Giving "The Loser" The Recognition He Deserves…

He’s done it again… Who’s he I hear you asking me??? “The Loser” I described in my last entry that’s who. I think he went way overboard today. Had I not read RIA‘s sms bulletin after a friend directed me there, I would not have known that he had sent them to spite me for the world to see. Even though in some messages, no names were mentioned, it was clear, the messages were meant for me. Yeah some of you might argue, I’m being overly sensitive about it and admitting that I was the subject matter but the nicks used were interchangeable yet maintaining the same style of typing and in some of them, the “Sang Pendita” nick was used to mock me. So since this loser wants some recognition for his sms-es, then I’ll give him his dues in this entry.

I’ve copied and pasted five of them in their full, unedited glory. And I’ll answer all of them just to ease or worsen his sick, demented mind.


This was in reference to attending last year’s Anugerah Planet Muzik 2005 event at Suntec City. What did I wear back then??? Just a creased shirt, pants and a matching jacket. Throw in some fancy shades and I looked every bit the part of someone who was dressed appropriately to the event I was attending. Did I wear what I wore to attract attention and to acclaim plaudits??? The thought never crossed my mind. In fact I saw others dressed even more extravagantly than I did. I think with the ticket price that I paid for and sitting amongst people from the industry, I did myself justice by respecting the event. Of course when you pay for a $28 seat and sitting way behind, disrespecting the event by shouting at the top of your voices like hooligans when the winners were giving their speeches, you can afford to just wear polo t-shirts and cargo pants and get away with it. Oh and my top-to-toe outfit didn’t cost more than $100. I wonder how this idiot knew how much I spent overall and came to a conclusion that I paid a bomb…


This next message was in reference to my undying support for BhumiBand. My history with some of the band members go back a long way. I was very proud that they won three awards that night. Did I expect them to mention my name in their thank-you speech??? Not at all cos I know once you’ve won something that you did not expect, 90% of the time you dunno who to thank and your mind will definitely blank out. So what if some people’s names were mentioned??? Did it propel them to popularity heights beyond imagination??? Just because my name wasn’t mentioned doesn’t mean I’m dead and so hard up about it. In fact I was thankful my name wasn’t mentioned as I preferred to support the group quietly behind the scene and let them have the limelight. Supporting them doesn’t mean one has to be so hard up to earn the group’s recognition. If that’s the case, then the word “SINCERITY” goes out of the window. So it makes me wonder if some of these people were supporting BhumiBand out of sincerity or just to gain popularity in name???



Those two messages proved a few things. Firstly it was sent by the same cuckoo who changed nicks out of convenience. Secondly, it was aimed again at my wife. Thirdly by proclaiming he prefers Indonesian women only proved that my powers of deduction on who was the clown behind the cowardly messages spot-on. Some people, they choose to do things without thinking and in the end, shoot themselves on the foot. This person should start acting his age and stop being so petty and childish. I question his maturity and IQ level when he starts to play dirty and focusing on my wife.

Seeing the way he typed about liking sexy and voluptuous women, it’s no wonder he comes across as lecherous. As a husband, I am responsible for what my wife wears daily for as long as I live. If it is by honouring and upholding Islam and covering up as a Muslimah should do, then so be it, if others think her fashion sense is out-of-date. I’m answerable to God, not him or any of his minions. His comments only reflect on his stupidity and his apparent lack of religious knowledge, which I hope God would mercifully show him the right path. Anyway, I think he’s just jealous that his partner is not half as demure and docile as my wife, which I’m sure most of you who have met my wife would agree with me…


I’m tired of explaining myself and repeating the same old thing like a broken record. My reputation on radio speaks for itself. I don’t have to change nicks like some cowards and hit on others. On radio, I’m known as the quick-fire critic. If I’m always brave enough to comment and criticise others using my nick, I see no reason to change and hit on particular individuals and group using different nicks. These dimwits should stop their finger-pointing when there are others out there who also dislike them. Through the course of their existence, I am sure they’ve made enemies and lost friends along the way, just like anyone of us.

If they think by highlighting and insinuating things about me on air would exhalt them to a higher pedestal in the eyes of neutrals then please, they can take everything. I still remembered one of them used to say he wanted to be as famous as me. Well you don’t get famous just by copying others blindly and being insincere in your approach. There’s also a difference between professional criticism and personal veiled attacks, which clearly some of them failed to grasp. I did not asked to be famous. Why I am who I am is because of my honesty and sincerity, even if my stance can be very endearing to some. Overtime, I know I’ve gained the respect of the majority of people out there for not being a follower. And not being a follower of anyone means I’m not just a yes-man or a cow being pulled by the nose…

Actually, if you were to look at it as a whole, I don’t have to answer to any of their allegations and comments. I’m sure the sms-es were sent to provoke a response from me. I chose to reply so as to clear my name and most importantly, my wife’s. Some of you might think I’m being petty over the whole situation and am just falling into their trap. Maybe, maybe not but where the pride of someone I love is concerned, I can’t take this lying down. Things have gone out of hand where criticising one another is concerned. I feel kinda sad at the mental state of a certain minority in the community. What do they gain??? Personal satisfaction??? Personal glory??? To what extent???

