1st Week of Ramadhan Has Gone…

Alhamdulillah… We’re into the 7th day of fasting, that’s a quarter of the month gone, since we’re fasting for only 29 days this year. How has it been for you guys out there??? I’m sure that all of you are coping well, no matter what problems you are facing at work, at home, or with anything or anyone for that matter. Hopefully any problems you guys are facing are mere tests from the Almighty, just to test your resolve especially during this holy month. And I hope too that whatever goals you set yourselves to achieve this month will be met and that you are on the right track since day one.

For me, I’ve been diligently visiting the gym on weekdays everyday without fail, about two hours before Iftar. Alhamdulillah I am pleased to say that I’ve lost about 5kg ever since I started my regime about a month ago. The fasting certainly helps to speed up the process as I eat less and drink bottles of plain water to kill the hunger pangs. The only thing I hate is the feeling of being bloated with water especially after Sahur. I have to stock up since I’m using it to aid me throughout the day, especially on weekdays when I visit the gym. The tummy is still quite tubby (perhaps due to water retention) but my cheeks have since gone down quite a bit and I’m able to see the contours of my cheekbones. Can’t rest on my laurels yet, it is still all systems go right up to my wedding day…

Ramadhan too has also made me be more wary and afraid of death. Ever since I received Kak SK‘s forwarded email on the signs of death last week, I kinda freaked out wondering if I were to experience that anytime soon and whether I’m ready to leave the world and meet my Maker. Coupled with attending a funeral on Sunday and hearing a long sermon (Talqin) at the cemetery, life it seems is too short and whatever we do should be worked towards meeting our Maker. During the sermon, we were stressed to look after the most important pillar that we have to uphold, and that is of course our daily prayers and everything else will fall into place automatically. As I was saying in my previous entry, there’s no point fasting if we don’t pray. Yet I see a lot of people skipping theirs as though it’s nothing. Sorry for preaching when I’m not perfect myself but the past few days have made me a chicken when it comes to thinking about death…

Speaking of the funeral I attended, my heart goes out to the family of my colleague Azh who lost his father due to a potent combination of diabetes, heart problems, stroke and kidney failure. Watching my colleague leading the prayers warmed my heart and made me want to emulate his deeds when the time comes in future for me to step forward, moreso since I’m the only son in the family. He is after all someone, who all of us at work respect for his strong religious background and pious character. Another thing that warmed my heart was seeing my female colleagues in hijab and covered when I always see them at work sometimes in sleeveless blouses or short skirts. To me, the physical beauty of a Muslim woman lies in her donning the hijab and I was happy to see them that way. Though being the cheeky person that I am, I couldn’t resist clasping my hands ala those female nasyid groups when they perform, when I saw them. I even called them “Al-Nisan“, a reference to the gravestones but in retrospect, a comedic parody of yesteryears’ famous groups like Al-Jawaher and Al-Mizan. I know I am being bad and sarcastic, but deep down I was very proud of them for covering up.

Saturday was spent on getting myself a new handphone (Nokia 3230) as the current one (Nokia 7200) kept on resetting itself whenever I flipped it open. I thought there was no point trading-it in and instead would send it for repair and act as a substitute if the Nokia 3230 were to act funny on me. As though it had feelings of its own, the Nokia 7200 stopped resetting itself when I was fiddling with the Nokia 3230. And it has stopped playing tricks on me ever since. Aida decided to just take it as one of my wedding gifts, so long as the Nokia 7200 does not try to be cheeky like its owner again.

My Ipod is back at the service centre once again as I had dropped it whilst working out at the gym last week. The damage was not immediate and I only realised it was spoilt when it took me more than 3 hours to transfer my songs into the Ipod. So I’m kinda naked for the next few days as I await for a replacement. Arghhhh can’t leave without my Ipod as that is what I normally listen to the moment Hafeez Glamour & Azlin Ali go off the air at 2pm every weekday.

Saturday was also spent on going over to Jurong West to savour the Ramadhan bazaar delights at blk 729 at Jurong West Avenue 5. The ex-members of Merbuk Platoon (now calling themselves “Happy Family“) have a stall selling Malay kueh and drinks there so Aida and I went down to support them. They can be found at stall 24 next to the kebab stall. It was nice to meet some of the other listeners there as well, not to mention meeting my friend Dew, whom I’ve not met for one and a half years. On the way home, we passed by an even grander bazaar at block 440, Jurong West Avenue 1. It was like Geylang Serai had invaded the area. I’m sure Jurong residents reading this can vouch for that.

