I’m amazed, in this sacred and holy month of Ramadhan, some numbskulls have scant respect and think they can say what they like without first investigating nor provide ample proof. My poor wife-to-be got framed this morning on air and though the sms-es were not read by Syah Ibrahim, it is there for all to see on RIA‘s sms bulletin website. It all began when Syah played a Nasyid song, in which one of the lyrics to the song reminded us not to forget our daily prayers especially during this holy month. I then made a general remark through my sms about how true it is because I observed that some people who attend Iftar sessions tend to forget their responsibilities once the fast is broken and when they get lulled in the presence of good company. Well I did that before in the past so I know what I’m talking about.

Lo! Along came two responses that rebutted my sms: “SYAH BETUL KATA PM,BNYK YNG TAK SEMBAHYANG MAGHRIB KERANA NAK PERGI MAJLIS IFTAR TERMASUK TUNANG & FAMILY DIA YNG MAKAN DIRESTAURANT KELMARIN :ROAD RUNNER” (Syah, PM is right! Many people do not observe their Maghrib prayers due to Iftar sessions, including his fiancee who ate at the restaurant the other day : RoadRunner) and “PM SIBUK DGN ORG TAK SEMBAHYANG ? DIA HANTAR SPY SATU FAMILY MENGINTIP ORG MAKAN BERBUKA SAMA JUGALAH 10 KALI 5 TAK SEMBAHYANG NAK CAKAP ORG :ZIANA” (PM is concerned about people who do not pray? He sent one whole family to spy on people who broke their fast, which is the same as not praying, look who’s talking? : Ziana)

I cut and pasted the original sms-es in its original glory. See the similarities??? It’s from the same person, who just changed nicks out of convenience. Well in case you guys are wondering what that person was getting at, well last Saturday, Aida went to Geylang Serai with her family to do a spot of shopping for Hari Raya. Since they could not reach home on time, they decided to break their fast at Jeewa Restaurant. It so happened that a particular group of listeners were also there having their Iftar session with members of their website community.

These 2 messages were from the same person who changed nicks. And since this person knew abt my wife-to-be and her family’s presence the other day, it could only have come from someone who was sitting in that group. This person’s response to my earlier sms (which was meant for the general masses and not aimed at any groups or individuals in particular) is totally uncalled for and smacks of irresponsibility and lies. Did my earlier words hit this person’s raw nerves for him or her to shoot back as such??? Did I hit the bullseye till this person felt aggrieved and tried to deflect back to an innocent party???

Cos really, I can’t be bothered to send a spy to investigate things that do not concern my life. As such I am extremely angry with everyone in that group, unless someone has the guts to own up and admit who was responsible for those two sms-es. As it is, some of the members in the group are notoriously known for the old adage “Lempar batu sembunyi tangan” (not owning up to one’s mistake), so I am not expecting anyone to own up…

To that particular group of individuals (you jolly well know who you are!!!), if you are reading this, please do me a favour. Rein in your childish members and tell them to be more responsible with their sms-es. Cos their actions are only affecting the good name that you are trying to build for yourself. The allegations you’ve made are totally out of line and may God be our witness to Aida’s deeds the other night since she did go to Darul Arqam after that to do the necessary, even if you guys assumed that she was there at the restaurant the whole night. Just remember: Fitnah (Slander) is worse than killing a fellow human being. I hope God shows HIS mercy on you people. Thanks for the kind comments above, your professionalism and actions which certainly lacked class, hitting out at an innocent person and her family who have nothing against you in the first place…

P.S. If you have something against me, hit me and me alone. Leave my loved ones alone…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

21 thoughts on “Framed!!!”

  1. Hi Bro, just be patient with what happen to you & Aida. Its just a co-incident that Aida & her family was there too. Tak semestinya kita diam kita salah & bila kita bersuara kita mempertahankan diri. Its best that what people say we just keep quite and listen. It might be hard on that but insya allah people will realise their mistake sekiranya kita doakan dia berubah.

    ‘Biar org buat kita, jgn kita buat org’

  2. Hi Rieen,

    I setuju dgn falsafah u. ‘Biar org buat kita, jgn kita buat org’. Selama ni pun I berpegang pada falsafah ini tapi kita tidak boleh terus berdiam diri sekiranya ia melibatkan maruah kita sekeluarga.

    Tuhan juga menganjurkan kita berusaha dan tawakkal dalam apa jua yg kita lakukan. Buletin itu boleh dibaca oleh sesiapa saja di luar sana. Justeru itu, kita perlu berusaha untuk meleraikan ketegangan dan memperbetulkan segala salah faham.

    Selebihnya I bertawakal dan berdoa semoga Allah memberi mereka petunjuk ke jalan yg benar.

  3. Well betul tu Aida I agreed with you.

    Semoga diberi petunjuk kepada mereka yg dengki pada kita.

    Hope both of you be patient with all these happening ard.

  4. hello..apa kene siak tu orang2.dari dulu sampai skarang tak abis2 seh..i heard on radio tat org2 tu ada iftar kat geylang.i tot u r wit em.i dunoe who the hell is road runner.but nama cam familiar..takkan la sms tu diberikan oleh org yang sama..dlm ramai2 geng tu,tah2 ada org lain yang sent.

    wonder why semua ni berlaku.dan kenapa ramai yg benci kat hang ni..sms kalau tak nak dibacakan on air,tak yah published dah ler..but apa pun,dah tugas dj..jgnlah serang abg syah. ohh tidakkkk tidakkkkkk!!!

  5. pm, it could be true what you said. that you hit a raw nerve by that sms. mayhaps, they ae trying to justify their actions and refused to expound and shoulder the sin alone. ergo, the finger-pointing, hmm?

    biarkan, lah…people can’t keep quiet no matter what you do. so, let them be.

