A Week Left…

Well, what do you know??? We’re down to the last 7 days of Ramadhan. Hope that everyone is in high spirits, not only by looking forward to celebrating Hari Raya but also in performing our fast and religious deeds to the best that we’ve ever done throughout our lives. I for one am not looking forward to ending the month. Besides saving a lot, I guess I did myself justice to lose the targeted weight that I’ve set myself to lose (7kg) in the month, though right now it stands at 5kg. I’m hoping that the last week would see me lose the extra 2kg so as to hit the jackpot.

Thank you so much for all your kind advices in my last entry, in the wake of the irresponsible sms-es sent by a cowardly listener. No point in me brooding over some stupid remarks which only backfired on the person who gave those spiteful comments. Just goes to show how intelligent and matured some people are, doing things without thinking in perspective and whether it has any adverse effects on him or her or the group he or she represents, if any. Scums like these do not belong in society and certainly have no sense of respect for Ramadhan nor have compassion for innocent people who have no bearings in their lives. With such attitude and mindset, it’s no wonder our community is still lagging in mentality and progress. I thank you guys again for all the astute advices, I really, really do appreciate them all during that period of time when I was seething and felt as though I wanna whack somebody so badly…

Speaking of such mindset and mentality, it’s no wonder I received an sms from sis Mahd, asking me why were the listeners so against my comments when she was listening to the morning show today??? Well for your info sis, I have no power over what these people wanna send, for or against me, so I have no idea how some people interpret general, off-the-cuff remarks. Some are open-minded while most are too sensitive. I must be hitting a lot of raw nerves everytime I send a general remark. Or the name “Pujangga Malam” just irks them so much till whatever I send do not go down well with any of them. Some people can’t differentiate between general remarks to personal attacks. So of course I do not blame her when she said these kind of negative and sensitive mindset by listeners are one of the reasons why she switched to listening to an English station. Believe me, she’s not the only one. You don’t get listeners of English stations bickering with one another and calling them names when they disagree on something. I wonder when the Malay listeners would adopt such attitude and move on.

However, I noticed that those who are against me, are normally from the same so-and-so. They just changed nicks to add to the number of people against me. I’m already immuned to the detractors cos I regard them as nothing more than pesky flies that won’t go away. As is life, you have people who like you and people who don’t. You keep your friends close but keep your enemies even closer. They are sometimes your best critics in life but don’t expect any wedding invitations or Hari Raya greetings from me, that’s for sure, certainly not after the way they’ve been lambasting me and going on a personal level rather than a professional one… *smile* Wait a minute, did I just say “Best Critics“??? Certainly not them!!!

Enough of them, period. So did you guys manage to catch Siti Nurhaliza reciting the Holy Qur’an on television??? What do you think??? Personally I feel that through practice, she could be good at it. Yeah she did come across as quite fearful during her recital but I think she did a credible job, even if it’s not as spectacular as we would have expected, with regards to her tajwid (science of correct pronunciation), idgham (assimilation) and makhraj (consonantial pronunciation). And please do not compare her to Mawi, the winner of Akademi Fantasia 3. He has his roots firmly stuck to the ground due to his strong religious background and he was also a tilawah champion from what I’ve heard. So for sure, he recites way better. I just feel at ease watching Siti in hijab and reciting the Holy Qur’an. Even my colleague commented that if his mum were to see her like that, she would surely agree to send representatives and ask for Siti‘s hand in marriage… Hahahah…

Last Friday, I had a great time having dinner with my “brothers” and “sisters”. It’s not exactly an Iftar session as we broke our fast at home before meeting up at Sakura Compass Point. It was nice meeting up with everyone again since we only meet like once every 3-6 months. Even if we do not meet up as often as we would have liked to, I’m sure the friendship bond amongst us is still as tight as ever. I just wish such meet-ups are done on a regular basis, but all of us have our own priorities that take up important precedence, which I perfectly understand. I’m just thankful that we are all doing well in life even if we have our own problems to face. Many thanks to sis Iannie, hubby bro Nizam and bro Ahmad for coming up with the idea of the meet-up session.

