What Could Have Been…

Last Friday night, I watched the inaugural “Pesta Pesta Pesta” programme on Suria. It had been hyped about one month prior to its telecast so I was kinda attracted to watch something of a different nature. I’m a sucker for award shows anyway so watching it came naturally to me. I was generally pleased that the event threw formality out of the window and replaced it with something hip and with lots of spunk. Trust the person who created it, none other than Mr Najip Ali, to come up with something of that nature.

I wasn’t the least bit surprised when I saw Aaron Aziz, Khairul Anwar, Khairil Yusof and Taufik Batisah winning in their respective categories under the SMS Voting Category. Why should I be when they have their own set of loyal, or should I say legion of fans, who can be trusted to sms till the cows come home??? The remaining categories, that fell under the Web Voting Category, were anybody’s guess. The only thing I wasn’t pleased about was Najip (being the person who was responsible for the programme to materialise) being nominated and eventually won the “Most Happening Hairstyle” award when I thought Azmi Sempoi was more deserving. The only thing I can derive was that our community is still not open to people with colourful or extravagant hairstyles.

The show was also done to reward the fans for their constant support and what better way to include them in than to let some of them perform with their favourite artistes??? However, some of the segment with the fans made the people they wanna show their gratitude to, looked stupid. Especially the ones who performed with Nurul Aini, that particular segment looked kinda jaded to me. The fans certainly did not blend in with the performers and they were everything rolled into one, from being dancers to props. Even the artistes sitting on stage looked bored. Speaking of artistes sitting on stage, I think it was an innovative idea to come up with that cos the audience would definitely like to see their favourite artistes on stage rather than sit amongst the audience.

The Anugerah finalists segment was kinda tainted by Syed Azmir‘s apparent lack of preparation or possibly overawed by the occasion. He tripped on his lines and forgot lyrics to “Mentera Semerah Padi“, the song he sang with Khairul Anuar. That particular segment was also supposed to feature Khairul‘s “manliness“. Honestly, they failed to project that “manliness” about him as he was all feminine, from his voice, body language to facial expressions. But give this boy credit where it’s due. He is an excellent singer… He reminds me of a young Anuar Zain… It was also unfair that Fauzie Laily was not given a chance to sing as compared to the other three finalists. I was impressed by Suzairhe Sumari and Sharon Ismail‘s attempt at speaking in Tamil and Mandarin. Not to mention the segment where the two Melatis, Rima & Rilla, came out. Their acting was oh-so-natural, instantaneously spontaneous and nothing fake or over about them.

One last gripe I had was the fact that almost everyone was treating Taufik Batisah like a second class citizen on the show. They are either jealous or they cannot accept the fact that the guy is extremely popular. I’m no fan of his but I sympathise with the fella when throughout the night people kept on saying, “Balik-balik Taufik…“. Most notable was Nurul Aini and the husband and wife pair of Shaikh Haikal and Annabelle Francis. Speaking of the husband and wife team, their segment made the people on stage winced and fidgeted uncomfortably looking at their actions. I think the audience too felt uneasy as there were no reactions whatsoever. In short, TASTELESS!!!

You know in life, we always have that few moments when we thought we could make a difference to something. And when we can’t do a thing about it, we can’t help but ponder what could have been if we tried harder or Luck smiles upon us. Ever since Sunday morning, I’ve been feeling kinda guilty and helpless that I could not be of civic help to contribute more to the neighbourhood. You must be wondering what the hell am I blabbering about. Well it goes like this:

I was spending the weekend at my in-laws. Like my weekly routine, I’ll be up on Saturday night watching football, especially if my team, Manchester United, plays. This past weekend, their match was played on Sunday morning at 1:15am. I was having flu and sore eyes as I watched the proceedings. As the game went on, the itch in my eyes intensified and I could not help but rubbed my eyes. Midway through the second half, when I could not stand it any longer, I went to the toilet to wash my eyes. As I was washing my eyes, I heard loud laughter and shoutings from the neighbourhood. Dismissing it as just some youths who were still awake and chatting at the void deck, I walked out from the toilet to continue watching the game.

Just as I was about to sit on the sofa, I heard a loud bang. Thinking that someone had jumped down from a higher floor or someone had thrown something, I ran to the window to see what it was all about. I was shocked to see the void deck of the opposite block in flames. I quickly ran to my room, grabbed my handphone and rushed down. I was hoping to catch the perpertrators but saw no one fleeing. On my way down, I thought that a rubbish bin was being burnt but the flames couldn’t be so big if it was just a mere rubbish bin.

