It’s Looming…

Last Saturday, I spent my afternoon attending a hi-tea event at “The PavilionFar East Square, my first for the year, if you would believe me. The event is in conjunction with the launch of a boof of short stories entitled “Diari DJ” (Diary of a Radio Presenter), penned by none other than Hafeez Glamour, who needs no further introduction in the local Malay entertainment scene. The event was further graced by a slew of local artistes, past and present, making it a glamour event.
The cosy ambience of the venue was perfect for an event of such magnitude. Add to the relaxed mood that emanated throughout and the glorious spread that was served, the event went some way into appeasing the guests who were restless due to a one-hour delay and having to endure the endless chatter of the two hosts, Shika and Rudy Marican. Stellar performances by Khairil & Hairia Yusof, Fuad Rahman, Akhi & Salma amongst others gave us an indication that the local Malay music scene is not at all dead and buried. What they need is endless support from us, cos no one is gonna support them but their own people. I’m amazed in that Malaysians and Indonesians are so proud of their artistes but not us Singaporeans. We tend to subscribe to the fact that what comes from abroad is quality, but when asked how do you define quality, they will always be left stumped for answers.

Met a number of my nemesis at the event but we all stayed clear from one another. Those that I knew and have absolutely no problems with, I talked and entertained them with as much warmth I could. Even then a few idiots did comment on radio a few days later that I looked pompous and arrogant. I couldn’t care less really cos they’re nothing but flies on faeces. Those who came up to me, total strangers I may add, congratulated me on my upcoming wedding and gave me lots of encouragement to continue with my lambasting and honest comments. Not forgetting, to ignore the numbskulls and brickbats. They said they found nothing wrong with my comments and they are surprised how come some people are so against me. In my heart I was saying, “If only they knew…” but I’m happy that at least some people understand where my comments are getting at. What made me chuckle inside was these people labelled those who are against me as “stupid, backward people“. I could only smile, but deep down I’m hoping that we, the Malay community, should stop being so sensitive and learn to take comments on the chin.

Back to “Diari DJ“. The book itself is an excellent read. From someone who has been in the industry for 15 years as a radio presenter and an entertainment journalist, Hafeez has seen the ups and downs, the bitchings and politics going on and related his journey & experiences in the short stories found in the book. Of course the characters in the book are based on real-life people, just that the names have been changed. I was surprised, humbled and honoured to find myself being mentioned in two paragraphs that were dedicated to me, even though my name had been changed to “Sang Pendita“. The usage of Malay in the text is perfectly done and I must say, I’ve learnt a few new words as a result. So for those of you who would like to find a good Malay short stories book that doesn’t stress on the mind, I suggest you guys go buy this book…

Well… This is it… My final entry as a bachelor and reaching my final destination in life as a singleton. Tomorrow, I begin a new life with someone by my side, as a husband and leader of the family I have built. Feeling excited??? Jittery??? Afraid??? I dunno… It still hasn’t sunk in yet that I’m getting married. Even when people asked how I’m feeling, I’m still laid back and relaxed. I even told Aida I don’t understand why guys should be so scared of the solemnisation (akad nikah). If you are ready and prepared, nothing should stop you from being confident. I joked with Aida maybe I’m not scared because “I was born to perform“… *chuckle* Well I’ve always liked to perform for a large audience since young. Kinda gives me an adrenaline rush. Maybe that’s why the entertainment scene has always been a passion and hobby for me. But too bad, I’ll never see myself participating in singing competitions again due to work restrictions.

For those who I have invited to my wedding dinner and day reception, I’ll be deeply delighted to have your presence. Especially to my bloggermates, those that I have never met before, it’ll be nice to see you guys in the flesh. I just hope whatever photographs you guys take will turn out nice cos really, I hate to see myself wearing the “tanjak“. My head is round and wearing it makes me look rounder. Even the Mak Andam said I looked like “Kuih Pau“. The only thing that pleases me is the wedding dinner outfit. Looks slick on me, appropriate for the surprises in store. Well, I leave it to your imagination.