I was down with flu the following day. But that did not stop me from going to IMM to check out my new bedroom furniture for the new house, at Picket & Rail. Nope, there won’t be any queen size bed for the soon-to-be-wedded couple. We’re gonna sleep on a super-single-sized bed. Aida is petite and since yours truly is on the road to losing his weight, I reckon it would be just nice. Enough room to snuggle and cuddle when the time comes. Well we can always upgrade to a queen-sized bed if things get too uncomfortable and we need more room. Actually I’m amazed that I have not stepped foot at IMM for a year and within that time span, there are a few new shops available. It’s a one-stop shopping centre that just lacks a cinema to top it off…

From Jurong, we headed to Peninsular Plaza to collect our traditional clothes for Hari Raya and also as part of our wedding gift at Surip’s Exclusive. I especially love my Hari Raya clothes. One look at it and I imagined myself getting ready to undergo the akad nikah ceremony. My guess became a reality when I donned the garb and saw myself in front of the mirror. With Aida buying something similar, I guess we’ll look great together in them. A pity I did not take any photographs for your viewing pleasure. It’s ok, I’ll take them during Hari Raya.

By then it was already 3pm and we were still due to collect our wedding cards at Cardlinks situated at Joo Chiat Road, a few doors away from Hajah Maimunah Restaurant and to buy food for Iftar. We had also planned to drop by sis Diana‘s stall. My flu became worse and I told Aida to take a bus instead to Geylang Serai so that I can sleep in the bus and temporarily make the flu go away. So we boarded bus service number 2 from Hill Street down to Geylang Serai.

And so like a virgin being deflowered, I finally stepped foot on the 18th day of Ramadhan, my first time there during this fasting month. We headed straight to Darul Arqam to do the necessary before embarking on our targeted destinations. Aida wanted to withdraw money as the card-making shop only accepted cash. As the ATM machine at Joo Chiat Complex was down, we had to walk over to where we had alighted earlier. Before that, we bought doner kebabs from the Alaturka stall just opposite the 7-11 at Joo Chiat Complex. We ended up going to the wrong stall as the one that we had initially planned to buy the kebabs, was actually situated in front of the McDonalds‘ outlet at the old Singapura theatre. My mum has been a regular customer there throughout the month and my family swears by this particular stall as they give generous fillings. In fact the first bite is pure heaven right down to the last one.

From the Alaturka stall, we headed to where the ATM machine was and then we dropped by sis Diana‘s stall. We had actually passed by her stall twice but we did not see her as she was inside. We made small talk asking her how she was and how was business. I really take my hat off to her for still having the energy to clean up her house, do the laundry and cook for the family, even after a long day at the stall and reaching home at 2am everyday. But she did admit her body’s giving way soon. So we hope she can hang on. One week left and she’ll be able to relax.

Aida then wanted to buy laksa for her family so we dropped by the Geylang Serai market where the stall is situated. While Aida bought the laksa, I went over to that kebab stall I was talking about and bought 6 pieces for the family (actually 2 went into my stomach in the space of 2 days)… Last stop was the card-making shop, Cardlinks. I can’t explain how surreal it is to finally see our names etched on a wedding card. I’m finally getting married!!! We headed for Aida’s place straight after that. By then it was already 6:10pm. It was perhaps a blessing in disguise that I wasn’t able to follow sis Iannie, and bros Nizam & Ahmad to break our fast in JB as I would have inflicted the flu virus on them, since my flu got worse as the night went on.

The following day, I mustered enough energy to help my parents over at our new family home over at Park Villas Rise and cleared the porch and garden area. The sun was up and about and the heat was unbearable. Having to clear the garden and dig up the soil under the sweltering heat was testing but Alhamdulillah we kept our fast intact. I even managed to play football in the evening!!! After breaking fast, Aida and I went to nearby Hougang Point‘s Best Denki outlet and bought ourselves a 26 inch Sharp LCD television that we are able to hang on the wall of the new home.

Aida will be staying with my family when we are married. Normally people would say the guy has to follow the gal and stay with her family but me being me, I only subscribe to the Islamic way of the gal having to follow the guy. Anyway, her place is getting small with her nephew and niece growing up and needing their own space. The new family home will just be a temporary one for us anyway as we will be buying over the current family home in Hougang.