After this if there are anymore attacks, I’ll just turn a deaf ear and a blind eye over them. Let them say what they like. I know my conscience is clear. Likewise the people who know me and my wife know who we are and what we stand for. And that to us matters most, not some smart alecks who try to shoot you down at the slightest available opportunity…

Return To Civilisation…

And so, my 2-weeks long reservist training has finally come to an end. Sorry it took me more than a week to type this out as I was down with viral flu and the home pc crashed. Funny how all of us who went through the reservist, felt what a drag it was when we were going through the motions, yet when we think back, time went by in a blink of an eye. I enjoyed my three days outfield in the deployment areas. Not only cos it rained throughout from Wednesday till Thursday evening, which scuppered our activities and resulted in us staying indoors in our vehicles, but also because I was “promoted” to “Platoon Commander” when the other officers had to embark to another deployment area.

Taking charge of a platoon is not an easy task. You have the thickheads and the stubborn ones to contend with. But I took it all in my stride. Whatever things that needed to be done, I joined in with the men. Cos an officer will never receive the respect from his men, without him joining in the fray. I think I did enough to cajole the men on and earned their trust out in the fields. All I can say is that, I’m just glad that I’ve gotten another one of those in-camps out of the way till 2008.

I’m so thankful to Almighty God for showing me the identity of the person who spread lies about my wife last Ramadhan. Of late, he went so low as to use the nick Hafeez Glamour gave me in his book (“Sang Pendita“) and hit out at my wife, who has never done anything malicious to anyone. Why should he go so low as to hit someone who has got nothing to do with him??? I for one, did not hit out at his partner, knowing fully well how stupid I’d look if I were to sound my displeasure at her.

This is all due to educational background and maturity. I know he’s obsessed about putting one over me but sadly his knowledge of his own surroundings lets him down so badly. There was a time he debated with me on an online forum, that only the word “Maha” (The Most) is for describing God. Naturally the word “Mahaguru” (Teacher with the highest level of knowledge) to him felt inappropriate. Sadly, I feel sorry for his Malay teacher for failing to drum his head with substantial knowledge. Lately, he questioned my wife’s nick. He asked if it’s appropriate to be called “Perawan” (Virgin) when you’re married??? Obviously it’s lost on him that my wife’s nick is “Perawan Malam” which is a nicer way of saying “Pontianak“!!! Initially I am very pissed off about it, but as days go by, I’m laughing harder at his own stupidity. He tried to expose me and my wife, but little did he know that he’s just pulling his own pants down for the world to see his own little Willy…

This past week has been a start-stop week for me. I only spent a day at the office after taking leave on Monday (to recuperate further), attending two days of seminar on Tue and Wed and on MC on Friday. In the meantime I got myself a new phone, the cool Nokia N70. The only snag is that I cannot get the Nokia PC Suite to run on my pc. It’s a problem faced by Nokia users worldwide after I did some research. Bummer, now I’ll have to mail my photos that I’ve taken, rather than transfer them via USB. I also got myself new shoes from Adidas. It’s good to know people who work inside cos I got a 30% discount for it. Can’t wait for next weekend. A long holiday for us to enjoy…

Before I end, I’d like to help a friend by promoting his book to my visitors. As I’ve described the book in previous entries, I don’t think I need to further detail the book. So I let the promotional picture do the talking and hope you guys would give him your support too… Sorry if it’s kinda blurry. Here’s the main details. You can get it at Muzika Rekods for $14.90 or alternatively email

First Entry of the Year…

It’s been slightly more than a week since I’ve gained the tag of “HUSBAND” to the woman I love. It’s still kinda surreal to me that we are finally together, she’s the last person I see before I sleep and the first person I see when I wake up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving every minute of it, in fact we both are. Cos nothing beats the sweetness of officially owning one another, sharing happy and sad moments together.

Our wedding last week was one to remember till the end of time, especially the dinner event. To be frank, I was more worried that my guests would not turn up seeing that it was the year-end and people were away on holidays, tidying up things at the office or having plans to celebrate the New Year. But I’m fortunate I have a big circle of family and friends who have been looking forward to our union since God-knows-when. So for that, my beloved wife and I could not thank each and everyone of you enough for taking your precious time to attend our wedding, be it over at my side or her’s.

