I Hate Women Drivers…!!!

Ok, I know I’m gonna sound like a “Male Chauvinistic Pig” with this posting but I think I’ve just had it with the fairer gender behind the steering wheels. I make no apologies to my gal friends and females who drive and read this entry. Heck even my wife has a driving license and yet she’s always at the receiving end of my rants whenever I come across women drivers who piss me off. I’ve always wanted to post something like this for God-knows-how-long, but couldn’t find the right time to do so. Something happened to me on my way to work today and I almost became a road bully as a result.

Traffic was quite bad everywhere we went. We took a longer route via Toa Payoh estate, just to beat the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantries along Central Expressway (CTE). As we stopped at the T-junction along Lorong 6 & 8 since the traffic light in front was red, the car in front which was in the yellow box, reversed suddenly to avoid the vehicles turning into our lane. I was actually looking at my mirror to see if I was blocking the lane for the motorcycles to pass through when Aida shouted that the car in front was reversing into us. I immediately honked and pressed the brakes.

As I got out from the car, I was already fuming as I thought the car had banged into us, even though we felt no impact. The driver, a female looked out from her window and grinned at me sheepishly. It was there and then I felt like going up to her and slapping that grin off her face. I did a quick glance on my car and saw no dents so I thought I did not want to slow down the traffic. The people around me were already anticipating some action or drama but I think I disappointed them by going back to my car and driving off. That lady driver thought she had really rammed my car so she switched on her hazard lights and went to the side when the traffic lights turned green.

Well actually I regretted not stopping and reprimanding her, cos upon checking on the car after I parked at the office, the plate number was slightly jutting out and the front bumper had two big scratches which I’ve minimised by applying wax polish on it. But one can still see that the paint had come off. The only good thing I could derive is that there were no dents but definitely this has served only to affirm my hatred for women drivers.

This was not the first time something like this have happened to me. A few months ago, a lady driver almost caused an accident when she swerved into my lane without signalling, when the lane she was in had stalled. Another incident of the same nature happened a few years ago in Pasir Ris. Turned out that the lady driver was a friend of mine upon chasing after her to reprimand her. And I’m sure some of you out there have encountered the lady drivers who love to hog the lanes at such a slow speed when the speed limit is much higher. 

It’s difficult to find a moderate lady driver in Singapore. They are either too reckless or too slow. I somehow wonder how the hell they got their driving license cos their judgement really sucks big time. They are so afraid and so unsure on when to switch lanes, when to pick up or slow down speed. This is not to say some male drivers are not guilty of these but most of my bad experiences happened when females were behind the wheels. So if any of you female drivers who read this and hate me after this, I’m sorry but I make no apologies for my rants.


Lest I forget, I would just like to show my gratitude, appreciation and thanks to all who have left encouraging notes, asked if all is well and sharing their opinions and experiences via this domain, my Multiply account, emails and sms-es with regards to my father’s condition. Alhamdulillah he is back at home after spending six days in the hospital. If you would like to know what’s the diagnosis, heck we dunno ourselves as all tests showed that he is fine, save for some ulcers in his stomach. Other than that, his eight weeks supply of medicine is keeping him well. So thank you again everyone for all your kind and positive words. Oh, and not to mention the prayers as well. May Allah reward you with more sustenance in the world and hereafter…