The current house needs to be renovated and having bought the new house, doing the renovation, buying of new furniture, not to mention my upcoming wedding, we need some time to recoup and use the money for the renovation of the current house. So I foresee that we will be staying at the new home for about a year or two. In the meantime, I’m gonna convert my room into an ultimate home entertainment centre. The television was just the start. Next up will be a new PC complete with wireless mouse, keyboard and a state-of-the-art speaker system to complement my Playstation 2 and the movies that we will watch via the PC. Aida will kill me for saying this cos she doesn’t like things to be too noisy, but I’ve always envisioned myself of having something like this since I was young. Just imagine, we spend more time at home and enjoy rather than go out and spend unnecessarily… Makes sense doesn’t it???

The next few days and weeks will be very hectic for me and family as we will be doing the packing and doing minor renovation works on our own. As such I doubt I would be able to blog as much as I would like to. Henceforth I would like to take leave of absence till everything’s settled.

Since Hari Raya is a week away, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish one and all an advanced “Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri“. May all the deeds that we do for this holy month of Ramadhan be blessed and well received by Almighty Allah. If any of my words and deeds might have irked any of you in anyway, I seek your forgiveness from the bottom of my heart. May all of you have a memorable festive occasion. I would also like to sincerely apologise beforehand if I am not able to answer to your respective invitations and open house invites, looking at my current situation. I will only be free I think, only on the last week of Syawal, such is my busy schedule and family commitments. If things are settled earlier, I’ll surely announce my return. Till then, have a blessed Ramadhan or what’s left of it…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

24 thoughts on “A Week Left…”

  1. Selamat hari Raya!? Eh, dah nak raya? Kejapnya.
    Well, Same-same 2, bro PM. Hope u will be able to use the time of this last few days to feel the barakah of Ramadhan…and who knows, Lailatul Qadar, InsyaAllah.

    Looks like u have such a packed n hectic time ahead. Menten bro, menten…!

    these few days I havent been concentrating to RIA. Bad mood – HP ilang, nak beli baru…sen pulak kureng.:o(

    Watever it is, relaxlah bro…u do not live for them nor are u able to please anyone. Most important, He knows ur intention and u yrself know wat u were getting at. Pikir pasal orang buat apa bro…buat cramp otak je.

    Salam buat Mrs-to-be ya…
    Countdown dah startlah ni…Hehe.

  2. hehe..tersenyum2 kambing me sorang2 when i read abt the single katil..khekehke.sweeeet.. can cuddle2 etc etc..kalau badan tu naik balik,nampaknya u all kene sleep on top of each other la…kehkahkhaka.senang citer,sleep kat lantai sudah..mana tau kan katil tu roboh ke sebab kene gegar kuat sangat. hahahhaha.

    anywaes, saya [insert my full name] pun nak ucapkan selamat hari raya kepada u and aida.. Jika ada tersalah silap, terlebih gurau yg melampau2, termengumpat ke.. or etc, mintak maaf banyak2.. sesungguhnya, pembalasan dendam orang yang berbudi itu adalah dengan memaafkan.. yeahhooooo!

    take care alwiz laaa..jumpe nanti di malam pertama.. ehhhhh i mean on ur wedding dae (apakah aku dijemput? kalau Ya, terpaksa lah kumpul duit nak kasi pengantin.. haha. kiddin :P)

  3. Hi Pm,
    I terperanjat, heard your sms tis morning, saying that you prefer to hear d ori singer sings. Luckily you call Syah n said you ‘acah aje’.I knew you takan ‘sampai hati’ to say that. Btl kan?
    Me would like to take tis apportunity to wish ‘Selamat Hari Raya N Maaf Zahir Batin to you n your wife-to-be.
    Hei, don’t forget to take those photographs of you n Aida in your new hari raya clothes, for viewinng pleasure. Sure sepadan. Mcm ‘Pinang D Belah Dua’.

    Lookig forward for that… Bye

  4. Hi sis Elly. You should know my style by now. I don’t mince my words cos I feel hypocritical if I don’t say the truth. When I said “Acah aje”, I was minimising the damage but in actual fact memang I meant it. I still prefer listening to original Hari Raya songs.

