RZ Returning???

Sorry for the lack of updates and entries. Was bogged down with work for the past 2 weeks and by the time I got home, the only thing I wanna do is unwind, watch television and play my Playstation 2 console. But enough of rest, so here I am back again. I doubt this entry will be of substance as I have nothing interesting to comment. Just random thoughts as I go along…


I’m sure some of you in my MSN contact list would have seen my nickname for the past week or so when I announced unashamedly on the major changes to RIA Jamm this coming week. I did say an old friend was coming back to grace the air once again. Initially when I heard KC saying it on air, my hopes shot up and thought perhaps Syah Ibrahim was returning as I had expected him to. But as I listened to Warna‘s “Ding & Dong” segment last Sunday, when they said it was their last show together, I can’t help but think that the one who is making a comeback is none other than RZ.

Besides hearing persisting rumours of him returning, I think if he does, it will be a justified return cos I wasn’t pleased when he left for Warna back in 2002 (please correct me on the year if I’m wrong). Besides being one of the best deejays with his selection of songs, wacky style and always fresh with his presentation and approach, he is also one of the nicest people around even if at times, his words and honesty can draw one’s blood. I know cos he was one of my mentors when I did my internship at radio back in 1998. If he really does return, I wouldn’t mind swopping back to listening to RIA from Class 95. However deep down, I still hold on to this slim hope of having Syah back…


Been scouring through the cyberspace and I stumbled upon an online petition against Siti Nurhaliza‘s marriage to Datuk Khalid. I was wondering, is it really worth it to create such a thing??? No matter how many thousands or millions who are willing to sign it, the girl has set her heart, mind and soul on it. There’s no turning back, it’s full steam ahead. It’s just something which I regard as useless even if I too would like to sign it myself. It’s absolutely pointless, simple as that…

Some of you have asked whether I’ll be going to the wedding event of the year. If going means having to camp outside KLCC to get the best spots, braving under the hot sun or rain depending on the weather and missing my obligatory responsibilities to HIM just to see the horse-drawn carriage for a few seconds, then all I can say is thank you very much but no thanks. I just don’t understand how one can stand doing something like that without getting any substantial returns. This is also one of the reasons why I get turned off from joining competitions like Singapore Idol, Anugerah etc. I’d rather receive an invitation card. At least, I wouldn’t have to go through all the hassle and jostling with the thousands who are expected to throng the KLCC vicinity. Good luck to the workers there!!!


Quite a few had also expected me to attend the event I promoted in my last entry which was the launch of Hafeez Glamour‘s Book Club. Besides having weddings to attend that day, I was also not in favour of the time as it coincided with my weekly dosage of street soccer activity with my neighbourhood friends. Those who know me, know damn well how much I put football above anything else, bar any unwanted emergencies. Coupled with the fact that finances for the month were running low (there’s a reason for that which I hope to share in the weeks to come) and controlling my diet (I’ve started my fitness regime again after a 7 months layoff that resulted in me ballooning up 10kg since the wedding), it was something I had to let go even if deep down I regretted not being there to support an old friend.

I was slated to be one of the judges for the Karaoke Idol contest had I attended the event. On hindsight, perhaps it was a blessing in disguise that I wasn’t in attendance as I would have earned the ire of the audience with my straightforward and honest comments, a sizeable percentage coming from those who have always been on my back and finding ways to get back at me. They know damn well who they are if they are reading this. But there’s been peace on the airwaves for the past few months and I intend to keep it that way, provided no one starts off again.


Speaking of weddings, I’ve been getting lots of invitations to attend them since I got married. I’m always in a dilemma whenever a friend, most of the time not a close one, invites me to his / her relative’s wedding. More often than not, I do not know the newly-weds, what more the family. Most of the time I end up not going as I do not feel comfortable being in uncharted territory. I wouldn’t mind going if the friend’s son or daughter got married or if the friend is someone I regard as somebody close.

Especially if the invitation was sent via sms, you can bet I’ll end up not going as I feel that it’s kinda insincere and not fair to the organisers who had paid for the food to be served to a certain number amount of heads slated to come. What if there was an influx of guests and the food runs out??? Wouldn’t that bring shame to the organisers??? I’ve seen and heard of such things happening before. Sometimes I end up getting as many as 5-6 invitations in a day, of which I had to weigh the importance and the factors that make me have to do away with some of them. Distance can also be another factor. Maybe it’s because I do not have a car at the moment, so to zip around the island from one invitation to another is a hassle, what with the wife in her current state.

I’m sure some of you too end up in the same predicament as I do. Sometimes even the people you are close to, you end up not answering to their invitation. But I’m not that heartless. Whoever I am close to, I always make it a point to attend the events they have invited me for. For those who are not, I have to see what are the factors that could sway me into going and staying put at home or make other plans.

Hope it’s not too late to congratulate one of our famous bloggers, sis Mahdrina on getting betrothed to her husband Rusdiman Salhan last weekend. The wedding was a simple yet elegant affair, perhaps spoilt only by the weather. But on the contrary, rain is a sign of sustenance so we can all hope that the union would bring them loads of it in times to come, God willing. The bride was gorgeous and the husband was equally ravishing, well I gotta admit he looks a hundred times better than Oliver Kahn or the German football team put together. Hahahah, it’s one of the jokes I like to pull on sis Mahd who is crazy about the German football team. Good luck to them on their journey ahead and welcome to the marriage club!!!


The annual Fireworks Festival is back!!! You can be sure this sucker for fireworks will be there diligently from tonight till next Saturday night to enjoy the pyrotechnics in store for 4 nights, just like last year. Old habits die hard I tell you…

Right, that’s all for now… Am running out of things to say. Till then, have a great weekend and week ahead!!! Happy National Day people!!!

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

4 thoughts on “RZ Returning???”

  1. did you go to the fireworks? I DID!!! where were you?

    and thanks for the well-wishes and definitely thank you for coming 🙂

  2. yo bro!

    miss ya at mahd’s wedding. and thx for the update – more reasons for me to tune back to RIA now that RZ is making a comeback.

    till then regards to the wife and take care!

  3. I went to see the fireworks too last Sat and will be going again tomoro!! Simply awesome seeing those fireworks ya!!

    Thanks for the info on RZ coming back to RIA.. I definitely looking forward to it!

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