Cease To Exist…

Ok, I guess the time is right and ripe to delete my Blogspot account, even though I said I was going to keep it for a few months for posterity sake. However, it seems when someone types my nick in the search engines, the first hit is always the old blog and you guys seemed to enter it first before coming here. The blog stats also showed a high number of traffic who entered this latest domain via the old one.

So to ease your burden and minimise unnecessary search hits in the engines, I’ve decided to pull the plug on that old account for good since this domain is here to stay after all.

And so at 9:20am yesterday, I said goodbye to the old blog for good. The Blogspot account will still register as one of the first hits, if not the first, in the search engines but I guess it’s only there for show. Click on it and you’ll be greeted by this:


Hopefully you guys who haven’t updated your links can do so now. Don’t say I didn’t remind you… 🙂