2 Weeks of Raya…

Suria Raya Live was a success in my opinion as compared to the Suria Raya Karnival. I was actually heartened to see “forgotten” stars like Rudy Djoharnaen and Hariani Hassan Bakri performing. I just feel that their talents are wasted even after winning the top 3 spots in Anugerah a few years ago. If one can judge their potential, one would realise that they can sing tradtional songs effortlessly and in our industry, those that can sing traditional songs can more or less make that transition towards other genres smoothly. Which is why I am amazed how come these two raw diamonds are not being polished enough and marketed as singing talents we can be proud of. If one wants to talk about physical package, I think Hariani has done enough to shed her weight. She’s an immaculate beauty now if you ask me.

It was also heartening (more like “Finally!!!“) to see Imran Ajmain debuting his next single “Seribu Tahun” on that night. I had heard the song back in February during the Hi-Tea With Hazami and I fell in love with it the moment I heard it. I was surprised it wasn’t pushed much earlier on radio cos personally this song is better than “Ghaibmu” but I guess the man himself has his reasons to push whichever song he feels could be a killer. 2006 has been good for him, long may it continue.

Like the opening of the Suria Raya Karnival, Rima Melati showed that she can carry a tune even if she does not have any albums to show for nor entered any singing competitions prior to this. I think for a newbie, she has that package if anyone is interested to market her as a singer next. Norfasarie also caught my ears as I feel she has improved tremendously over the years. I wasn’t that impressed when I saw her at the Anugerah Planet Muzik 2003 in Kuala Lumpur. But 3 years down the road, she has shown her potential really well.

After all the accolades, I’m sure you would want to hear the negatives. Well for starters, having Jaclyn Victor and Marcell added variety to an all-star cast. But I felt even without their presence, our own artistes could hold the show on their own. Over the past 5 years, we have seen new talents spring out like mushrooms. We are not short and in dearth of genuinely talented people. It’s up to us to support them and make them show their mettle in times like these. It’s a free concert anyway and we all know free concerts are what Singaporeans love.

Eka Mairina for all her excellent vocals singing pop and R&B, can’t sing traditional songs. I’ve noticed this for quite some time but it was so apparent during the Suria Raya Live show. Is this an attribute of an Anugerah winner??? Even if they had mimed and lip-synched, it still did not masked the fact that she cannot sing the traditional tunes as how it should be done. I know certain songs were mimed, which did not do some of these brilliant vocalists justice. But I guess people didn’t care as it was Hari Raya.

I didn’t mind the organisers adding the Flying Dutchman, Rod Monteiro and Patricia Mok as one of the guest celebrities for the show. They added colour and humour. But I wonder if Channel 5 or Channel 8 would want to call up anyone of our Suria stars to add colour to their shows. President’s Star Charity is not counted as it should be participated by all artistes from the Mediacorp channels.


For those of you who religiously read the Sports / Football pages of The New Paper, you would have seen a familiar name contributing his opinions on footballing matters with regards to the English Premier League and European Champions League for the past 3 months or so. Football being my first love before music, I find it natural to speak about the goings-on in arguably the most-watched football league around the world. What’s more, contributers and opiniators are enticed to give their thoughts and be rewarded with weekly / monthly prizes for being the best writer of the week / month.

I told the Editor I did not want to be in the running for any of the prizes as I wrote (or typed) for the love of football. So long as my views are published from time to time (not every week as the editor is being fair to other contributors by publishing theirs), I take that as a win for me already. It gives me the impetus to write more creatively, think and analyse the footballing world from different perspectives and angles even more.


It’s been 2 weeks of feasting and gaining back the lost kilos during the fasting month. Sinful I know, but I’ve been trying to minimise it by continuing visiting the gym and working out to burn them off. How not to gain them back??? I had initially contemplated on fasting the 6 optional days in Syawal, but I would come across as rude if I had gone out visiting, knowing fully well that the hosts would serve me food and drinks and I would not touch them till dusk beckoned. And I wouldn’t come across as being respectful if I did not eat or drink what’s being offered. So I am at a lost-lost situation but I can adapt knowing fully well that it’s just these 2-3 weeks and then my tummy gets a rest.

Thank you to sis Nura J and her in-laws for inviting us over the other day. The hospitality has always been tip-top whenever they received us, not to mention the sumptuous meal whipped up by her mother-in-law. I swear by her cooking ever since she made us Roti John when we visited Nura after giving birth to Nyla last year, the brilliant Nasi Padang at Nyla‘s first birthday party and the latest, the Nasi Lemak. If she ever ventures into the food business, I’ll be her regular customer and I won’t accept any discounts nor favours cos quality should always be rewarded…

The wife’s side is more or less completed as most are based in Jurong and Choa Chu Kang which we had completed on the 2nd day. Best is always to start early, say about 11 plus in the morning. We can get at least 7-8 houses at the end of the day, even though the target is 10. Other than the food, the company has been great. The wife’s side have welcomed me warmly into the family even though I last saw them on our wedding day.

I had initially aimed at finally realising this year’s aim of visiting my direct relatives from my paternal side, cos really, with my dad’s 16 other siblings plus God-knows-how-many-cousins I have, I have never completed going to everyone’s home every year and I always feel bad about it. Now that I’m on my own and have my own car to zip around, there is no excuse for me not to visit them cos we only meet up like once every few months when we have family gatherings. And so far I’ve completed about half of them. The other half are staggered as they are doing open houses on subsequent weekends. However, something happened which put paid to my aims so I guess that has to wait till… errrrr… Next year???


Ok I know you wanna know what happened, right??? The wife had a fall in the toilet last Tuesday night. She broke her fall by stopping herself from crashing down hard on the floor with her hands. I did not want to take chances so I sent her to the gynae the following day. Tests showed she suffered four contractions in the space of 10 minutes and her cervix had dilated about 1cm. The gynae said if nothing was done, she could give birth anytime now, which of course is very much premature, given that she’s only 33 weeks into her pregnancy. The gynae administered jabs and applied some ointment to prevent her from suffering more contractions and slow down the delivery process. Target is now end of the month or 1st December. The wife is now on a month’s hospitalisation leave.

Kinda surreal all these things coming in just a year as I was still single at this time last year but I’m all ready to face new challenges in life and of course God’s gift to us. The fall the wife had could be a blessing in disguise as I felt she would have slogged at work till she delivered if nothing had happened to her. She’s overworked and I always pity her for being exhausted whenever I fetch her home. Now that she’s resting at home, my mind’s at ease cos at least she’s in good hands with my in-laws around. And since she can’t travel so much, the Hari Raya visiting has to be put on hold. Maybe if she were to go visiting, it will be those who live nearby. But I’ll try to answer any invites and go alone so as not to disappoint the people who had invited us to come, especially family members.

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

3 thoughts on “2 Weeks of Raya…”

  1. Best Aidilfitri tidings to you and your beloved from me and my beloved.


    Sorry to have read about your wife’s little mishap but I do wholly second your opnion that it is a blessing in disguise as she is now resting and preparing for the arrival of your FIRST OFFSPRING!! insyaAllah..it will all go well despite this little bump on the road.

    fret not, my articulate friend. 🙂

    once again, selamat hari raya (i noe very lambat but ikhlas) and maaf jika tersalah cakap, tulis, blog or anything lah that might have come across to u from me and ruffled ur feathers.

    take care now.

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