Interesting Findings…

What do the following phrases – “nurse Aida practice test“, “Linda Onn buat hal di L.A.“, “Nirina Zubir picture“, “Anugerah 2005 Fuad pic“, “lagu Angguk-Angguk“, “DJ KC Multiply wedding“, “Singapore’s Adrian Lim murder” and “my fiance Nizam” amongst others – have in common??? Well if you would like to know, these phrases have been typed in popular search engines like Google and MSN and the results have all been linked to this humble abode of mine.

These were my discoveries when I did my random checks on my Sitemeter reports. Funny how come the results should lead to my blog as I do not recall typing some of those phrases before. But amongst all the phrases, the one that topped it all was “way to express love for god by psyching up pious feeling“. Deep huh??? And certainly something I dare say I’ve never even thought about typing them out. You can just imagine my amazement when I saw that…

Anyway, here I am again, back with another entry after weeks of being too lazy to type anything. I apologise if you’ve clicked on my link only to find that I’ve not updated. My life is not as colourful as others. What do you expect when one’s daily routine means going to work, going to the gym at lunchtime, rush home to be with my baby daughter and entertaining her till she sleeps at 10 plus??? Weekends are the only times I can expect something out of the ordinary…


On 9th March 2007, Aida and I attended the Mosaic Music Festival at the Esplanade. We seldom watch shows there but everytime we go, we always felt contented with what was presented. That night was no different. I actually thought of giving it a miss when I knew Dina, the first Malaysian Idol season’s runner-up was performing. But when I got to know my fave local singer Imran Ajmain was performing, alongside Malaysian acapella group Siarra and Urban Method, another Malaysian group that plays urban beats, I wasted no time in planning the night with the wife.

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Tofu performing with the Singapore skyline in the background. Picturesque prop if you were to ask me…

We had conflicting information on the timing of the show. Some put it at 9pm, while others put it at 10pm. So to avoid missing out, we reached the place at 9pm only to find out that Tofu, the Indonesian group famous for their hit “Cinta Semu“, was performing at another amphitheatre and the ones that we had come to see were on at 10pm. We sat for awhile and I kinda liked their vocals and showmanship as they whipped the crowd into tapping their feet and clapping their hands. We had to leave halfway as the wife was complaining of hunger. So we went to the nearby “2 Hot Halal Cafe” to have dinner.

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The Kampung Satay

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Aida had these…

The food that we ordered (Marsala Fish & Chips for her, Grilled Chicken Sandwich for me and Kampung Satay which we shared) was above average. While the fish and chips were spicy and the sandwich tasted dry and bland, the satay was excellent. It was well done, tasty and succulent. God! I’m drooling just thinking about it. The only downside was that the gravy was not as nutty as it should be. Other than that, I strongly recommend this dish if you guys wanna eat at this place or its other outlets.

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While I ate this…

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Siarra captivating the audience with their harmony…

Siarra kicked off the show that we came to watch. It was held at the Nokia Power Station, an outdoor stage and open air space for revellers. Quite a decent bunch of guys who I understand are proteges of Ferhad, the singer most Malay listeners love to despise for the way he sings and prance about on stage. Not me though. I have the utmost respect for his style of performing and his vocal prowess. I guess I was one of a handful of people cheering for him, when others booed during APM 2004 where he won awards over crowd favourite Hazrul Nizam.

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Urban Method singing Montell Jordan‘s “This Is How We Do It“…

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The Finale – The performers singing “Where Is The Love?

Sleeq (Imran‘s proteges) came on and whipped the crowd, who were made up of mostly youngsters loving hip-hop, with two numbers. Imran then came on and sang Compromise and Taurus (Penawar Rindu). I thought of leaving once he had gone off stage but somehow I stayed on and watched Urban Method and Dina. I gotta admit I’m impressed with Dina. Throw away talk of her weight aside, she’s one hell of a singer. The high notes that she reached made me have goosebumps and when that happens, it means that singer has won me over. What made me stayed on too was the incessant number of hip-hop songs being performed, which if you all know me by now, is what I dig. I felt as though I was at the club as I bopped my head to the beats and even did a few jigs, much to the wife’s embarrassment. Hahahah…

