Unpleasant Encounters…

And so, the annual Singapore Fireworks Festival have come and gone in a week full of national celebrations everywhere in the country. Last Saturday saw a record crowd never seen before on the three previous nights the fireworks were on show. The Marina Promenade, Esplanade, Padang, City Hall and Fullerton areas were jammed-packed with people that it was difficult to move around, especially those with toddlers and strollers. The crowd was amazingly high to the point the police had to cordon the traffic light areas and taping the road divider to prevent people from crossing over to the One Fullerton building. The wife had been my loyal company throughout the first 3 nights but she succumbed to the strain of walking long distances by the third night. So I was alone (or so I thought) on the final night.

It was great that I bumped into three of my neighbourhood football mates as I was making my way to the One Fullerton building via the underground walkway from Fullerton Hotel. We managed to pick a good spot, directly facing where the fireworks were fired off. Once the display ended, we quickly made our way to the main road. There, we noticed people climbing down from the shelter of the walkway at One Fullerton building. Well they certainly had a good view, not to mention enjoying a bit more space and air than those on the ground. It was then something bad nearly happened to me.

Out of admiration at watching these people get down from the shelter, I exclaimed loudly to my friends, “Fuyooo real lah!!!“. Little did I realise that the guy in front of me who had just helped his girlfriend down from the shelter, turned around and stopped me from going further. With a menacing look on his face he asked, “Apa yang real???” I was taken aback by this gesture, but I knew this was a guy you wouldn’t want to mess around with, what with the studs on his face and the reeking smell of alcohol coming from his mouth. I just replied, “Takde… Orang turun dari atas… as I beckoned towards the people still climbing down from the shelter. I wasn’t sure if he was satisfied with my answer but he let me go when he heard that.

My mates were just too shocked to do or say anything, maybe it was because they too didn’t want to create trouble and subject themselves to shame from the onlooking crowd. We were quite pissed off about it as it soured our night somewhat. I could have been rude and just brushed him away but I didn’t want the next day’s papers to headline Fight After Fireworks” or something along that line. For all I know, his gang could be lying in wait somewhere and cause trouble at the slightest opportunity. When faced with these kind of society thrash, you just gotta remain cool, remain polite and not to raise your voice back. But it did make me wonder what is happening to our future generation, what with the piercings, tattoos and what-nots that they have on themselves, not to mention their so-called gung-ho but ****ed-up attitudes. It’s because of society thrash like this guy that is giving us all a bad name and the endless stereotyping against our community. They need to get knocked in the head for them to come to their senses.


Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend a carnival celebrating the laying of foundation for the building of the new mosque at the estate of Sengkang. Curious to know how the design of the mosque would be like, I went down to see what’s the hype all about. There were exhibits on display, floor plans and artists’ impressions showcasing how the mosque would look like once it is ready. Visitors were also able to comment and give feedbacks on how the design could be improved on and what should be added on or done without via sticky notes pasted on notice boards next to the exhibits. Reading through the comments, I was initially amused by the complaints being made. Amused turned into anger after some time as I felt that some of the comments were not substantial and thought of in a bigger perspective. Comments like “the design is too modernised“, “lacking in Islamic architecture” and “not reflecting of a progressive society” were just a few that I can remember and quote.

First and foremost, these people should be thankful that finally a mosque is being built in their neighbourhood when all these while, they had to travel all the way to neighbouring mosques in Hougang (En-Naeem Mosque), Serangoon North (Al-Istiqamah Mosque), Ang Mo Kio (Al-Muttaqin Mosque) and Upper Serangoon (Haji Yusoff Mosque). Secondly, does having a dome and minaret by any means make a mosque complete??? Mosques in some countries do not have domes and minarets as far as I know. Even during the time of Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him and his family & friends), I doubt the mosques were built with domes and minarets to indicate that the place was a mosque. Even the majestic Masjid Nabawi in Madinah was nothing more than just a humble room when it was first erected.

I can understand that a dome and minaret represent a mosque and a symbol of a place of worship different from that of a church, chapel, cathedral, temple and synagogue. But times have changed. Even a Sikh temple has domes. So what am I blabbering about??? My point is, no matter how modern a mosque looks like be it resembling a shopping complex (from the observations of a few of those who commented) or a community centre (the new Sengkang mosque has an Alfresco-like compound area resembling one), without having domes and minarets, its main functions are for Muslims to congregate and perform our responsibilities there as well as being an institution for us to be better Muslims and non-Muslims to learn more on what Islam represents for.

