Ramadhan Is Here…!!!

Looking at my tight schedule for the coming month ahead, I doubt I will be able to update my blog on a regular basis. The only times I see that I would be free are on Saturdays and Sundays. Even then I dunno what eventful things will happen as basically I’ll be doing basically routine things daily like working out at the office gym during the weekdays (abt 2 hours before breaking fast), do things expected of us in the fasting month, tend to the renovation of my family’s new home, prepare for Hari Raya and prepare for my wedding. Not to mention my daily work. Responsibilities have increased ever since I got promoted last month. So yeah I’m in for quite a busy month. So I hope you guys will understand for the lack of updates in the month to come. Speaking of promotions, Aida too got promoted this month so it’s a double joy for us but I apologise if we are being stingy as we need the extra income for our upcoming wedding, in case certain quarters are expecting a gorging session.

Ok I know this is stale news but I just wanna talk about last Thursday’s Anugerah 2005 Finals. I know a lot of you felt aggrieved that Syed Azmir did not win. The fact was, the best “man” won. Yah I put the word “man” in inverted commas for obvious reasons. Personally I felt it was a toss-up between the 2 Khai-s and Syed Azmir. Though Fauzie is a personal friend of mine, I thought he was too simple and ordinary, vocals and performance-wise. Watching them sing Maroon 5‘s “She Will Be Loved” made me cringed as there was no harmony whatsoever. And hearing Syed Azmir and Khairil sang in their Malay accent and atrocious diction, I had half the mind to throw eggs or tomatoes at them if I had been part of the audience.

The finals was all about taking chances and Khairul certainly took his with both hands. He wanted to win badly and it showed in all his performances. He also sang in clear English diction along with Fauzie. Could they have sung better in English compared to Syed Azmir and Khairil just because they are educationally better off??? Maybe, maybe not. It’s not fair though, to stereotype those who are less educationally-inclined as unable to converse English well. Cos I’ve known of many people who speak in excellent English without the need to hold a diploma or degree.

My other peeve was judge Eddy Ali‘s “blind” (or is it “deaf”???) loyalty towards Syed Azmir even after he bungled during the English segment. He still maintained Syed Azmir was excellent. To me, Syed Azmir was too relaxed and depended solely on his fans to up his sms support. My best judge of the night was Edry, and not because he is also a personal friend of mine. He was quite direct with his analysis and comments and I know if he had his way and not be so diplomatic, he would have been the “Simon Cowell” of the night. I thought of meeting him after the show but since he said he only arrived in the evening and was leaving first thing the next morning, I shelved those plans and let him rest for the night. I told him I knew he was holding back his laser thoughts and he agreed that he was trying hard to be nice. He told me he would be back soon on a social visit so perhaps we could meet up then. Good thing too cos the last time I met him in person was when he invited me to hang out at his studio when I went to KL to visit my Australian cousin who was posted there for 3 months, about 2 years ago.

Last Saturday, Aida and I went to the Malay Heritage Centre at the old Istana Kampung Glam. There was a bridal exhibition cum ideal wedding couples’ competition organised by Manja Magazine. We went there on the invitation of SJ Decors, who are the wedding decor specialists at Aida’s side. We began the day early, first stop was Orchard Cineleisure to watch “The Dukes of Hazzard” (Jessica Simpson‘s simply hot!!!). We arrived at the Malay Heritage Centre at about 2pm shortly after saying our Zuhur at the neighbouring Sultan Mosque. There were a few programmes lined up like cultural shows by renowned group Sri Warisan, a bridal fashion show, a teh-tarik competition as well as performances by Hetty Sarlene and Dayang Nurfaizah. The host was none other than Hafeez Glamour, one of the head writers of Manja.