I was shocked when I saw a motorcycle being burnt. The flames had already engulfed a large section of the void deck, which is relatively small in space. Thick black smoke was already making its way up to the 2nd floor and I could see that two of the units were already filled with smoke. Abandoning my thoughts of wanting to be a hero, I dashed up to the second floor to help evacuate the tenants, just in time to hear another loud explosion. I cannot envisage what might had happened had I remained on the ground floor, mesmerised by what I saw. I managed to evacuate those living on the second and third floors. By the time we reached the ground floor, practically the whole neighbourhood had woken up, either watching the scene from where we were or from their respective windows.

The fire brigade and police were soon at the scene and the firemen put out the fire in less than 5 minutes. People all around were discussing about what they saw and all came to a conclusion that pranksters were behind it. The motorcycle, which I found out later belonged to an old Chinese man, the wirings and lightings at the void deck were burnt beyond recognition. Thinking that everything was fine and seeing that people were slowly returning to their homes, I did the same with my parents-in-law who had also gone down to see the drama. Yes it was a real-life drama, one that I had only seen first hand from television and movies. The funny thing was I did not realise that I had gone down wearing just my shorts and with the wife presenting me with a hickey on the neck for the whole world to see…

I thought the drama ended there but no!!! That morning when I woke up and went to the shops to buy the newspapers, a foreign worker who was helping to clean up the mess at the opposite block told me that a multi-storey carpark across the road was also hit. I immediately felt a sense of regret, that I had gone home straight after the firemen had put out the fire, instead of going round the neighbourhood to look for the perpertrators. Who knows, I could have caught them in the act a second time, since the Monday newspaper report on the events that transpired, stated that the pranksters hit the multi-storey carpark 2 hours after they had hit the void deck opposite my in-laws??? Till now, this sense of what could have been had I been more alert and vigilant is bugging me to no end. I felt guilty I did not contribute more to the cause of finding these idiots. Cos I was really in the mood to bash them up if I were to catch them.

I’m sure most of us refrained from celebrating “Valentine’s Day” yesterday for what it means from our religious perspective. But there were a few others who still went out to celebrate the day with their loved ones with the intention of celebrating it out of love for them and nothing else. I was basically fine with that kind of reasoning. However, I received a particular email that put paid to what I know and somehow correcting my perspectives. With regards to the Islamic stance on this festival, Dr Su’ad Ibrahim Salih, Professor of Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) at Al-Azhar University, stated the following:

“Islam does recognise happy occasions that bring people closer to one another, and add spice to their lives. However, Islam goes against blindly imitating the West and other religions regarding a special occasion such as “Valentine’s Day”. Hence, commemorating that special day known as “Valentine’s Day” is an innovation or bid’ah that has no religious backing. Every innovation of that kind is rejected, as far as Islam is concerned. Islam requires all Muslims to love one another all over the whole year, and reducing the whole year to a single day is totally rejected.” Makes a hell lot of sense doesn’t it???

Earlier today, I passed a remark on air about certain listeners who took the trouble to print out RIA 89.7FM‘s SMS Bulletin Board and filing them for future reference (though God knows for what!!!???). It wasn’t long before one of my “ardent fans” retorted that cutting and pasting “exemplary” sms-es from the bulletin board to one’s blog is an even worse thing to do. I was grinning away when the wife alerted me to this particular sms.

Maybe it got lost on the person who sent that sms that when I cut and pasted the sms-es, I was actually highlighting how “intelligent” and “classy” the person was when hitting me and especially the wife, on a personal level, even if no names were mentioned. And since he was the only one who got all worked up and retorted, I must say that my remarks touched a raw nerve somewhat. Cos really, if you think about it, the leaves on trees would not be able to move without the wind blowing. *smile*

My remarks were as usual general and off-the-cuff, meant to tease rather than hit out at anyone. As usual with 160 characters to type, how much can I type??? I was actually referring to some people who print out the sms bulletin board with regards to some of the motivational words being shared amongst listeners and not to bring about the downfall of others. But some people jumped to conclusions too quickly and felt overly sensitive, went all defensive and as a result proved that perhaps he was the one I was referring to, doing all those negative things I mentioned, when I dunno if he did it or not. No names were mentioned on my part so for all you know it could be any Tomok, Din or Ali printing out and filing them for reference.

Some might argue I was being overly sensitive when the sms-es I highlighted in previous entries also did not mention my name outright. Fair enough, but I know the dirty mind games some of these listeners are playing and capable of, and I know damn well they were meant for me. Especially when my wife was hit, I had to clear her name. Which was why I said I did not mind being hit on as I’m used to it, but not my wife who’s got nothing to do with the shenanigans with some of these numbskulls.