I know some of you are equally impatient, I chuckle to myself whenever I hear my guests feeling impatient and can’t wait for the day. Some even went as far as buying a new outfit just for the occasion. Really, you guys shouldn’t go through all that trouble. There’s nothing glamourous about my event. It would have been nice if some of my celebrity friends like Edry KRU, Samsol AhliFiqir and Liza Hanim, not forgetting Siti Nurhaliza‘s sister Era and cousin Aju, were to be in attendance but since it is the New Year’s Eve whereby they have countdown shows to perform, they could only send their well wishes from a distance. With or without them, my event still goes on.

Right guess I have to end now… I’ll be away on reservist duty for two weeks, two days after my wedding (honeymoon in the jungle!!!) so I don’t think I’ll be updating this blog till all’s said and done. Till then, wishing all of you a Happy New Year!!!

Succumbing To Flu…

I gotta admit, I’ve not been looking after my state of well-being leading up to my big day. My hair is unkempt and I’ve not been shaving. Add to my lack of sleep due to the preparations and my busy commitment for the past 2-3 months, it’s no wonder I have finally succumbed to the flu bug, to top off my haggard-looking outlook. But I still forced myself out from the bed and headed for work cos I can’t afford to appear as though I’m skiving since I’ll be away for 2 and a half weeks from next Wednesday onwards. I’m just taking the positives from it and would rather get sick now than next week.

I’ve been keeping a low-profile these days on radio. Nothing constructive to comment about, yet still getting the brickbats who wouldn’t stop insinuating in my direction, especially with regards to my weight, after they listened to my short interview segment promoting the benefits of taking the Herbal Diet supplement. I accept that even after losing 10kg, I’m still not as ideal as I wanted myself to be but at least I knew I’ve tried and succeeded somewhat, unlike some of them who seemed to be growing bigger and not caring for their health at all. I can only smile at their stupidity, their forever obsession with yours truly.

Even when unfamiliar nicknames appear and hit back at them, they thought that it was me. The DJs know my number already, they would definitely know that it’s me behind those unfamiliar nicks if I were to use them. I’m not like certain numbskulls who change nicks out of convenience and shooting themselves on the foot with their comments. When I hit out, I hit out as “PM“. That has always been my stand and motto. These people kinda forget that they made enemies out of other people as well and since I’m always the outspoken one, it’s easy for them to target me as the scapegoat. There’s so many others out there who hate them and their style. That, they seemed to have overlooked and think that everyone agrees with them.

Speaking of which, I’ve already known the identity of the idiot behind the defamation of my future wife back in Ramadhan. I’m not surprised when I found out this person’s identity cos this person has a longstanding history with me, fond of changing nicks to hit back at me and too cowardly to admit when I confronted in the past. I just hope that this person would use God’s gifts, which is the brains in particular, to its full utilisation. This morning I had another one of those unfamiliar-nicks-but-I-know-who-it’s-from, hitting out about my previous entry when I described my new family abode.

As far as I’m concerned, I clearly pointed out that living in a big house is not something I am proud about, but made me feel more humbled and ponder that it’s something God loaned to our family. It will not follow us into the grave. As such I don’t understand how this person can interpret my words as being a “show-off”. Either this person’s understanding of English is very minimal or this person only did selective reading just to highlight my apparent flaws. Either way, I am very sure this person interprets simple words like “Attention-whoring“, “Media Whore” or “Camera Whore” as “Prostituting“. *wink* Sad though to see certain people in the community not acting their age and making a bad impression of Malays in the new Millenium. If only other races tune in to our Malay stations, they’ll be laughing at us for bickering like kids and over petty matters. I don’t see that happening when I tune in to Class 95FM or Perfect 10 98.7FM when listeners’ opinions differ.

Enough of the negativities. I wanna highlight the positives. I know I’m kinda belated but I would just like to congratulate my cousin, renowned linguist and lecturer, Professor Madya Hajah Hadijah Rahmat, on the launch of her book “Kilat Senja” which showcased the old kampungs in Singapore. It is an excellent book, a must-read for us to learn about our roots and forefathers. Looking through the books and seeing some of the old photographs brought back sweet memories of my relatives and grandparents, most of whom have returned to be with Almighty Allah. There are photographs of my uncles and aunties and also my parents in their youth. Hilarious looking at their fashion sense back then, but that was the hip thing going on.

