Hi-Tea With Hazami…

I know I’m way overdue with this one and most of you would have read from some of the other bloggers’ entries about this event that I’ll be talking about, “Santai Bersama Hazami“. Well for those not into Malay music, Hazami has just been awarded Best Vocal Performance at last month’s annual Anugerah Juara Lagu held at Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur. He first shot to prominence with “Sonata Musim Salju“, the infectious cover version of Korea‘s hit song “Winter Sonata“, which happens to be the soundtrack from the drama serial of the same title. He is now widely known for hits like “Kata” and “Mungkir Bahagia“. In fact his songs are all excellent listening cos his voice is just so melodious and able to lull one into a state of contented slumber.

The event was organised by “heARTwork” – the Ismail sisters team of Norismilda, Norafida and Nur Raudha. I knew a lot of hard work, pardon the pun, and headaches were experienced just to organise the event, but thankfully for them, they had a good amount of support and promotion from the Malay radio stations, Suria, MTV Asia and Berita Harian. Thanks to the good people of Fig & Olive and kind sponsorships from the lovely ladies of GoldChocs, the event was indeed a success.

The event kicked off at about 2:15pm, with Raudha acting as the emcee for the day. Opening the event was local newcomer Imran Ajmain. He might not be known to most of us locals but I’ll bet my last dollar that this guy will one day upstage the likes of Hazrul Nizam and probably Taufik Batisah in terms of vocal gymnastics. I first saw him in action at Sungguh Hot 2004, organised by Screenbox, the company that brought us shows like “Hanyut” and “Santai Bersama Sujimy & Haslinda“, held at Suntec City in July 2004. Back then I was already impressed by his voice, soulful and not whiny like what you come to expect from most R&B singers. Being the head honcho of Beats Society, the organisation that looks after the hip hop groups in Singapore, there were times in between then that I should have been able to catch him in action but I had prior commitments hence it was only last Saturday that I managed to catch his performance again.

He reminds me a lot of Edry from KRU. They can pass off as brothers…

Singing a catchy tune “Yang Sudah Tu Sudah” and “Seribu Tahun“, Imran mesmerised the audience with his voice which prompted even Hazami to address later on that even without his presence, Imran could have held the show on his own. Me??? I was dead certain he will be the next big thing and if I can bet my life on it, I would. I was fortunate to have been able to sit next to Imran and we made small talk as the show progressed. His album will be out sometime this year, half of the songs in it composed by him and another half from his good friend, none other than Singapore‘s first Idol, Taufik Batisah. What I am most impressed was the fact that Anuar Zain had chosen one of Imran‘s compositions to be included in his soon-to-be-released 3rd album. It surely is going to be a great 2006 for Imran and I won’t be surprised if he were to be among the front runners at Anugerah Planet Muzik 2007 with his upcoming album entitled, “Dengan Secara Kebetulan“, which is also the same title as his blog and URL. His songs are basically R&B and his music sounds like something that came out from the music geniuses in Indonesia. So definitely I am waiting rather impatiently for his album release…

Singing “Yang Sudah Tu Sudah” with gusto. I was bobbing my head to the song…

Seribu Tahun” being sung with feel. I’m sure the gals in the audience melted… That lady in the picture is the owner of the cafe by the way.

Hazami was on stage right after Imran stepped down. Serenading the crowd with hits like “Tekad“, “Sonata Musim Salju“, “Mungkir Bahagia” and a medley of 80s hits, he even invited Imran to come up on stage to perform “Kata” with him. A pity that the audience were not that engaging, probably too mesmerised by his wonderful voice. It’s been known that Hazami has an octave level of 6, a level not many male singers could reach. There were also surprises in store for both Hazami and the crowd. When he sang “Sonata Musim Salju“, a tray filled with MamaFai‘s beautiful cupcakes, made its appearance on stage, wishing Hazami a Happy 35th Birthday. Hazami‘s old college mate, Nazrah also surprised him with the birthday song and serenaded him with a few songs of her own. The lady can definitely sing!!! It is also no wonder that she is also a songwriter herself, having penned songs for the likes of Dayang Nurfaizah (“Kembalilah Sayang“), Anuar Zain (“Keabadian Cinta” & “Permata“), Innuendo (“Gemawan“) and many more using a beautiful nick (Azalea) as her passport. All I can say is, she’s a closet genius!!! If I were to cut myself an album, maybe I’ll engage her to be my songwriter, not forgetting Imran as well…

Serenading us with “Mungkir Bahagia“…

Performing “Kata“…

Hazami singing a medley of 80s hits…

Food… Glorious food…. That’s Imran‘s arm by the way… Hahaha…

Aren’t they lovely???