We were both joined by my cousin Jatt and his fiancee Julie. Julie is also taking up SJ Decor‘s services for her side of the wedding. We managed to catch the bridal fashion show (the models were mostly Caucasians and were very beautiful and handsome, like dolls!!! There was even a guest appearance on the catwalk by Hetty Sarlene, Nurul Aini Ariffin and Rima Melati Sheila Adams…) and a dance performance by Sri Warisan. There was also a guest appearance by Aaron Aziz, who promoted Yew Home Design, his home contractors. And trust Hafeez to announce that Pujangga Malam was in the house when he was doing his random interviewing of the audience to kill time. Luckily I was standing from a distance so no one knew who I was, but people were looking left and right to see who was this eccentric character they hear on radio with his daily dose of laser comments. At 4pm, we watched the “Pasangan Ideal Manja” (Manja Ideal Couple) event albeit only up to the question-and-answer segment. I think this was a competition for recently-married couples to take part. We had quite a few good-looking couples but sadly they did not give smart answers, a bit bimbotic and “himbotic” (is there such a word???) at times. Some of them even tried to take the easy way out by saying they agreed with their husbands’ views.

By 4:30pm, we were off to Sultan Mosque, said our Asar and made our way to Prince / Jade Cinema about two bus stops away to catch “4 Brothers” at 5:15pm. That Andre Benjamin (of Outkast fame) can sure act. Compared to his funnyman role in “Be Cool“, this was his most serious yet and I was kinda surprised by the twists in the movie. You gotta watch it to catch my drift. Show over and we returned to Sultan Mosque yet again for Maghrib. We then went back to the Malay Heritage Centre to catch Dayang Nurfaizah in action.

She sang her English number “Need A Break” and her hits “Erti Hidup” and “Dayang Sayang Kamu“. Before the last song, she made the audience request for songs that she could sing like her old hits “Coretan Cinta“, “Seandainya Masih Ada Cinta” and “Kau Pergi Jua” amongst others. She also sang Beyonce Knowles‘ “Dangerously In Love” in a manner that even Beyonce would have been proud of if she had heard it. Yours truly cheekily requested for Anuar Zain‘s “Rindu Belaian” just to see her reactions, since both of them are rumoured to be romantically-linked. She declined and said that the original singer should be the one singing, which made me wonder why the hell did she sing “Dangerously In Love” when it is not her song in the first place???

After her performance ended, Dayang stayed back for a good half an hour to sign autographs and take photographs with her fans and the audience. One thing I notice about Singaporean audience is that they are generally shy when an artiste on stage coax them to join in the singing or come up on stage to dance with them. But when it comes to taking photographs, they will rush forward and whip out all those digital cameras and cameraphones without the need to inform them. Aren’t we all suckers for photographs??? Hahahaha…

Oh yes as some of you might have heard yesterday on RIA, yours truly finally managed to qualify myself for the grand draw of Jukebox, a game currently being played about 3 times a day. For the uninitiated, this is how the game goes. The listener is required to collect 3 passwords and then sing or say out the first line of 3 particular songs from 15 boxes. Each box contains one song, a current English or Malay hit and these boxes change everyday. The morning segment has never seen a winner. Normally those who win are those who have heard what are the boxes that were opened earlier, which was not answered by the listener who called in. I had got through last Thursday afternoon during lunchtime and when I was in the gym working out on the cross-trainers. However, I only managed to get one song right as I had left my sheet of paper that I had jotted down the answers at my workstation.

So yesterday I was fortunate enough to get through the line again during Azmi Sempoi‘s segment. God knows how excited I was when I got through. I was shivering with excitement as I spoke to Azmi before we went on air. Even when we went on air I was still shivering but I think I did myself proud compared to a large majority who called in and just said out the lyrics. Yours truly sang them with gusto knowing the win is there for the taking. For the record, I sang the first lines of Sugababes‘ “Too Lost In You“, Christina Aguilera‘s “Beautiful” and Maroon 5‘s “This Love“. Oh I forgot to mention that the prize won were the station’s premiums and a chance to qualify for the grand draw that might see the winner win thousands of dollars. I’m not putting my hopes too high but the money, if won Insya-Allah, would certainly come in handy for my wedding.

