The Dust Has Finally Settled…

One and a half months away from the blogging scene and somehow, I felt so detached and lazy to update all over again. The past month or so has been quite tiring for me, finishing up the renovation works at my family’s new home, shifting, settling down and helping out with the preparations of my cousin Jatt’s wedding 2 weeks ago and of course my own upcoming wedding. Oh, and not forgetting the slight delay in getting my new PC. I’m pleased to note that I’ve finally realised my dreams of turning my room into a one-stop entertainment centre. Having a TV, which also acts as your computer screen is something I’m still getting used to. Well what do you expect, when it’s 26 inches??? All the font sizes and graphics are big. Luckily I have a wireless keyboard so I don’t spoil my eyes by sitting so close to the screen.

Let’s talk about my new place. Not to sound pompous or arrogant, but it’s a three-storeyed terrace house jointly bought by my parents and elder sister. If any of you think we’re a rich family, I say, no we’re not. I had a blogger friend who said it was nice to know someone rich. Her words hit me in the head to forever remain humble and be thankful with what I have. I keep on reminding myself that all these are God’s gifts for us, something HE lent us, to see how much we utilise HIS gifts to the best of our abilities, in turn to return and contribute to the society, better still, to the religion.

My area is quite a quiet one, especially at night, save for the occasional barking of dogs. Like any private estates, my area is quite a dog-infested one, with some owners having about 3-4 dogs. There’s a house that keeps 3 German Sheperds and they scared the hell out of me when I walked past once, since I was daydreaming and listening to my Ipod. I also don’t trust walking on the grass patches, the pavements and anywhere near the lamp-posts as they have been besmirched by dog poo and urine. I had a bad experience stepping on dog poo on the pavement and have since been more vigilant, to the point of paranoia whenever I leave the home or return. Now, I just stick to walking by the side of the road. It’s a hassle especially since it’s not the normal washing away with water. The area is also alien to taxi drivers unless you tell them *** **** Road. For those who have received my wedding card, will know what I’m talking about.

If you ask me, my family is the poorest of the lot staying there. We got the house on the cheap. Where others are selling theirs between $750k-$820k, we got it for only $720k. The previous owner wasn’t even staying there and he was making a loss by renting out the house. Most of the houses in the neighbourhood have about 2-3 cars. Having just a one-lane road, it’s not surprising we get the odd bickerings about parking of cars outside the houses. Now I’m thinking twice about buying my own car next year. I’d rather wait till I shift back to my previous home (which has turned into a mini warehouse), before getting myself one.

It’s tiring having to go up and down three flights of stairs, 36 steps in total, on a constant basis. Now I’m just cooped up in my room, going down only to eat or drink, put the laundry in the basket for the maid to wash, do a bit of house chores or going out of the house. My parents and I suffered a lot when we were doing the renovation works and it was also during the fasting month. The original plan was to move in before Hari Raya, but the contractor delayed and did shoddy work which riled my father, who is a perfectionist. They did not even bother to supervise the workers doing the work, which made my father and I sacrificing our leave just to see if things were going as planned.

My father made his own terms and made them sign an agreement that if they were to delay, $1k was to be minused away. They delayed for almost 3 weeks. In the end, my father did not follow up on it since he said he didn’t want to begrudge them. It’s up to God to decide whether the money they received is blessed or not. So for you people looking around for renovation contractors, please avoid using ****** ********** **********. We want to do our part by supporting our fellow Malay businesses but they don’t wanna help themselves by giving quality workmanship and keeping their promises. And they are the same people who complain that they get no support from the community. Somehow I feel they should ask themselves if they’ve done enough to render respect and trust from their targeted consumers or not.

There’s so many things I wanna talk about but I guess it’s all stale news already, so now that my wedding is looming near, 11 days to be precise, I’d like to clear a few airs cos I’ve been receiving complaints about my list of invitees for my wedding. I remembered clearly, in past entries, I stated that I only have a limited number of guests, especially for my wedding dinner which is open to only 300 guests. My wedding dinner list is only for ex-schoolmates, a selected number of bloggermates who I consider close / have met me & Aida before, and our fellow RIA listeners, in short those friends who have known both of us. Those that I am not close to or have not met before, I have not forgotten you. Instead I have taken pains to invite you for the day event. Of course there is a tendency to miss out, which I apologise from the bottom of my heart cos I’ve not been blogging or blog hopping since Ramadhan!!!

What irks me is that there are some individuals who went round telling people, “Hey did it ever occur to you that he invited you only cos no one wants to come???“, insinuating that the person I’ve invited is in the remaining batch. Why I delayed in inviting is because of my personal commitments (need I spell everything out in here???) and I concentrated on my 300 dinner guests first and foremost before moving on to those I invite in the day. So please, to the big mouth/s who went round saying that I’m inviting late just because people don’t wanna come, I say, please consult with me and find out the truth first before spreading lies and making me look like the bad person. Those who are coming for dinner will of course get their cards early as they need to reply and confirm by last Sunday. There were some in the dinner list I delayed in sending the cards out cos I couldn’t fit them in, cos I feared they would feel uncomfortable sitting with strangers.

So as you can see, I’m in a lose-lose situation. I already have enough headaches just preparing for my big day. The last thing I need is someone to open their big mouths and telling others that they are “belen-belen“. I already have my lunch and dinner list all mapped out before Hari Raya. Due to my work, family and wedding commitments over the past 3 months, I’ve staggered the sending out of cards to the point of delaying them. I am still sending out cards for the day event as of now, and I hope to finish sending them by end of this week. I apologise for the delay in sending them out, which led to some individuals thinking they are in the batch of remainders.

To those who I did not invite, I apologise cos I only have a limited number of cards left. Even then I had to beg my parents for more and they too need the cards. So please, I hope people will understand my situation. Don’t think just because I did not invite you, I have forgotten you. I hope you would pray for me and Aida that everything would turn out well during our big day…