Union of Hearts & New Arrivals…

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As we all know, June and December are unofficially wedding months in our annual calendar. These two hot months are favourites amongst couples to get hitched as it is the school holidays and many people are bound to apply for leave. These past few weeks have been no different as we answered invitations after invitations. The good thing was that we only had one to go every week as compared to last December where we had up to four invites on one single weekend!!!

Rozhan Nikah

Sophian Nikah

Notice the tensed look on both grooms’ faces (Rozhan top and Sophian above)??? I always wonder why guys in general are kinda afraid / tensed / stressed during the ceremony. I adopted the “I-was-born-to-perform-on-the-big-stage” attitude. That’s why I was kinda relaxed during my own ceremony… 🙂

Two of my childhood friends, Rozhan and Dr. Sophian Hadi recently got married on 7th and 23rd June respectively to Nurul Fadlun and Dr. Shahidah. Both guys are like brothers to me already, Rozhan being my ex-neighbour for almost 20 years and Dr. Sophian being my best friend in primary school. Each wedding was special in its own rights with the marriage solemnisation ceremonies done at An-Nahdhah Mosque (Rozhan) and the community centre (Sophian), where the bride’s family (Shahidah) held the event. The wedding cars were also kinda posh with Rozhan & Fadlun driven in a Dodge car and Sophian himself at the wheels of the black Mazda RX8.


That cheeky smile says it all… He’s damn happy alright, and who can blame him???


Relief and contentment etched on the faces of Sophian and Shahidah

The only difference was Sophian & Shahidah held an additional dinner for family, close friends, fellow colleagues in the medical fraternity and former schoolmates at the Grand Ballroom of Orchid Country Club. In the past, I had envisioned my wedding dinner to be held there but I scrapped the idea as it was too expensive. It would have been fun to replicate the mini-concert I did during my wedding dinner at such a posh place as the ballroom and I could have invited more people as well. There were various shortcomings at the wedding dinner which I won’t elaborate further, but I almost left the event out of sheer frustration, even before it started. Anyway, here’s wishing the newly-weds a smooth journey ahead as they embark on a new expedition together.


P.S. Lest I forget, congratulations are in order for another childhood friend, Ma’aruf (Ayub) who got hitched to Fazilah on the 16th of June 2007.


Of course when you have weddings and union of hearts, somewhere down the road, you’ll also usher the arrival of newborns and share the joy of the new parents. Likewise, I have a few friends who became first-time parents or received an addition to their brood over the past three months. Apologies for not congratulating you guys earlier and being so belated with the well-wishes. Here are the list of people I would like to congratulate:

1) Ilhami & Marlia on the birth of Muhammad Afiq Hakim on 1st April 2007

2) Norazlin & Yusri on the birth of Mohd Izz Dany on 4th April 2007

3) Hartini & Indra Putra on the birth of Irfan Harith on 10th April 2007

4) Muhamad Nizam & Ian Farah on the birth of Ian Qalysha on 11th April 2007

5) Siti Haiza & Norhidayat on the birth of Hermie Aldrin on 26th May 2007

6) Sabrina & Amran on the birth of Arfan Shafiq on 7th June 2007

7) Md Ronzie & Norhafizah on the birth of Afiqah Insyirah on 25th June 2007

8 ) Muhammad Azhar & Farhana on the birth of Nur Aiman on 26th June 2007

That’s quite a list isn’t it??? But all in all, we’re happy to note that the population of Muhammad‘s (Peace Be Upon Him) followers have increased and may these bundles of joy grow up to be a source of pride for family, society and religion. Amin!!!


Speaking of new arrivals, Aida and I also ushered in a “new arrival” into our lives. It’s just a 10-minutes drive from my parents’ home, where we are based. Being movie freaks, we try to catch a movie once every fortnight ever since the little one arrived. And since we hate going to Orchard area to watch movies because of the ERP and parking fees, we either commute to Tampines or Vivocity to catch the latest movies in town. Granted, Ang Mo Kio already has a cinema (Jubilee) but the selection and timing are sometimes limited. So without further ado, I present you the latest addition to the stable of cineplexes owned by Cathay Organisation:


The AMK Hub cinema owned by Cathay Organisation


They greeted us on the way to the cinema hall…

Being suckers for wanting to be one of the first, we went to watch Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer on the opening day of the cineplex (Saturday 16th June 2007). This cineplex at Ang Mo Kio (AMKHub houses eight cinema halls, offers luscious seats and spacious leg-room. With a giant screen and digital crystal clear surround sound system, we felt as though we were watching an IMAX movie . To top it off, the size of the theatres is small enough to make it look as personable as possible. Truly a great experience, especially the seats, which were oh-so-comfortable-one-could-fall-asleep-on-it. Aida would agree, since she fell asleep during the final battle scenes.