I’m sure all of you are looking forward to seeing the photographs of our wedding. However, I must apologise for wanting to keep things in private. Though I’d love to share them with each and everyone of you online, I’d prefer to share them with you on a private basis and not for public viewing. Our wedding to us is sacred and an exclusive affair meant for exclusive people in our hearts. So we hope that you would respect our decision not to put up any of our wedding photographs in here. You guys can however view them (if you have not) at some of my blogmates’ blogs found in my blogger links (subjected to page and archive availability in their blogs).

For those who had labelled our wedding “The Wedding of the Year” for 2005, it is with great humility that we both receive the accolade though we felt that it was indeed kinda far-fetched to be labelled as such. But I gotta admit that I did not want my event to be following the usual norm found in most wedding dinners, till at times, guests would leave halfway through. I wanted my guests to be seated from start till the end. Hence I cracked my head to come up with whatever was served that night and I was thankful that 90% of it was up to my expectations.

The remaining 10% I was not happy about was my atrocious singing when I sang the second song, “Selamanya” by Innuendo. I had taken great pains to practice the songs I had wanted to sing for the event a month prior to it. However, I did not expect to eat the cake that we just cut, just before I sang the second song. I knew straightaway when we were told to feed each other, that my voice would definitely crack when I sing the song and cracked it did, which made some of my guests winced, including yours truly. So for those who want to carve a career in singing, please learn from my mistake. Never eat a few minutes that you’re due to sing, especially if the food is rich in cream, starch or oil. That sore point is still playing in my mind and I wince everytime I think about it.

My wedding dinner was inspired from my dear cousin Jatt‘s (my best man throughout) wedding to his beautiful wife Julie (Aida’s bride’s maid) in early December. Theirs was a colourful wedding, resemblant of a Bollywood production with a Bhangra performance, songs and dance by the groom. Even their wedding cards had these words in bold at the front, “Shaadi (Wedding) of the Year“. Not to compete with their event nor top it off, but I felt that I should create a different feel and tune, so that our family members and friends that we share, would have a lasting impression in their minds on the distinct uniqueness of both our weddings. Alhamdulillah, we both had positive feedbacks and our guests enjoyed themselves.

What was more heart-warming to Aida and me was the fact that our friend, popular Malaysian singer Liza Hanim and her family, took the trouble to come down to Singapore to visit us on the second day of New Year. You see, they were supposed to be our dinner guests but they could not turn up as Liza had a family event to attend to. She said she felt bad for not being able to come so she more than made up for it by personally visiting us. We felt honoured and touched that someone so popular would go out of the way just to celebrate our special day with us. Not forgetting Kak Mazleela, sis Nura J & family, Zul & Ard from BhumiBand and also Mansor Warren & family for turning up at our dinner. Liza‘s daughter, Marsha Qistina, was a bubble of energy with her non-stop chatter. We were surprised, for her age (a month after turning 2), she is able to speak fluently, not like most children who are of the same age.

Before we forget, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people who made our wedding possible:-