Architectural factors are just cosmetics. Like how we are in the eyes of God, it doesn’t matter what status we hold, how beautiful physically we are from another person or how educated we are, the most important thing is what is functioning on the insides, whether it is pristine, pure and sincere towards earning His blessings and place in Paradise in the Hereafter. So to say, we are not progressing as a society just because the designs are modernised like the As-Syafaah Mosque in Sembawang, is totally uncalled for. I suspect the comments were made by conservatives and traditionalists from the older generation. Hey, I’m a traditionalist myself, but at least I’m not that cooped up in my way of thinking.

At the carnival itself, there were game competitions like “5-a-side Football” and “Captain’s Ball” for the males and females respectively. I was kinda peeved when I saw the majority of the female contestants taking part were wearing shorts instead of track pants. Where is the respect and dignity shown at a mosque-held event??? Was there a miscommunication somewhere or wasn’t there any common sense being shown by any of the female participants who by the way look like they are in the 13-30 age group??? I’m surprised the organisers still went ahead with the competition.


I’ve been a silent observer of Singapore Idol to date. I think after what happened tonight when Mathilda got kicked out, I guess I should start lambasting the senseless and immature voters. For me, the bottom 3 tonight were deserving of being in the top 3 of the competition. People like Joakim, Jasmine and Paul are turning out to be the Jerry Ong, Daphne Khoo and Christopher from the first season, in that they can’t sing well but still having a large fanbase to keep them alive week after week. I thought that after the first season, people would more or less wisen up and vote for those who can sing and those who can’t. But again, the stupid youngsters who voted for these 3 are ruining the competition. As it is, I won’t be surprised that those who had been voting for those with talent (read Jay & now Mathilda) would now switch camps to those who can sing (Hady, Jonathan and Nurul). Speaking of Nurul, is it just me or is she getting cuter as the weeks progress??? LOL… Did not expect her to live just across the road from me after seeing that episode where she said her favourite hangout was.


As I had pointed out in one of my previous entries, I seem to be getting a lot of visitors to this humble abode of mine. But I am quite disappointed that many chose to just come in, read and go without leaving any comments and feedbacks for me to improve or learn from different perspectives and ideas. Cos really, my words, comments, opinions and observations are strictly my own and not the be-all and end-all. I’m sure some of you reading it will disagree on certain issues. For that, I’m encouraging you to have a healthy debate and sharing of opinions as this blog is meant for the proliferation of ideas to be shared amongst us. It would also be nice for me to know who are my visitors, no matter from where you read my thoughts across the globe. It’s ok if you choose to remain anonymous, so long as your comments are not inflammatory and vulgar. So what are you waiting for??? 🙂


A few more days to go and that thing is within grabs… What is it??? Watch this space!!!

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

4 thoughts on “Unpleasant Encounters…”

  1. actually, makcik pun nak jadi silent reader..takmo org boring bila makcik asik komen dan membebel pjg lebar. but cant help it ar. why u talked abt tattoss arr? lol!! k shhhhh!!

    eh ada bdk tattoo baik u.. awchhhh. hahahhaha! k im smiling now. im thinking abt some1 who has tattoos. dah lupa apa me nak komen. lain kali je la yer.. slamat malam pakcik dan makcik.

  2. Memanglah ada budak yang bertatu tu baik pasal dia dah kembali ke pangkal jalan. I was referring to those yang masih nak hooray2 dan malukan masyarakat dengan perangai diorang yang tak senonoh tu.

    I pun ada kawan-kawan yang bertatu jugak. Tapi Alhamdulillah semua dah insaf. Tinggal nak buang je. Harap2 yang masih lum insaf tu dapatlah taufik & hidayah dari-Nya…

  3. Salam buat pujangga malam. I baru jugak mula baca blog u whick I find quite interesting. Ntah mcm mana boleh tersasar terjumpa blog u. Slalu dgr suara u je kat radio, skrang dapat pulak baca luahan dari lubuk hati insan yg bergelar pujangga malam. Keep it up…

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