupied over the weekend whilst you await for my next entry. So without further ado, here goes:

Se7en Things That Scares Me

1. Death without repenting (Don’t we all???).
2. Losing a loved one.
3. Heights (And to think I love to fly or dreamt of being Superman when I was younger).
4. Cancer and other major illnesses.
5. Failure in life and after-life.
6. That I will not be a good husband and father in future.
7. My weight!!!

Se7en Things I Like Most

1. Playing football (Be it on the pitch / court, playing it on PC or on my Playstation 2 console).
2. Manchester United
3. Eggs (Any form: Poached, scrambled, boiled, half-boiled, omelette etc. My ultimate vice!!!).
4. Potato cutlet (Bergedil): My personal sambal belacan.
5. Admiring pretty girls (Admire only, nothing more!!!).
6. Singing (Not singing for a day feels as though there is an emptiness in my life…)
7. Slurpee Coke flavour.

Se7en Most Important Things In My Room

1. Playstation 2
2. Television
3. Laptop
4. Ipod
5. Handphone
6. Bed
7. Fan

Se7en Random Facts About Me

1. I take football too seriously, even if it’s just a friendly. I hate losing and if I were to score, I will celebrate like a professional player with arms outstretched and screaming at the top of my voice. As a goalkeeper, I’m not afraid to scream at my players if they suffer lapses in concentration. When I was in polytechnic, I cried my heart out when 2 of my players walked off the pitch in protest of the referee’s biased decisions and we were disqualified.

2. I gave Siti Nurhaliza a necklace with her name on it on 24th December 1996 when she was in town to receive 2 awards at Anugerah Muzik Popular held at Suntec City Convention Centre, as an advance birthday present (Her birthday falls on 11th January). She wore it on a television programme on the eve of Hari Raya about a month later on TV1 when she sang “Wajah Kekasih“. (P.S. I wasn’t with Aida during this period. I was a swinging single…)
3. Along with my cousin Jatt and best friend Nizam, we impersonated KRU and won the Impersonation Category when we entered Kriatif 897 in 1997, a talent competition organised by RIA 89.7FM. The guest artiste that night was Siti Nurhaliza. I entered the competition solely to meet her, so to win that night was a double bonus.

4. For veteran RIA 89.7FM listeners who remembered a weekend programme called Siber-RIA back in 2000 & 2001, I was the co-host with the robotic voice in 2001. I sounded monotonous having my voice changed but nonetheless I had a fun time co-hosting the show with Suriani Kassim (S.K.), who is now at Warna 94.2FM.

5. In the past (pre-National Service), whenever I played football, I must be clad in my Manchester United jersey from top to bottom. I saved enough money to buy the original jerseys, shorts and socks (which amounted to hundreds) and felt on top of the world whenever I played football wearing them. Felt as though I was a Manchester United player.

6. I entered the auditions to join the-then Singapore Broadcasting Corporation‘s Malay Children’s Television Workshop (Bengkel Kanak-Kanak TV SBC) back in 1983. The producers found me too hyper for their liking cos before I went into the audition room, I was running around the building when it’s restricted to the general public. Hence I wasn’t picked. There went my first shot at stardom. But Aida got in when they had another audition in 1988.

7. I despise camping sessions by the beach that my paternal side love to organise. They are so fond of camping that we could have about 12 tents at one go, all in different shapes and sizes. They go as far as Australia just to buy the gazebos and tentages. Whenever we have these camping sessions, we’ll have generators and all, complete with television and spotlights. Passers-by will always stop and admire them. Ok actually I love the camping sessions as they are meant to forge closer ties with my relatives and cousins (my dad has 18 siblings and god-knows how many cousins, nephews and nieces I have), but what I despise is the before and after stage. You see, the intention of organising is to rest and relax but we are only tiring ourselves by setting up the tents and cleaning up afterwards. So it defeats the purpose of “Rest & Relax“.

Se7en Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

1. Perform my Hajj at least once in my lifetime and do my umrah at least once every 2 years.
2. Go to the Theatre of DreamsOld Trafford, Manchester, United Kingdom.
3. Teach my kids and later on, my grandchildren to read the Holy Qur’an and see them completing it.
4. To lose this obscene weight and maintain it.
5. See the world – Europe, USA, Australia, Middle East etc. (As though money grew on trees…)
6. Be a better Muslim.
7. Be the best father anyone could dream of.

