Succumbing To Flu…

I gotta admit, I’ve not been looking after my state of well-being leading up to my big day. My hair is unkempt and I’ve not been shaving. Add to my lack of sleep due to the preparations and my busy commitment for the past 2-3 months, it’s no wonder I have finally succumbed to the flu bug, to top off my haggard-looking outlook. But I still forced myself out from the bed and headed for work cos I can’t afford to appear as though I’m skiving since I’ll be away for 2 and a half weeks from next Wednesday onwards. I’m just taking the positives from it and would rather get sick now than next week.

I’ve been keeping a low-profile these days on radio. Nothing constructive to comment about, yet still getting the brickbats who wouldn’t stop insinuating in my direction, especially with regards to my weight, after they listened to my short interview segment promoting the benefits of taking the Herbal Diet supplement. I accept that even after losing 10kg, I’m still not as ideal as I wanted myself to be but at least I knew I’ve tried and succeeded somewhat, unlike some of them who seemed to be growing bigger and not caring for their health at all. I can only smile at their stupidity, their forever obsession with yours truly.

Even when unfamiliar nicknames appear and hit back at them, they thought that it was me. The DJs know my number already, they would definitely know that it’s me behind those unfamiliar nicks if I were to use them. I’m not like certain numbskulls who change nicks out of convenience and shooting themselves on the foot with their comments. When I hit out, I hit out as “PM“. That has always been my stand and motto. These people kinda forget that they made enemies out of other people as well and since I’m always the outspoken one, it’s easy for them to target me as the scapegoat. There’s so many others out there who hate them and their style. That, they seemed to have overlooked and think that everyone agrees with them.

Speaking of which, I’ve already known the identity of the idiot behind the defamation of my future wife back in Ramadhan. I’m not surprised when I found out this person’s identity cos this person has a longstanding history with me, fond of changing nicks to hit back at me and too cowardly to admit when I confronted in the past. I just hope that this person would use God’s gifts, which is the brains in particular, to its full utilisation. This morning I had another one of those unfamiliar-nicks-but-I-know-who-it’s-from, hitting out about my previous entry when I described my new family abode.

As far as I’m concerned, I clearly pointed out that living in a big house is not something I am proud about, but made me feel more humbled and ponder that it’s something God loaned to our family. It will not follow us into the grave. As such I don’t understand how this person can interpret my words as being a “show-off”. Either this person’s understanding of English is very minimal or this person only did selective reading just to highlight my apparent flaws. Either way, I am very sure this person interprets simple words like “Attention-whoring“, “Media Whore” or “Camera Whore” as “Prostituting“. *wink* Sad though to see certain people in the community not acting their age and making a bad impression of Malays in the new Millenium. If only other races tune in to our Malay stations, they’ll be laughing at us for bickering like kids and over petty matters. I don’t see that happening when I tune in to Class 95FM or Perfect 10 98.7FM when listeners’ opinions differ.

Enough of the negativities. I wanna highlight the positives. I know I’m kinda belated but I would just like to congratulate my cousin, renowned linguist and lecturer, Professor Madya Hajah Hadijah Rahmat, on the launch of her book “Kilat Senja” which showcased the old kampungs in Singapore. It is an excellent book, a must-read for us to learn about our roots and forefathers. Looking through the books and seeing some of the old photographs brought back sweet memories of my relatives and grandparents, most of whom have returned to be with Almighty Allah. There are photographs of my uncles and aunties and also my parents in their youth. Hilarious looking at their fashion sense back then, but that was the hip thing going on.

Another thing I am proud to highlight is that my primary school (Rosyth) produced the Top Student for the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) this year. It’s all the more sweet that the top student is from our community, clearly showing that there is hope for our generation after all. I hope he goes on to carve a name for himself in future. 3 weeks ago, Berita Minggu featured him and his Malay tutor (Cikgu Haji Hamzah Ali) who happened to be Aida’s and my Malay teacher when we were in secondary school. In the article, Cikgu described his methods and techniques in generating interest in the students to learn Malay. His methods include quoting dialogues from P.Ramlee‘s movies and the messages that could be derived from particular scenes. That was how he taught us back then, which I found very unique and very enjoyable to be in his class. Thanks to him too, I improved my Malay from a B4 standard to at least an A2 for my O’ Levels. I could not thank Cikgu enough for that and will forever be indebted.

The latter half of 2005 has been quite a sad one for a few of my friends / colleague / distant relatives. 4 sets of them lost their fathers between June to December. The most recent was last Monday, the father of 3 of my football mates – Amran, Shahran & Faizal. This latest one came as quite a shock for everyone, including me, as I last saw the deceased about two weeks ago during my cousin Jatt’s wedding. He was well and healthy back then when I last saw him and it was very shocking to learn of his passing on my way to work on Monday morning. I took time off to attend the funeral and managed to talk to his widow. She said that he had been looking forward to attending my wedding next week. Alas it was not to be. I was deeply touched when I heard that. He had been saying that everytime we met since Amran got married in June. A pattern I noticed amongst the 4 deceased fathers is that they were all aged between 56-60. No wonder when I attended religious class in the past, my religious teacher told us to prepare ourselves further once we hit 55. In fact we should be doing the necessary preparations from now. Kinda makes me shudder when I think about it. All I can hope and pray is that their departed souls will be placed amongst those who are promised JannahAmin, Amin Ya Rabbal A’lamin

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

8 thoughts on “Succumbing To Flu…”

  1. hi bro…Death comes to everyone, young or old. It’s all written but only He knows when it is going to be for us. That’s y, make a point to open up the Al-Fateha column everyday and check the ages of those who had leave us (the younger they are, the more we will realise we are not going to be here for long anymore).
    How lucky they are that they are able to experience the small kiamat before the big one comes. When will it be our turn?! Will we be as lucky as them? Wallahu A’lam…

    I kinda feel agitated n irritated when I read thru the SMS bulletin. Wonder why some of them are so,so against u..n how some people translate ur house upgrading as a “show-off” thing. *sigh*
    Can’t understand them…*shook head*.

    Well, take it as a doa from them, they more the talk about u, the more their pahala will go to u. :o)

    Nevertheless, u will be strong now and in the future, as u had been before this. Focus on ur coming Big day and InsyaAllah, Allah will be with those who are patient.

    All the best, bro…

  2. its sure after that boleh invite untuk majlis yg lain like kenduri doa selamat, cukur rambut inshAllah…

    hmmm tak rugilah kalau tak kawan dengan orang2 macam gitu..iri hati tak kena tempat

  3. See you soon Bro
    Once again thanks for the invite
    and sending the card personally some more
    Take care of your health, drink lots of water and rest well ya

  4. Batman dtg ke rumah senyap2…sampai me phobia nak bual malam2 kat tingkap….LOSE 10 KG IS GOOD!!! GOOOOOOODDDDD!!! sapa yang bodoh sangat tu mengata. mmg bodoh..penyu pun tak bodoh cam dia..

  5. Hi Bro Pm,
    Wish you Selamat Pengantin Baru n selamat menempuh alam rumahtangga yg bnyk cobaan n cabaran. Moga2 sebagai ketua keluarga kelak, you akan pandai menangkisnya n menangani setiap dugaan. ok. I doakan you n ure lady pm berbahagia n berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat.
    Hav a gd rest, relax ureself. Jgn fikirkan sgt apa yg those irritating people nak cakap. Hope ure majlis would turn out well. Insyaallah

  6. hello bro..hahahhaha!my fave perfume? i’ll tell u when ur 1st child is born.. ok..

    tat pw toppp secrettttt..!cannot reveal one.. nyiargh har har

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