Another thing I am proud to highlight is that my primary school (Rosyth) produced the Top Student for the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) this year. It’s all the more sweet that the top student is from our community, clearly showing that there is hope for our generation after all. I hope he goes on to carve a name for himself in future. 3 weeks ago, Berita Minggu featured him and his Malay tutor (Cikgu Haji Hamzah Ali) who happened to be Aida’s and my Malay teacher when we were in secondary school. In the article, Cikgu described his methods and techniques in generating interest in the students to learn Malay. His methods include quoting dialogues from P.Ramlee‘s movies and the messages that could be derived from particular scenes. That was how he taught us back then, which I found very unique and very enjoyable to be in his class. Thanks to him too, I improved my Malay from a B4 standard to at least an A2 for my O’ Levels. I could not thank Cikgu enough for that and will forever be indebted.

The latter half of 2005 has been quite a sad one for a few of my friends / colleague / distant relatives. 4 sets of them lost their fathers between June to December. The most recent was last Monday, the father of 3 of my football mates – Amran, Shahran & Faizal. This latest one came as quite a shock for everyone, including me, as I last saw the deceased about two weeks ago during my cousin Jatt’s wedding. He was well and healthy back then when I last saw him and it was very shocking to learn of his passing on my way to work on Monday morning. I took time off to attend the funeral and managed to talk to his widow. She said that he had been looking forward to attending my wedding next week. Alas it was not to be. I was deeply touched when I heard that. He had been saying that everytime we met since Amran got married in June. A pattern I noticed amongst the 4 deceased fathers is that they were all aged between 56-60. No wonder when I attended religious class in the past, my religious teacher told us to prepare ourselves further once we hit 55. In fact we should be doing the necessary preparations from now. Kinda makes me shudder when I think about it. All I can hope and pray is that their departed souls will be placed amongst those who are promised JannahAmin, Amin Ya Rabbal A’lamin

The Dust Has Finally Settled…

One and a half months away from the blogging scene and somehow, I felt so detached and lazy to update all over again. The past month or so has been quite tiring for me, finishing up the renovation works at my family’s new home, shifting, settling down and helping out with the preparations of my cousin Jatt’s wedding 2 weeks ago and of course my own upcoming wedding. Oh, and not forgetting the slight delay in getting my new PC. I’m pleased to note that I’ve finally realised my dreams of turning my room into a one-stop entertainment centre. Having a TV, which also acts as your computer screen is something I’m still getting used to. Well what do you expect, when it’s 26 inches??? All the font sizes and graphics are big. Luckily I have a wireless keyboard so I don’t spoil my eyes by sitting so close to the screen.

Let’s talk about my new place. Not to sound pompous or arrogant, but it’s a three-storeyed terrace house jointly bought by my parents and elder sister. If any of you think we’re a rich family, I say, no we’re not. I had a blogger friend who said it was nice to know someone rich. Her words hit me in the head to forever remain humble and be thankful with what I have. I keep on reminding myself that all these are God’s gifts for us, something HE lent us, to see how much we utilise HIS gifts to the best of our abilities, in turn to return and contribute to the society, better still, to the religion.

My area is quite a quiet one, especially at night, save for the occasional barking of dogs. Like any private estates, my area is quite a dog-infested one, with some owners having about 3-4 dogs. There’s a house that keeps 3 German Sheperds and they scared the hell out of me when I walked past once, since I was daydreaming and listening to my Ipod. I also don’t trust walking on the grass patches, the pavements and anywhere near the lamp-posts as they have been besmirched by dog poo and urine. I had a bad experience stepping on dog poo on the pavement and have since been more vigilant, to the point of paranoia whenever I leave the home or return. Now, I just stick to walking by the side of the road. It’s a hassle especially since it’s not the normal washing away with water. The area is also alien to taxi drivers unless you tell them *** **** Road. For those who have received my wedding card, will know what I’m talking about.