  6. PM – Honestly I’m quite taken aback by this entry. Honestly bro, I think these people just have something against you and therefore take it out on the ones you love. Cause that will hurt the most. Don’t you agree? Sudahlah bro. Some people are just not happy to see other’s happy. Selalu nak menang aje. Like my dad always said, “Macam mana orang melayu nak maju kalau melayu bunuh melayu.” But not all Malays are like that bro. I think the majority has matured with society. There are just that tiny few that things by sending such smses, they will sleep better at night.

    The only reason I can think off for the 2 person (or one should you say) sent those smses is cause dia terasa. Siapa yang makan chili, dialah yang terasa pedas. Right?

    Best thing now is to just sabar. For you do not have to go down to their level. You and Aida have more class. 🙂 Patience bro. “What goes around comes around. If not to you then to your decendants.” – One of my mottos in life. Biar Allah yang balas. Memang fitnah lebih dosa dari membunuh orang. Bersabar and berdoa aje lah. Allah is fair.

    Take care and Insya-Allah I’ll see you and Aida tomorrow with my hubby wubby.

  7. Hi PM Pagi,
    Jgn dilayan buat kurengg point kita jerr. . .but honestly orang mcm ni sebenar nya coward suka buat cite sana sini tak brani nak nak bersemuka. . .

    well I gone this once I just ignore but doesn’t mean I takot ke ape cuma I tak mo malu kan dia jerr well…well…sometime ppl really make you a bitch rite

    neway u take care BRO

  8. Some ppl are just too free. Diri sendiri tak nak jaga, nak jaga hal org. isk.
    Jgn kesah lah, whatever that they wanna say. U don’t owe them, ur living.

  9. Bro,

    Take care
    Ignore tis people
    Sendirik nyer hal sendirik mau jaga lah
    Dari dia sms slander kan baik dia kasi tabung TAA kat Geylang.

    Ginilah manusia. Gi lah cermin diri sendirik dulu..

  10. Hei bro, wat happens, bru baca your entry & were taken aback…Sampai mcm tu skali dorng fitnah Aida…??? Yah rite, i think it is too much already lah..

    Bro pls tell aida to be strong, anggap je lah ni sumee gossip yg dibuat oleh orng yg sakit hati atas kepopularan u on air… hahaha..I’m very proud of you bro bcause u r not like them, u comment basically in general…

    Biarlah drng nak kata apa..anyway juz for their info bulan ni bulan ramadhan…puasa lah satu bulan cukup pun tapi kalau dah buat cite mcm ni…kita serah jelah dgn allah swt sama ada ibadah nye diterima ke tidak…bkn kita yg berhak menentukan…apapun marilah bro, kiter doakan agar tuhan mengampunkan dosa2 mereka ni…amin….

    Btw, me hope u jgn melatah dgn apa yg drng cakap cause mayb that juz wat they want ok….

  11. hai PM…just happen to read this entry today and now i dapat gambaran apa yang terjadi..sabar je lah eh….dugaan dalam bulan puasa…tuhan saja nak test atau duga saper yang bersabar k….fo this coming 1 week, my radio rosak so dalam perjalanan ke tempat kerja tak dapat dengar radio….uuwwaaaaaa


  12. Bro, could understand how you felt. Like what Ian had said, You & sis Aida have more class than ’em. Memang kita dah tahu yg dorang memang mcm gitu it is their forte. Sebagaimana, dibulan Ramadhan ni, kita harus jaga ibadah puasa kita, lagi tu lah banyak dugaan. Just ignore those bunch of sore losers, makin you melayan, makin menjadi.

    What Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Stronger.

  13. Hmmm…everybody dah ckp apa yg i nak ckp… all i can say ingat lah sesungguhnyer kita ni berpuasa, tak ya lah nak rugi kan markah kite yg totetlet ni….

    btw orang2 ni menduga kesabaran u lah bro..

  14. Hi bro,
    Baru gak baca ur entry ni aft reading kak ian’s blog.. hmmphh.. all i can say, bersabar lah, insyaAllah ade Rahmat terselit disebalik ni smua..Amin..

    Tk cr & to Aida too, bykkan bersabar yah & serahkan pd Allah swt sesungguhnya HE noes the BEST for all of us.. 🙂

    Slamat berbuka to all of u later.. & happy weekend! 😉

  15. the extent of cruelty and the anonymity of technology really does bring out the worst in people, doesn’t it?

    even during this month when the devil and all his minions are supposedly locked up. i guess this kinda crap would be one of the cubaan God challenges us with this special month to test our fasting mettle.

    take it in your stride and walk on and as Liam Gallagher would put it,

    “Don’t look back in anger.”

  16. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! alah tak per lah abang PM, manusia memang cam gitu. as long as ALLAH knows that we did the right things, that’s all that matters. all other comments (esp from people who dun mean nuthin in ur life) are juz BS.

    anws, gd day! and njoy the weekend or what’s left of it

  17. the great HE mengkabulkan doa org yang teraniaya.

    and you are soo not in the wrong, so yang salah dan yang di pihak yg benar tu is totally obvious.

    regards to aidah eh!

  18. ……abang and my dearest AIDA…just ignore those..human nature….unless they get to rip you off, they will stop at nothing..

    do wat NABI MUHAMMAD SAW DO BEST, Biarkan.

    silence and patience does not mean you’re a loser..

    the ones that keep on attacking is the real loser..dosa u they all yg angkat..and their good deeds for you to the senang to lessen our dosa and increase our pahala..

    so let it be..


    *hugs my dearest Aida* i buat kan cream puff okies??? said i wanna to be the ferst kopek..hehehe..u know wat i mean…do drop by me stall again..

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