The reason why I believe in this guy’s talents… Only realised I had not recorded till the song was almost halfway through… Hahahahaha…

The people controlling the panels spoilt this performance by playing around with the keys throughout, resulting in Imran and Sleeq‘s apparent confusion in singing the song in different keys. But they didn’t show their frustrations, being the professionals that they are…


The next day, we went to the I.T. Show at Suntec City Convention Hall. As usual, the crowd reached dizzying heights. I was only there for one thing – Playstation 3!!! Luckily the booths that Sony, its makers, put up were on Level 3 and not at 6 where the main event was. I was so tempted to buy there and then but the wife stopped me for the fact that the price might go down if I were to wait further and since she wants to get it for me for my birthday, which of course is a very long way away. Coupled with the fact that there were so few games in the market, I told myself to be more patient. But boy, was it so tempting??? Check out the clips and you’ll know what I mean. The graphics are just astounding and spell-binding. It’s like you’re immersed in the real thing…

Ridge Racer 7: Check out the background graphics. I just love the way they made the icy mountains look so real…

Resistance: Fall Of Man… Another one to savour…


That night, we went to the Euro Fun Fair at Hougang Central with my in-laws and niece. It has been there since Chinese New Year and I thought of sampling the rides before their stint ended. But I was appalled at the price we had to pay for the rides. Already the admission fee was $2 and to get on the rides, one has to pay by tokens. I thought 1 token was equivalent to $1 but it was actually $2.50!!! Most of the rides had a minimum entry of 2 tokens and that’s $5 already. For the challenging ones that throw you up in the air and leave you hanging for dear life, it’s about 3-4 tokens each. Disgusting way of making money. Coupled with the fact that yours truly is afraid of heights even though he had visions of flying like Superman when he was a kid, it all adds up to it being not a worthwhile experience. Only my niece played on the Carousel and another ride that went round and round. I was only interested in going to the Pasar Malam next to it and getting kebabs for dinner.


The stomach flu I had a few weeks ago when I did my last entry was worse than I expected. I ended up being sick for the whole week and had diarrhoea for three straight days after that. Worse, the wife got it from me a week after I had recovered, and some people I know also suffered the same thing. I think there is an airborne virus making its round, so I hope you guys would look after yourselves and be vigilant with what you eat daily.

When I was sick during that whole week, thoughts of Death crept into my mind quite a lot. Like how it can take us away in the prime of our life, like how it can greet us just around the corner when we least expect it. I lost an ex-colleague a few weeks ago and to think I met him after Friday prayers 3 days before he passed on. He was only 39 and he certainly did not look as though he was sick. I wonder if I am ready to meet my Maker just yet. I know for one that I am not ready, knowing how much sins I’ve accumulated over the years.

News reports of those in their 20s dying in motorcycle accidents of late have also made me thought about Death a lot. Add on to the fact that RIA is airing Ungu‘s “Andai Ku Tahu” every day only adds on to all the soul-searching. There’re just so many things in this world that we try to chase and achieve but at the same time we neglect our responsibilities to HIM. And when our time comes, are we proud to face HIM with what little things we have done in this world??? I am afraid, afraid that my repentance will not be accepted, that my deeds are rejected, that my prayers are unanswered. Does anyone out there share my sentiments, or am I just being paranoid???


Ok I seem to talk a lot about my life, whereas some of my blog mates keep talking about their newborns in almost every entry. It’s not that I am not proud to talk about my daughter, but more often than not, whatever she experienced have all been experienced by other babies. The life cycle is more or less the same everywhere, just that the difference is how fast or slow each baby progresses.

Well, for a three and a half months old baby, in terms of growth, she’s still quite small compared to her peers who are weighing around 6-7kg. Last time we weighed her, she was slightly above 5kg. So long as she is healthy, we have no complaints. Her neck muscles are strong enough to lift her head up ever since she was a month old. She’s now learning to turn over and when we lie her on her tummy, she’s strong enough to lift up her head and stretch her arms.

I’m also amazed that she wants to talk to us all the time. She’ll always respond when we talk to her and the whole house would be reverberated with her high-pitched voice. Just love the way she smiles, laughs and try to speak. Here, I’ve included a clip of her with her very first word. Do look out for it at 00:49… 🙂

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