Not a bad movie, compact and straight to the point. A pity some people still slept through the show… 😛


The show to watch next…

The only downside to watching a movie here is the parking space. AMK Hub only has one level of parking lot. This place is forever crowded and teeming with people doing their shopping at NTUC Fairprice. Even when we watched the movie at 9:45pm and we reached the place at 9:20pm, we still had to wait 10 minutes to enter the carpark because it was full. So we’ve learnt our lesson. Never watch a movie there unless it’s after 9 plus or 11 at night or 11 in the morning. Unless of course if you are taking public transport, then it’s definitely fine.


Another new arrival: Prima Deli goes Halal!!!

I’m always elated when a food establishment announces that it has gained the Halal Certification from the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS). This widens the choice of places we can buy food anywhere we go and feel safe at the knowledge that what we eat is permissible, cos really I cringe when I see fellow Muslims buying at stalls that say “No Pork No Lard” or those that have no pork content in them (Fish & Co. & Sakae Sushi for example) but we still dunno how safe it is to eat them as they are not Halal Certified.

Prima Deli if I am not mistaken, started off as Wong’s Cake Shop in Toa Payoh Central. For older Toa Payoh natives like me, this cake shop was immensely popular for their delectable cakes and delicious pastries. The aroma of the cakes can be smelt from a distance away and I remember the shop being super cold. Why I said that this shop could have evolved into Prima Deli was because when it first opened in 1992, I was surprised to see the previous staff of Wong’s Cake Shop manning the counters of the Prima Deli outlet which had taken over the premises of the former shop. A check on the Net showed that the old shop was indeed incorporated into the franchising scheme by Prima Limited. No wonder when I went to the outlet at Great World City yesterday, I noticed the cakes still had similar designs to those from the old establishment and the familiar smell rekindled past memories to fill my thoughts as a child.

Nope, I have not tasted the cakes or pastries yet since I’m looking after my diet, but I will soon. What’s more, compared to the prices of the cakes and pastries from rival companies, I think it’s one of the cheapest around. Now I just need to taste them before I fully certify that they are worth buying and savouring for…


Another thing, have any of you noticed lately that the number of 7-11 outlets have increased over the past fortnight all over Singapore??? This is thanks to Shell‘s expanding of the 7-11 franchising. Previously we’ve seen Mobil collaborating with Cheers. There seems to be some kinda war going on between the petroleum companies and convenience stores. As the consumer, I’m not complaining. Just that I need to exercise a greater amount of discipline on myself as my greatest vice is the Giant Slurpee with the Coke flavour… 🙂


Syahindah: “Ayah… Look what Mummy Julie and Uncle Ezaad bought for me on their recent trip to Hong Kong!!!”

Me: “Yes darling, Winnie will be your best friend just like Willy is Mummy Nurul‘s best friend… Don’t forget to thank Mummy Julie and Uncle Ezaad…”

Syahindah: “Ok AyahMummy Julie and Uncle Ezaad, thank you very much for buying me Winnie. Love you!!!”


See how happy she looked about half an hour after she received her gift…

Syahindah: “Ayah… I think I want to work at a supermarket when I grow up…”

Ayah: “Why darling??? So you can give Ayah and Ibu discounts when we do our grocery shopping is it???”

Syahindah: “No… I just love the design of the uniforms… Hehehehe…”


Doesn’t this outfit look as though she’s an NTUC Fairprice staff???

Actually Aida and I want her to wear this when she grows up.


She seemed to love wearing it. Have to train her from young to love wearing it…

A lot of people who’ve known me close or long enough would easily spot the uncanny resemblance between me and my daughter, even if she has Aida‘s eyes and mouth. But for those who said she looks more like Aida, more often than not, they cited her fairness as the factor. Well the photograph below would prove the similarities between father and daughter.


I was very fair as a child, people called me a Korean kid. Even my two sisters are fair themselves. Why I’m tanned / darker is because of my constant playing of football. Maybe that’s why people thought Syahindah looks more like my wife. Father and daughter share the same cheeky smile. I think we’re gonna make a great team in future taking the mickey out of her mother… 🙂


Today 29th June 2007 is a special day for me and my family. The woman I love the most, more than my wife, my daughter, sisters, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and all the women in my life, celebrates her 54th birthday. May Allah grant her extra years, accept her prayers and deeds, and most importantly good health throughout her life. She’s the best mother one can ever get and I would not swap her with anyone else in the world. She is the woman I’ve loved from the time I saw the world till today. Happy Birthday Ibu… We love you very much and thank you for everything. Nothing we do can ever repay all the deeds and love you’ve showered upon us…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

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