Se7en Things I Can Do

1. Belch.
2. Fart in different tones and types but the best is still the silent killer.
3. Pick my nose.
4. Sing at the top of my voice and causing those around me to cover their ears when I shrill.
5. Whistle through my teeth.
6. Vary my laughter from a Djinn to a Pontianak. (Those who’ve heard me laugh like a Pontianak had nightmares after that. Wanna try???)
7. The gift of 6th sense. I always have thoughts of meeting someone and ended up meeting them a few minutes or hours later.

Se7en Things I Can’t Do

1. Pull-up. I have a permanent shoulder injury.
2. Convince people. I make a bad salesman.
3. See red and green dots or blue and purple dots together. I’m colour blind!!!
4. Slip into my size 34 pants.
5. Write with my left hand.
6. Play a musical instrument. I can only sing.
7. Fix spoilt household appliances.

Se7en Words I Say Most

1. Sapppppp!!! (a term to show I’m impressed…)
2. Riiiggghhhttt…
3. Fair enough…
4. Insya-Allah…
5. Dol betullah dia ni… (You are so stupid)
6. I**p ah!!! (whenever I’m frustrated at someone when the person is asking me to do an impossible task… See??? Told you I am no angel…)
7. An unprintable Hokkien word depicting a certain part of a female’s anatomy. Said whenever I’m angry especially when driving and I have rude drivers zipping past me or cutting lanes wihtout any prior signals.

Se7en Celeb Crushes

1. Siti Nurhaliza
2. Sarimah Ibrahim
3. Angelina Jolie
4. Jessica Alba
5. Aishwarya Rai
6. Mahima Chaudary
7. (Local artistes I won’t say who. Make your own wild guesses. More than one here…)

Happy weekend people…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

17 thoughts on “I’ve Been Tagged… (Yet Again!!!)”

  1. Wow…wif this, i knoe more abt you, bro. Very interesting entry, i like…

    But i dont quite like to know the 7 thng you can do….gross & a bit scary lah kan hahahaha…but i do love the manchester united part though…manelah tahu got the chance to go to old traford together…wif aida, of course ..hehhehee..

    Btw 3-2 was good rite??

  2. Hahahaha, this is one of the funniest tag posting I have read.
    I have been tagged thrice and till now I have not reply to the tags.

    Maybe one day, I will reply but first u promise that u don laugh or ask me to be a stint in Teater Komedi sudah k.

  3. awak…and you said you’re not funny!!! how utterly untrue :p

    great! now i know more about you. muahahaha…and we also malas nak tag people. hooray for small pleasures!

    eh, i don’t dig johnny depp, hokay! i thought the movie would be a light one to watch and it IS light! tell your colleagues donch waste money :p

  4. tak jumpa anything funny eh…? *evil grin*

    menurut ramalan patik (ala sudin in seniman bujang lapuk), itu tandanya kamu…(go fill in your own blanks :p )

  5. I lurve ‘family bonding’ by the beach (although my family rarely goes for picnics; let alone with tents and gazebos!)..I would lurve to instill that kind of family atmosphere if i have children in the future!

    Wonder, will my children complain in a blog about it, like u do?

  6. oh it really u, i remembered asking my hub tt, it sound like PM, so terjawab sudah lah setelah sekian lama…

    thanks hub fine alhamdulillah.

  7. i was saying about kak SK(deejay)..reading ur entry…now i know where she is..selama nie me ingat dia dah tak jadi deejay lagi..

  8. Very interesting indeed, after reading this i know more abt you. Let me be the first person to CONGRATS U, cause U hav won d jukebx contest, 2day right?

  9. Hahaha you know my voice already huh sis??? Thank you so much… I was shivering when I got thru the line and b4 I went on air. Shivering with excitement of course… 🙂

  10. Actally aft hearing a familiar name, i increase d volume of my hp.There it is, ure voice bro.How can I not recognise of my fav voice on air.

  11. heh!

    i kept wondering how guys can fart uncontrolled!

    during dating my dh can control the fart. only certain times he’d told me he cant hold and i’d be walking ahead of him

    but now….he can fart in his sleep which can jolt me from my sleep!!


    I cant hear him snore cos i slept like a deadlog but his fart can wake me up! *LOL*

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