I’m A “Singapore Stalker”???

Ok, ok I need to sidetrack for a bit. The APM2007 review is currently underway in case you all think I’m procrastinating again. It should be out perhaps by the end of the week or just before they air a repeat telecast of the show on Suria. Heard that there’s a 4-page review of the event in today’s The New Paper. Wonder what they have to say. They normally don’t give such extensive coverage, 3 pages at the most.

I saw something today while bloghopping that made me sit up and almost made my eyes popped out when I saw this line over at SM‘s latest entry (12 June 2007):

*quote* “17. No post party. Balik hotel salin baju dan keluar jalan-jalan survey harga. Mujur tak jumpa Singapore Stalker ! hahaha.” *unquote*

For those who know me, especially Singaporean readers, you guys will definitely disagree with the notion. At first I was also taken aback for the fact that I’ve never stalked someone before in my life. Ok I’m lying, I did stalk a few beautiful gals before but that was way back in school i.e. donkey years ago. I’ve since retired from that scene when I hooked up with my wife. 

I’ve never met him before in my life though I had told him online in the past, that it would be nice to get to know him or meet him whenever he comes to Singapore, since he is afterall a very respected blogger in the Malaysian blogging scene. And I certainly have high regards for his postings as he is much attuned to the music scene over there.

No, I’m writing this not to vent my frustrations but to thank SM for the free promotion to my blog. I know he was just joking when he said that. A naughty reference to his real-life stalker nonetheless. My blog stats indicated a jump in visitorship just from his blog today and there could be more. So in case you, my fellow readers felt a bit taken aback, just so you know, he meant it in jest. I’m not angry, and neither should you be…

As for Malaysian readers who read my blog via SM‘s link, welcome aboard!!!