Looking back at my previous entry on the tags, I did have Mahd and Crab saying my entry was a funny one though after reading it again more than 10 times, I still cannot find head nor tail on what was so funny except the part when I said I can fart in different tones and types. But I think the last part on the celebrity crushes need to be changed cos there’s more than 7. I think I should have classified them under “Malaysian Artistes“, “Bollywood Artistes“, “Hollywood Artistes” etc. Never mind, I’ll save that till Ramadhan is over, out of respect for the month.

Speaking of Ramadhan, rejoice my fellow Muslim brethren for the holiest month in our calendar has finally arrived. This is a month where Satan and his accomplices are locked up and we are free to practice our faith without any disturbances. It’s a matter of whether we want to do it or not. I hope that all of us grab the chance to do as much religious activities in this month than in other months. A good month to kickstart doing so many positive things eg to quit smoking, lose weight, be more charitable, be a better Muslim etc. I hope that we all would fast not just for the sake of fasting, that is to refrain from eating and drinking in the day. Another pillar that we have to uphold is our prayers. I feel sad seeing people fast without saying their prayers, even when they have their prayer mats in front of them. It does happen but I hope it’s not anyone of you reading this.

May Allah grant us all his mercy, showers of blessings and forgive us for all our sins in this coming month. I pray too that we all would meet that one night that is better than a thousand months, “Lailatul-Qadr” or “Night of Power“, Insya-Allah

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

12 thoughts on “Ramadhan Is Here…!!!”

  1. Congrats on ur winning (actually I missed it when u went on air)! *now thinking* aku buat apa time tu eh?! :op

    I had tried n I tried to call in earlier but belum ada rezeki-lah. The 3 songs I actually checked out the lyrics …the same ones u chose. Hahaha!

    Anyway, wat’s up with that other “ardent fan of the station”? Seemed nowadays, she is always picking on u?! *tsk* *tsk*

    Anyway, Selamat berpuasa to u, ur mrs-to-be and all ur readers. May this Ramadhan brings a lot of keinsafan and keberkatan to us all.

  2. ello..entry hang ni pjg2,pening me..but i hope u win la grand draw or watever it is..tat $$ can use for heh… memandangkan raya nak dekat.. u noe la..me kan student.. so..kahkahkhaha!!! collection!!!this will be my last year collect duit.ar crapp.. ok la.. selamat hari raya.. selamat berpuasa.. and maaf zahir batin..

  3. Bro

    Selamat Menyambut Ibadah Puasa.
    Next year Anugerah, u be the judge lah. I bet mesti your blog kena campak ngan tomato….

    I repeat, u are funny lah….

  4. PM funni???alamak..skarang nei dia top of my list-the most garang person i ever met..2nd on my list is Azmi Sempoi..PM garang arrrr!!seriuss and the list goes on.. alamak..kecut perut gua..hahhahaha!

  5. selamat berpuasa dan congrats sebab menang jukebox…..kalau kahwin tu jangan lupa jemput kami kami semua yer..hehe…btw can i link u to my blog?


  6. chett!!! i saw my name somewhere in that paragraph…and you still can’t figure it out, eh? kherkherkhe…

    congratulations on your winning.

  7. Watched Dukes of Hazzard too!! I guess, it’s more to a guy-kinda-movie..cett..jessica simpson’s hot?..:p

    I’m so excited for u and aida when she told me about ur house reno!! It’s great to have ur ‘own’ house; especially after marriage.

    Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa, to u and aida, bro!
    Semoga amalan2x kita diterimaNYA.

  8. morning, PM! yeapz, 4 baju & no, tak beraya sakan…kherkherkhe…

    you another one! baju mahal oii!!! silat pulak! :p

    selamat berpuasa!

  9. Tks bro..tks for visiting again my blog.. dunia blogging memang susah nak padam dlm diri ini…hehehehe happy fasting bro.. send my regards to Aida..

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