Nonetheless I’m really honoured, humbled and blessed that some people spend their free time coming into this humble abode of mine, basically waiting and hoping that I would mention them in here. This is an open site afterall so anyone is welcome to read. I really appreciate them coming in here to help increase my hit counter as well as hear my ramblings and musings about some of them from time to time. I know that they are closet fans of this blog, secretly loving it and picking up possible flaws in the things I said to highlight in future sms remarks, so yeah, I welcome them with open arms… NOT!!!

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

11 thoughts on “What Could Have Been…”

  1. Helloooooooooo!! Long time no see ur tag in my blog. Hehee. How u been? Hope it’s not too late to wish u and wifey- selamat pengantin baru. Saw ur wedd pics at trina’s blog. Ur wife is sure a pretty lady. Oh yeah, tks a lot for the anni wishes. Insya allah, for 6 to 60. Hehe.

    Take care!

  2. Agree on the Valentine’s day thingy.. I’ve got numerous no. of emails forwarded to me especially those who knows that i’m a ‘sucker’ for 14 february.. But, coincidentally (or maybe, purposely?), my family tends to call it hari kasih sayang for the whole family..ehehe..Like i said, it’s not everyday i get gifts seyy…so, must kasi chance to me mah..ehehhe

    Agree that sempoi should’ve won the hair thingy as i believed, najib only wore wigs on those occasions.

  3. ever since i’ve got married..V day is jus anthr typical day for me..to display our love is nt onli reserved on dat special day,rite?if we make an effort,any day can b a special day,rite?..

    neway..thx for d info abt Sathiya..at least nw i noe dat he filling up his mind with useful knowledge for his future..

  4. *termenung kejap dlm blog ni*

    i agree with u. i’d tot sempoi shld won the award. notice the new hairstyle he spotted that night. Stylo sia!

    and heck!! i wish and prayed that the pranksters get caught asap. kongajar ah dorang!!

    and oh yeah! answering yr comment in my blog. oiii!! kentot ada mcm flavor ke? anyway, itu fart hor was just wind…no feeling of spicyness, wet or dry… it simply came out, getting me offguard. tak sempat nak control. anjat baby!


  5. *a pat on your back* for what you did helping to evacuate the people! also i can’t help but smile widely at the thot of the hickey on your neck for the whole world to see…..hee hee

  6. I enjoyed every bit of your story although I am a bit lost when reached the sms print out part..

    But to clarify something, Nurul Aini and the celet brity couple were the ones saying “balik balik taufik?”

    And what were the couple doing that you labelled as tasteless?

    -Kepoh of the year… heheh..

  7. Yg menang rambut tu sepatutnya bukan najib ali.. sepatutnya Alias Kadir yg menang..

    atau senang citer, kasi award tu kat me sua.. me pun penat nak maintain rambut yg sedia maintan nie.. hahahahha! pe jer crap siak.

    oh ada org masuk blog semata2 nak carik kesalahan orang? wah bestnyer.. kat skola mana dorang belajar? standard 6 pun tak pass kot. haha. :PPPP

  8. PM, byk sangat cerita, tak tau mana nak komen. I try to comment which I can remember only.

    Pesta pesta pesta perot, saya tak tgk, kalau tgk, u know i will surely do the review. Maklomlah kan, kritik agung yang suka sangat kasi komen kat orang dalam entertainment scene.

    V-DAy, aku tak feveret dari kecik lagik. sebab tak pernah dapat bunga, choc, bear, so aku kensel V-day dari kalender aku for every year.

    regarding the fire bisnes, terror ehk kau. Amcam tak nak try untuk cerita CD kat Channel 5? hehe, pas tu rope in ler aku jadik makcik siput jual sotkabar.

    Sms story. *serious mode* PM, saya rasa ada baiknya anda buat bodoh dan dek atas segala komentar yang diberi. Anda kena tahu kedudukkan anda sekarang. Anda sudah dikenali, jadi jgn mudah melatah. Diam dan buat bodoh. Tak perlu untuk membersihkan nama2 anda/isteri yang ada. Sampai bila diaorg boleh cakap? Lagi awak marah, lagi itulah diaorg suka. Jadi awak kena senyum selalu dan ketawakan komentar mereka. Kalau diaorg dah penat, diaorg akan berhenti lawak mereka.

    *back to auntie mode*
    Ok, dah bes pon aku comment, walaupon bila orang lain baca, diaorg akan rasa merepek. At least, aku komen per~~~

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