Before it was devoured by me…

Friendly banter between Hazami and the two sweet ladies, Raudha & Nazrah

The event was also a meeting of sorts for fellow bloggers alike. It was definitely an honour to have finally met the wonderful lady who baked the lovely cupcakes for my wedding gift and awaiting the birth of her child, sis MamaFai, who came along with the ever beautiful Trina. My ex-schoolmate Sweethuneyz was also there with her mother and younger sister. Add Imran, Raudha and sis Nazrah into the mix and we have quite a few blogmates at one event. I think there were other bloggers too at the event, just that I could not figure out who was who. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Atmosphere and ambience was cosy, good food, good company, excellent performances, what more can I ask for??? Aida and I sat at the VIP table so naturally we had questions like how did we manage to get seats there??? Well let’s just say it helps to be sincere in whatever we do in life, without expecting favours and returns. It wasn’t exactly the best seat but we were just thankful to even attend the event. That’s what mattered the most…

To the team of “heARTwork“, you guys deserved the accolades for putting up a great show. Problems like delay and technical glitches are common especially when it comes to punctuality of attendees. Though I would suggest getting a better sound system for future events. I am looking forward to supporting and attending more of such events in future. How about Dayang Nurfaizah or Anuar Zain next??? Heck, let’s aim for Imran‘s album release next. I’ll surely attend and lend my support…


I was amazed when I went for Friday prayers today. The congregation were stumped when the Khatib went up the Mimbar to deliver the sermon. Here was a young chap, young enough to be your younger brother or son addressing the congregation with gusto and punch. You guys won’t believe me if I said he’s only 15 years old. It was reported in the papers a few days ago of his existence in our midst. And when he recited verses from the Holy Qur’an, it was music to the ears. Granted his pronunciation of certain characters could be improved on, but generally I was impressed by his dedication and the way he recited them. A rare gem in the making…


I know that some of you won tickets to watch the World Cup trophy at Suntec City today. I hope for those who went, will not be offended with what I’m gonna say. Being a football purist, you guys would have expected me to join in the fun. But nooooo…..!!! I find it kinda weird, nonsensical even, just to ogle at something which you can’t touch, It’s like I rather see it on TV than go all the way just to look at the real McCoy…


Lastly, just wanna apologise to any parties who felt offended by my previous posting when I talked about a certain ex-footballer and linking his job to educational qualifications. I wasn’t making an example out of him. Neither was I degrading him and his current job. I was just thinking about the plight of being a footballer, or a sportsman for that matter, living in this country, since the lifespan of such a career is shortlived, what with age and injuries coming into the picture and if there’s other feasible alternatives to fall back on when the time comes to hang up your boots. My mistake that I should not have named him and just made him remained anonymous.

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend guys…

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  1. ariff!

    thank you very much for the beautiful writeup on the event! it was indeed a great feeling to see that all the work that we’ve done brings smiles to other pp. lain kali jangan malu2 eh 🙂

    send my HELLO to aida! so nice to see and talk to you guys the other day!

    thank you for the generous compliments and hope santai bersama hazami left prominent prints in your heart berkat pecah kepala kami itew. wahaha!it was nice (and still is)

  2. gd food, gd music…u lucky person u…

  3. hehe..nice meeting up with you and wife 🙂

  4. yoo hoo…batman, thanks for the sweet comments, what’s a makcik to do but feel all fuzzy and warm. thank u.

  5. Hi there thanx for your presence at the Santai the other day. Truly appreciate your support. So I heard you missed a friend’s wedding to attend the Santai?? Awww… thanx!! See you around Novena ha ha. Kirim salam to Aida

  6. hmm..why cannot see the pics eh?

  7. hello. was bloghopping. your blog is an interesting read. mind if i link u up?

  8. Imran was one of the best singers I’ve heard during our stay in the first SI’s ‘camp’.

    I still wonder why he didn’t make it to the TV shows.

  9. hey there… thanks for your coment on my blog and yea you can link me up. i have 2 separate blogs (dont ask why it just happened unintentionally!) so if u dont mind u can add both! And I will definitely add yours toom if you dont mind. Thanks so much 🙂

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