    Eg you have different versions of “Sepasang Kurung Biru”, but nothing beats listening to Khairil Johari Johar’s version. Same goes to Allahyarham P. Ramlee’s “Dendang Perantau”. I’m a traditionalist so I prefer listening to the authentic versions, no disrespect to anyone singing the cover versions. Just a personal taste but of course I know only too well Syah would still play the song even if I oppose to it.

  5. Entah knape biler baca ur posts mcm sayu gitu…Anyway bro…selamat hari raya to u too…

    Me also nak minta maaf seandainya ader kekata yg menyinggung perasaan k…

    juz to tell u dat u are one friend that one would luv to have base on ur frankness…Send regards to Aida k.

  6. PM, super single bed yer? Hmmm…
    Baik²!! Jgn lak ader yg patah riuk pasal tido berempet.Paham eh! Paham eh! Hehehehehe!! Anyways, I tak sabar nak terima Kad Saman dari u bro. I dah siap tempah baju noh! Jgn mare nyah! Hahaahahaha!!

    Yer! Hari Raya dah menjelang tiba! I pun beraya kat Melaka! Eh rhyme lak!

    Ok! On a serious note eh, I pun minta maaf eh sekiranya, yelah, selama ni, i ada tercarut ke (selalu), terkasar bahasa ke, terlebih gurau ke, teraba ke (oopppsss!! gurau jek eh) i mohon ampun eh. Afterall, i am only human tak lari dari buat kesilapan. Salah silap harap dimaafkan.

  7. i saw my NAME! kherkherkhe…

    awaaaaaak, u SURE you wanna get the super single? it’s actually quite small, tau. my bed at home is a super single and there’s not much space. really. not kidding. not much space to maneouvre really 🙂

  8. aku tak dpt tgk…aku tak dpt tttgggkkk!!! siti mengaji kat tv…sesungguhnyer terkilan rasanya..Anyways..Salam Aidilfitri utk PM & keluarga

  9. helo! was bloghopping..then terhop kat ur blog ni…ur english POWER okay! ni comfirm slalu top for composition dulu kat skolah kan? aniwae, i like ur style of blogging…detailed & macam very sincere gitu… i dunno u but somehow, ur nickname ‘pujanggamalam’ sounds soo familiar… okaylah…just wanna say selamat hari raya! =)

  10. Hi there,
    i tried giving a tag tapi tak kluar2 pun bila dah refresh…

    anws, Liz nak ucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA kpd abang ariff dan semoga abang ariff bergembira bersama keluarga di hari yg mulia ini. insya allah

  11. kali ni..ur entry btul nye panjang lebar eh..neway tahniah di atas perkanwinan anda pada akhir taun ni..kalau sudi ‘samanlah’ kiter..Insya-Allah,sblm subuh i n my hubby akan tiba nk mkn nasi minyak..heehee

  12. salams bro!

    masih beraya lagik ke? ehehhehehe!

    come back soon with updates. your writings are greatly miss in the absence of the boss from office. eheheheheheheheh…..

    i guess u must be busy with yr wedg preps ya? akan ku tunggu kad saman dari mu…. 😉

  13. see u in court pasal eavesdrop eh tadi..mcm ahli mesyuarat tingkap.. macam pontianak pun ada..macam batman pun ada datang malam2… but too bad,i didnt have the chance to see ur batmobile tadi.. HAHAHA!!!

    actuali, mula2 kita bobal tau pasal wedding nie tak abis2.. but u came late la kan.. tu pasal terdengar pasal citer lain.. haha. ok laaa. nywae tks! kalau 31 dec ada slot utk nyanyi2, me nak nyanyi. HHAHAHHAAH!!! OMG IM SO EXCITED SOOOO EXCITEDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! we cant wait for the big day! ok bye!

  14. hey bro… senyap je…
    mesti tgh busy+stress+seramsejuk… for the wedding….


    nWay… hari bahagia tak lama lagi kan…

    all the besT…
    semoga semuanya berjalan dengan lancar dan sempurna… amin.

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