  1. Our parents for bringing us up, for teaching us good values in life so that we are able to face our new journey together to the best we can.
  2. Our siblings (Farah, Nurul, Rashida & Sahril) for supporting our event and contributing their endless energy. My sisters (Farah & Nurul) especially deserve special mention for the lovely decorations made on the wedding gifts. We should open a family business or something cos they’re beautifully done.
  3. My dearest cousin Jatt and wife Julie for keeping their promise to help out and went beyond expectations to see that our event went on smoothly.
  4. Our cousins Jid, her boyfriend Sawrabh, Yousoff, Kak Linda & Nor for the various assistance.
  5. Our cousins Abg Umar & Kak Uda for helping us liaise with the good people from Shad & Ky Wedding Services.
  6. Our aunties and uncles for contributing in cash, kind, donations and energy to make it all a success. We owe you guys a lot!!!
  7. Ustaz Maarof Mohd for solemnising our marriage.
  8. Kak Fatimah Mohsin, Ummi Aida (actress Alfarahizah Awangnit‘s mum), Kak Jah & Kak Ana from Fatimah Mohsin Wedding Gallery for helping us look suave and beautiful on our big day.
  9. Abg Nishad, Sis Lucky and crew from Shad & Ky Wedding Services for the beautiful decor over at my side. The decorations were just out of the world and I salute you guys for such a professional job.
  10. Kak Mas and crew from SJ Decor over at Aida’s side. Likewise, their decor was also superb and made us felt like royalty and all things regal.
  11. Kak Aishah, husband and crew from Putri Catering for the different and endless amount of sumptuous spread for the day reception and wedding dinner at my side.
  12. Fazana Wedding House for cooking one of the best Briyani I’ve ever tasted over at Aida’s side. The meat is just so soft and tender.
  13. Warung Pariaman for serving the guests with Nasi Ambeng during our solemnisation ceremony.
  14. Abg Kamal and Hafiz from Flash of Art Photography for the beautiful still shots. They make a rotund guy like me look slim…
  15. Abg Mo & crew from Everlasting Productions for being our videographers. Thank you for inserting our solemnisation event into the video that was shown during the dinner reception. We await to watch more of our wedding from you guys soon.
  16. Bro AB Shaik and crew for hosting our event on both days and loaning the projector and screen for the dinner.
  17. Bro Hafeez Glamour who co-hosted our wedding dinner with bro AB Shaik. Without these two and their professionalism in running a show, our guests would have felt restless waiting for us to arrive and also for keeping our guests rooted to their seats right till the end.
  18. My colleague Jamal, for patiently being our wedding chauffeur. May you have a fruitful Hajj as you leave us for a month to perform the fifth pillar of Islam.
  19. Hyundai Motors Pte Ltd for renting out the Sonata as our wedding car.
  20. Sis Mamafai for the beautiful cupcakes that accompanied my wedding gifts to Aida.
  21. Sis DianaHairul for the lovely cream puffs that accompanied Aida’s wedding gifts to me (they’re safely in my stomach now).
  22. Our celebrity friends (Liza Hanim & Family, Kak Mazleela, Nura J & Family, Mansor Warren & Family, Zul and Ard from BhumiBand) who set aside their busy schedules for us.
  23. Kak Sabariah for bringing Kak Maz and Liza down to Singapore.
  24. The Serangoon CC Management for allowing us to use their multi-purpose hall for our wedding.
  25. My colleague Azhar and his mother for helping us in booking their void deck for Putri Catering to do the cooking at our event.
  26. My various blogmates (Trina, Crab, Polychromatic, Sweethuneyz, Chiefstoinker Aridewa, DianaHairul, Easmariza, Silent Mode, Shikinzal, Haizah, Iannie & Lynn) for mentioning or / and putting up pics of our wedding in your blogs or Multiply.
  27. Our extended family members, cousins, relatives, ex-school & polytechnic mates, teachers, my ex-campmates, colleagues, my blogmates, fellow RIA 89.7FM listeners and everyone who came to our wedding and shared our joy in celebrating our big day. Our day would not be complete without the presence of each and everyone of you…

I’m currently undergoing a fortnight-long reservist training over at Kranji Camp‘s Army Logistics Training Institute. That’s the reason why I’ve not updated my blog till now. It’s been three years since I last went for my reservist training, but I’m kinda enjoying it this time around as I have many friends from the time I knew when I was in service, doing this reservist thingy together with me. An interesting aspect is also cos I was appointed Section Commander for my platoon. Leadership has always followed me throughout my course of life and this is no different. I’ve always been used to captain the football teams I’ve played with, so this will be an interesting and different ball game altogether. Well with the rank I’m holding, a lot is expected of me, a challenge that I will not shirk…

This past week we went through various lectures and refresher courses, most of which turned out to be napping affairs for me. 5 days in camp and what I did mostly was eat and sleep. I think I’ve gained back some weight I lost before my wedding. But I will also lose them again when we go outfield from tomorrow onwards for three days, cos I won’t be eating so as not to purge. It’s so unhygienic and a major hassle to purge in the open, that most of us prefer to just drink water over the course of the three days outfield. Those who have gone through it will know what I mean.

Oh and I’ll also be leaving my darling wife for at least two nights, the first that we’ll be away from each other. It’s gonna be an experience that we both will go through. I know I will definitely miss her hugs and kisses as much as she would miss mine. People said I was silly to go for my reservist right after my wedding but I prefer to get it over and done with it. Cos I don’t have to worry about being called up again till perhaps next year or next two years. Furthermore, Aida and me will not be going for our honeymoon-cum-umrah till March or April. Now that the Singapore Armed Forces have implemented a system for NS-Men to attend 7 high-key affairs and 3 low-key ones, I’m just taking them all in my stride and counting down to the time they’ll stop calling me up for good. So with this one out of the way, I’m only left with 5 high-key affairs to go through before I reach 40. We can’t run away. As much as most of us hate to be forced to serve our nation, leaving our work and family to answer the call of duty, we have to abide by the rules of living in this country. Others before us have gone through it and survived, if they can do it, so can we…

Before I end, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish my Muslim visitors “Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha“. It is the perfect time to reminisce the sacrifices our Prophet and his predecessors have done to uphold the pristine and honour of our religion. Use this festive period to reflect the sacrifices we’ve done for our loved ones, community, country and religion and how we can contribute more to the cause. I’m already making a big sacrifice to leave my wife by going for my reservist training straight after our wedding. But it’s all in the name of serving the nation and the good thing I can derive from it, is that it is only for two weeks, which will end this Friday. Till then…