Nothing newsworthy to talk about really, I’ll just ramble and rant to fill up space…


I’ve been reading with absolute interest and excitement for the fact that Playstation 3 (PS3) will be out in November. Even though it was slated to release around this period of time, the recent launch of X-Box 360 perhaps put the developers back to see how much they can improve on the design specifications of the console. From what I’ve read, it’s only gonna be even better than whatever Microsoft had developed for the X-Box series. Personally I’ve never liked playing on an X-Box as I feel that the controllers are not player-friendly and game characters are difficult to toggle around. So yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to PS3‘s release…


I can only remember too well two years ago when I was heavily ridiculed for my choice of music over at the Forum section in the now-defunct Riamania website. Some people made fun of my apparent respect for the musical compositions from the brothers in KRU. They thought that it was unfashionable, unmanly and unbecoming for someone to like a boyband that dishes out “whiny tunes”. Well for starters this “boyband” compose their own music, play their own instruments and are millionaires which all of us can learn to emulate. Secondly, I’ve never dissed anyone for their personal choice of music. Even if you like techno, which I personally despise, I’ll still respect you for what you are. To me, dissing me for my personal choice of music is the same as dissing the people who made them.

Well fast forward to 2006, these same people are the ones now trying to show their support for an upcoming star from KRU‘s stable, Adam AF2. What’s more, when Edry came down to be one of the guest judges at last year’s Anugerah Finals, they were seen excitedly taking photographs with him. Were they not the same ones who had branded KRU’s music as “kental” etc??? Why are they singing a different tune now??? And why am I sounding so bitchy and all hard-up??? Cos I just felt a sense of hypocrisy creeping its way and making me look stupid all those years ago swallowing their attacks and rebutting them in my replies to them. The embarrassment they dished out back then was just cannon fodder for nothing. And I thought that their aim of existence was to strictly support “local artistes“. Why are they “branching out” now and supporting regional artistes??? Please, before you go out hitting on others, think first cos you’ll never know your words might come back to haunt you in future…


Speaking of the KRU brothers, they’ll be out with their new album sometime this month or next month. Titled “10 Di Skala Richter” (10 on the Richter Scale), it will be the brothers’ 10th full album – minus the “AWAS” mini album (1993), “Cinta Metropolitan Soundtrack” (1996), the “TYCO” project (2001), “KRUjaan version 2.0” (2002) and “Relax” (2004), a collection of ballads. Technically, this latest effort is officially their 13th album since their formation in 1992.

I’ve sampled some of the new tracks at their website. I must say, it is much, much better than the previous effort (KRUnisme). Half the songs had tunes which if we were to scrutinise the melodies and rhythms, would some way or another remind us of the hit songs in their heydays back in the 90s. I can’t deny I felt young again when I listened to some of the songs. I know for one, its first single “Buat Hal Lagi” will be another hit in the mould of “Terhangat Di Pasaran“. It features “The Hit Squad” comprising Azza Elite, Linda Onn, Adam AF2, Billy Zulkarnain & Zam Indigo. Knowing their track record to produce quality video clips, I’m sure this song will also be quality in its own right, perhaps along the humour lines of “Terhangat Di Pasaran” and “Impak Maksima“.


Ok, as promised in the previous entry, I would post more information on the upcoming performance from Imran Ajmain, Hazami, Khairul Anuar and Azlina Aziz. Just click on the promotional poster for more details. By the way, I wanna make a correction, the Ismail sisters have decided to change the name “HeARTwork” to “workHeart” cos of a clash with another organisation of the same name. There’s even a side-view photograph of me in the website, when I attended the Hazami mini showcase on 26th February 2006. Anyway, congrats to Imran for the infectious hit “Yang Sudah Tu Sudah” making its way up RIA‘s music charts after only 2 weeks of airplay. Told you guys before, he is one to look out for…


Right, I’ve been getting some feedback about my apparent lack of activity and comments on air lately. Frankly speaking, the novelty to comment is wearing off. It gets stale listening to the same old thing day in, day out and commenting on the same thing. For dedication segments, you get the same people dedicating to the same people. Then during international hits segments, the same people keep requesting the same songs. During discussion segments, topics are recycled and more often than not, it revolves around relationships and love. Then it’s followed by the daily dosage of ear-bashing by those who-can’t-sing-but-think-they-can and the hour-long nostalgic hits.

Luckily Mediacorp has a wide range of choices I can tune to when it gets too bored. Either that, or I’ll be listening to my Ipod. Honestly, I don’t have the drive to comment on air like I used to. I know some of you look forward to the heat that I’m able to generate whenever I come up with some lambasting, truth-hurts, matters-of-fact opinions. Sadly, I don’t see how I can fit in with the amount of stop-start programmes and mini-sponsored capsules the station comes up with daily. There’s just too many promotions and endless commercials that disrupt the smoothness of the daily programmes that we used to have in the past. Really, I’ve lost quite a bit of zest listening to the radio of late…


Ok people, enjoy your long holiday ahead…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

6 thoughts on “Hypocrisy???”

  1. i’ve always been a fan of KRU, not-quite-but-almost-turn 2 their groupie.

    rem’ i bang in2 u n aida during one of their concert, bac during our younger days (macam lah tua mana eh kita) @ de former harbour pavillion?

    n wen i rave my hub-den-boipren all about KRU, he din blive it one straw that i was one FAN. until de point i motored-mouth all their songs (dgn bagian rap2 skali), make him run all their tracks while he drove. kekekeke …

    but of cos m all cool down, but still a silent ‘groupie’ of ’em. kekekeke …

    i manage 2 make hub fall in love with one song of theirs though, Apa Saja. n i manage 2 make him SING it 4 me. but not in public of cos. he wouldnt dare. kekekeke….

  2. On KRU…

    I like their music and my favourite was the compilation fanatic album which I own.. (the only one).

    They have been progressing backwards in a good way. Getting retro and disco with elements of funk and jazz into their music which I think is better than their hip hop.

    Although most of edry’s songwriting is “i will survive” chordplay, I still enjoy them…

  3. Hello pakcik, lama saya menghilang. kini saya menjelma kembali. no la, i do read all ur entries.. but, tak selalu.. haha. ur blog ni byk sangat sumbat benda.. sampai my pc semput, terus dier jam. but ni entry quite safe la.. tk byk pix.. so i can click tempat comment nie..

    KRU? i respect norman.. wow! terperanjat bila nampak dia nyer interviu kat CNA.. pasal millionaire. wow! he shuld marry me la.. pasal me kan suri rumah nya type. hahahaha. GILER. no la jus kiddin..

    oh tak gi eh AIM?? teringat pasal last yr.. this june me goin KL.. kalau pakcik nak gi bawak isteri skali, marilahhh. kita ramai2kannnn orgg. ok jumper lagii!

  4. dah lama tak dtg sini ye…
    amaciiiam, bro?
    jgn stop bloggin, hor abang PM. i like ur entries…keep the blogging spirit alive, bro….

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