Getting My Car…

Nothing noteworthy or events of a memorable nature to highlight of late. That’s the reason why this blog has been quiet. Even if there was something to highlight, I’d rather not make it sound as big as it’s worth. I did mention about a gift I got a few weeks ago. Yes, finally the wife and I have bought a car to ease our daily movement, especially over the weekends. At the stage of pregnancy she is in, it made a lot of sense to get a car of our own so that her pain and strains could be lessened. Nothing to brag about buying a car really, cos almost everyone I know can afford to have one. We’re just joining the club. Ironically I got the car, a red Nissan Latio, right after attending my colleague’s funeral. So you can imagine what a bittersweet weekend it was.

Ever since I’ve got the car, I’ve inherited my father’s trait in maintaining cleanliness and care for the car. Previously, I could not understand why he was so naggy when I drove his car, telling me to be careful, to prevent the car from being scratched or damaged in any way possible. After I got the car, I understood the meaning behind those naggings in that I had spent quite a fortune on it, so it would not make sense if I don’t value something which is expensive. I’ve become quite obsessed to the point I check for scratches or bird droppings on it everytime I return to the car. Weekends are also spent on washing and cleaning it. I believe a clean car reflects its owner’s attitude towards maintaining its outlook. Just hope the novelty doesn’t wear off in a few months’ time…


I just completed my Remedial Training at Bedok Camp last Monday. 20 sessions went by just like that in two months. Compared to last year, this year’s training was fun. Fun because we got to play football half the time. And the bond we made amongst the trainees and trainers was good. The only downside was the Saturday evenings which were wasted and a few events I had planned to attend had to be scrapped from my schedule. But just as I was about to enjoy my weekends, I was called to serve the nation for the upcoming International Monetary Fund / World Bank meeting which will begin next week and eat up my weekends. By the time it ends and I want to enjoy my long-awaited freedom, the fasting month begins. And I can’t even attend the “Rentak Singapura” event. Bummer… The only good thing I can get out of all these is that I save my money on food as it’s catered.


Some of you might have listened to RIA earlier today and heard yours truly entering the “Step” segment whereby the theme for this week is rap / hip hop music. To tell you the truth, I was very much against entering as I had just won less than a month ago when I sang Imran Ajmain‘s “Sudah Tu Sudah” and “Ghaibmu“. But the segment did not get good response initially from the listeners, which made me enter and support Hafeez, just to fill up the numbers. I really did not enter to win as what some of you might have heard. It wasn’t my best performance, I’ll be the first to admit, since I just woke up anyway and my voice have not been seasoned.

I can’t blame other listeners if they had sms-ed and voiced their unhappiness at my participation. I had told Hafeez about it even before I went on air. Cause really, I have nothing else to prove after winning countless times. I was there to support his show and hoped others would follow suit. So you can say, my presence was just there as a filler, a bit like some of the earlier contestants in the Top 80 of the current Singapore Idol competition, who I heard were paid to fill up the numbers and cause a bit of controversy to the show. Dunno how true is that but that was what I heard…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

One thought on “Getting My Car…”

  1. lol. shida is at my house rite now.ngah tunggu dia bangun so that she can tell me the rite color. (i hoped i was looking at the rite latio car on kalau betol la color red yg me nampak tu, mmg cantik. i likeeee!

    btw, LOL. talking abt scratches etc etc, shida dah buat ‘tattoos’ kat depan and belakang kereta dia.. calar2 pasal dia ada masalah time parking. (she needs help actually) bhahaha.

    apapun2, kereta anda telah menarik perhatian dia di tahap maksima.. maybe skarang pun dia sdg mimpikan ur car.. LOL LOL LOL!!

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