CNY Weekend Part 2…

My Chinese New Year weekend did not just end the previous week but continued till the last weekend. One of my colleagues held an open house for friends and colleagues on Saturday and we were invited to soak in the atmosphere. This was my first time celebrating Chinese New Year with my Chinese friends so it was an experience to savour. For starters, my colleague took the trouble to buy Nasi Briyani for the Muslim guests and no pork and alcohol were served for the rest. Who says racial integration is not working??? My colleague took the trouble to make sure we did not feel out of place and I must award him a perfect 10 for the effort.

It was also an interesting affair to watch the “Luo Hei” being done right before my eyes. The food was made up of raw seafood and what looked like noodles to me. I did not take part as I was feeling nauseous from the smell of the raw seafood. So what I did was stand from a distance and captured this shot of the action…

We were also fortunate to receive two tickets from another colleague of mine, to watch the Chingay procession at Orchard Road. Aida and I arrived about 10 minutes to 7pm. We were seated at Sector 5, just outside Orchard Point. We were surprised not many people were seated at our sector. The moment we sat, the heavens opened up and showered us with nothing more than two minutes of slight drizzling. The tickets stated that the event was to start at 7pm. But we were restless by 7.20pm. I told Aida, if we were to perform Maghrib first, it would be a whole lot better. We then asked one of the ushers if we could return if we were to leave our seats and she said it’ll be no problem. So we negotiated our way to Al-Falah Mosque and were done by 8pm.

A view from our seats…

When we came back to our seating sector, there were too many people standing near the entrance so we decided against going back to our seats since we had a show to catch at 9:10pm at Plaza Singapura (Fun With Dick & Jane). As I looked around from where we stood, I noticed a few adventurous viewers who managed to climb up the trees to get a clear view of the proceedings. Whilst waiting for the parade proper to begin, we were treated to various street performances by dance groups from various institutions. There was also a performance by local singer Azyza who sang an evergreen Indonesian song “Kasih“. She spoke English impeccably when addressing to the crowd and there was no hint of any Malay accent whatsoever. I was very proud of her for that. It showed she came prepared, not like some artistes I heard who did not prepare themselves when chosen to perform at a prestigious place like The Esplanade a few weeks ago. As we were at the end of Orchard Road, the parade only arrived at 8:38pm!!! And these were the few shots we managed to take before we had to leave for Plaza Singapura. Saw my friend Helmi being a part of the Singapore Police Band contingent that paved the way for the parade proper to start…

Mediacorp Radio is celebrating 70 years of radio existence in Singapore this year. With that, they are currently in the midst of organising the “70 Hour Radio Gag” on the DJs of 7 stations under its wings. I don’t think I have to explain further how the game goes as most of us tune in to either Perfect 10 98.7FM, Class 95FM or RIA 89.7FM. Went over to Ngee Ann City or Takashimaya as we all know it during lunchtime yesterday and today to see what the fuss was all about. I must say, there were more people today as compared to yesterday, the majority of people coming to support RIA‘s Azmi Sempoi.

Perfect 10‘s Shan Wee busy at it. But the guy stopped to ogle whichever beauties that walked past his perspex glass…

Mr Skinny AnklesRod Monteiro busy writing something on his white board to communicate with his supporters…

Someone must have farted. Just look at the wince on Fiza Osman‘s face and the lady at the back covering her nose. Even Azmi looked kinda stunned. Hahahah…

Resting on his OTO Bodycare chair… Looks comfy, I think I’ll get one when I move into my new home…

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  1. yeah, true…it’s not much of a headache. just didn’t want to think about it je :p

  2. why didn’t you participate as well for the oto thing?

    and the chingay pics were taken using vidcam eh?

  3. have a blessed Asyurah to u and ur family….

  4. PM kalau masuk 70 hr radio gag, jgn sekali2 tengok.. bahaya. kalau tak salah dia suka kentot kan.. silent killer.. hahahahha!!!

  5. Hi. Thanks for visiting. Wah your blog wayang. Byk nya benda nak kena load!

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