Is It A Sign???

Dad has been ill for quite some time now, ever since he was doing his Hajj as recently as seven months ago. We dunno what is actually wrong with him as all tests done on him have proved negative and that he is normal. He’s lost almost 10kg now as he cannot digest his food properly. The family is worried sick now with regards to his condition. He was warded for a night last Friday at Singapore General Hospital but again tests done on his blood sample and heart proved he is ok.

But something about him lately makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and my deepest fears were heightened yesterday when I helped him do the house chores. As I was busy adjusting the cushion covers, he said something cryptic which is still ringing in my ears till now:

“You’ve got to learn to be the man of the house quickly as I dunno how long I’m going to be…”

What he meant by “learn to be the man of the house” is doing all the repair work on the electrical stuff and other things associated with handy work at home. To him, if one can do that, then we don’t have to spend money calling the likes of electricians, plumbers etc to fix our stuff when they need to. I can do the little stuff like changing a light bulb, basic carpentry and repairing the sink but of course my level of expertise is unlike his, since after all, he was a technician by trade. After he said those words, he then showed me the main electrical power box and told me not to touch it as much as possible. My mind went blank went he showed me everything as his words kept hitting me hard.

Since then, my head has been in a spin and I can’t help but think if it’s a sign that we won’t have much time to spend together. I’m sure you guys know what I mean when somebody’s time is almost near and the little signs they show us. I hope I am wrong but the signs don’t look that good at the moment especially now that he has just been warded again today…