Speaking of Geylang Serai, I haven’t stepped foot there this Ramadhan. And I intend to prolong that as long as I can. Just feel that the place is kinda saturated with the same old things wherever you go and turn to. The only thing I like about going there is to meet long-lost friends in case our paths cross and not forgetting the kebabs. Even if I were to go there, it would be to buy food for Iftar, then I’ll be rushing home before breaking fast, when the crowd sets in. But the best food to break fast to me is still the porridge from the mosques. I’ve had my first taste of it on the 3rd day. Ramadhan to me is not complete without it and it is one of the reasons I always look forward to the fasting month.

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

16 thoughts on “1st Week of Ramadhan Has Gone…”

  1. I haven’t went to Geylang, as long as I can hold my foot from stepping on it.. I can’t stand the crowds especially those who are “seeking for attention”..

    Eh ok jugak tu.. Boleh lah angan lebih lebih eh.. Alah, ala ala raja gitu.. Once in a life time, bro…

    Oh fyi, most of the guys in Brunei including chief clerk are coming home(home leave) before hari raya.. so probably u may want to catch up with him..

  2. hey! i lived nearby whr yr Happy Family had their stall. I dropped by there b4. eheheheh…..and yes! that bazaar ramdhan at JW ave 1 was indeed another bazaar geylang.

    speaking of geylang kan….last friday i went there and was surprised tak many crowd. senang nak sopping bunga. jadik tak kemek kena langgar dgn manusia2 dia sana.

    u allergic to dust? me too!! morning2 ada sinus…then kalo kena habuk…sneeze non stop smp somtimes i had a slight fever….its really dat bad. but i think da subside now eversince i took evening primrose. good for those kind of allergy.

  3. i went to geylang pun because of nak cari makan untuk buka puasa. my DF keje hari tu so had to go to airport to fetch him and then proceed to geylang 🙂 sesak, you! i can’t stand it!

    i didn’t meet a single familiar face there but DF saw aplenty! i wouldn’t go there kalau tak perlu :p

  4. dah tujuh hari umat islam berpuasa dan sekali pun i belum jejak kaki kat bazaar ramadhan…insya’allah besok me dan kawan kerja nak buka puasa kat sana dan sabtu me dan my aunty nak gi sana lepas berbuka puasa…..


  5. WOW! YOU have lost weight! frankly, about 2 months, i lost 5kg also..ntah abih cam maner naik balik..ARGH! my mum calls me a BELON..sekejap turun, sekejap bloated…hehehe

    anyhw, selalunya wanita yg semangat nak lose weight for DA BIG DAY (ie: kakakku.Secret okay? d;D ) This is the first i see the guy pulak. but anws, being chubby myself, i no the frustration as well as the struggle that we go thru, so i wish u ALL THE VERY BEST! i believe if u put ur all into doing it, you will reach ur goal. insya allah.

  6. Ayam Percel is a kind of Javanese dish which my late SIL taught me.

    My own DKK family loves it. The ayam have to be roasted and then pour the percel over it.. Its very rich cos it is only santan with lada and bawang which need to be grounded….

    Next time when I do it, I upload the pic ok….

    Have a great day bro… and congrats on loosing those weights…


  7. wow…u lose 5kg? Syabaas! For me since i’m the chef of the house and working mama mcm susah gitu. Tiap2 hari my hubb nak eat good food but good food tu oso very RICH in everything….hmmm. Anyway, well done hv to maintain even lepas berumah tangga ok!

  8. ooohhh, MP dah tukar jadi HF pulak ya?! Patutlah dah tak dengar nama-nama usual setiap pg. Now nama-nama baru pulak (altho org-org lama jg).

    Bro, at this rate, by the big day, u will look…ehem…xtra fabuloso ler. hehe. Well done n keep it up!

    Salam buat ur mrs-to-be.

    p/s* Keje betul, tugasannya yg yok-yok. Bab yok-yok tu baru mula balik…ni tgh time d-stressing! Esok cabut awal lak coz ada praktikal. Hehehe.
    At this rate, me n my buddy will be the
    1st to get booted out! *lol*

  9. wow lose 5 kg congrates *clapclap* me nak turun 5 kg uh-hu mendak lah…oh yea bro, nak mati tak usah takut selepas mati tu..yg kita takut cos kita tak tau how selepas kita mati…kena seksa ke tak ker??? SubhanaAllah * i’m talking to myself* bila nak berubah pun tak tau lah bro…tang tu tang tu lah jugak…*shake head*

  10. Wow! Bro Pm,U have lost 5kg congrates to U lah. For me since beginning of Ramadhan I only lost 2kg. Although I’m not that chubby but would like to lose 4 more kg.

    Abt those death things, my neighbour’s hubby just past away last Wed.Al-Fatehah. I’ve heard that he had fall in the house toilet. Sad to say he is still young. So sad huh, bro? I heard that he had some sickness which he did not went for a check up.

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