If you ask me, my family is the poorest of the lot staying there. We got the house on the cheap. Where others are selling theirs between $750k-$820k, we got it for only $720k. The previous owner wasn’t even staying there and he was making a loss by renting out the house. Most of the houses in the neighbourhood have about 2-3 cars. Having just a one-lane road, it’s not surprising we get the odd bickerings about parking of cars outside the houses. Now I’m thinking twice about buying my own car next year. I’d rather wait till I shift back to my previous home (which has turned into a mini warehouse), before getting myself one.

It’s tiring having to go up and down three flights of stairs, 36 steps in total, on a constant basis. Now I’m just cooped up in my room, going down only to eat or drink, put the laundry in the basket for the maid to wash, do a bit of house chores or going out of the house. My parents and I suffered a lot when we were doing the renovation works and it was also during the fasting month. The original plan was to move in before Hari Raya, but the contractor delayed and did shoddy work which riled my father, who is a perfectionist. They did not even bother to supervise the workers doing the work, which made my father and I sacrificing our leave just to see if things were going as planned.

My father made his own terms and made them sign an agreement that if they were to delay, $1k was to be minused away. They delayed for almost 3 weeks. In the end, my father did not follow up on it since he said he didn’t want to begrudge them. It’s up to God to decide whether the money they received is blessed or not. So for you people looking around for renovation contractors, please avoid using ****** ********** **********. We want to do our part by supporting our fellow Malay businesses but they don’t wanna help themselves by giving quality workmanship and keeping their promises. And they are the same people who complain that they get no support from the community. Somehow I feel they should ask themselves if they’ve done enough to render respect and trust from their targeted consumers or not.

There’s so many things I wanna talk about but I guess it’s all stale news already, so now that my wedding is looming near, 11 days to be precise, I’d like to clear a few airs cos I’ve been receiving complaints about my list of invitees for my wedding. I remembered clearly, in past entries, I stated that I only have a limited number of guests, especially for my wedding dinner which is open to only 300 guests. My wedding dinner list is only for ex-schoolmates, a selected number of bloggermates who I consider close / have met me & Aida before, and our fellow RIA listeners, in short those friends who have known both of us. Those that I am not close to or have not met before, I have not forgotten you. Instead I have taken pains to invite you for the day event. Of course there is a tendency to miss out, which I apologise from the bottom of my heart cos I’ve not been blogging or blog hopping since Ramadhan!!!

What irks me is that there are some individuals who went round telling people, “Hey did it ever occur to you that he invited you only cos no one wants to come???“, insinuating that the person I’ve invited is in the remaining batch. Why I delayed in inviting is because of my personal commitments (need I spell everything out in here???) and I concentrated on my 300 dinner guests first and foremost before moving on to those I invite in the day. So please, to the big mouth/s who went round saying that I’m inviting late just because people don’t wanna come, I say, please consult with me and find out the truth first before spreading lies and making me look like the bad person. Those who are coming for dinner will of course get their cards early as they need to reply and confirm by last Sunday. There were some in the dinner list I delayed in sending the cards out cos I couldn’t fit them in, cos I feared they would feel uncomfortable sitting with strangers.

So as you can see, I’m in a lose-lose situation. I already have enough headaches just preparing for my big day. The last thing I need is someone to open their big mouths and telling others that they are “belen-belen“. I already have my lunch and dinner list all mapped out before Hari Raya. Due to my work, family and wedding commitments over the past 3 months, I’ve staggered the sending out of cards to the point of delaying them. I am still sending out cards for the day event as of now, and I hope to finish sending them by end of this week. I apologise for the delay in sending them out, which led to some individuals thinking they are in the batch of remainders.

To those who I did not invite, I apologise cos I only have a limited number of cards left. Even then I had to beg my parents for more and they too need the cards. So please, I hope people will understand my situation. Don’t think just because I did not invite you, I have forgotten you. I hope you would pray for me and Aida that everything would turn out well during our big day…