Eventful Saturday…

After a flurry of activity on this domain over the past month, I seemed to have fallen stagnant with my updates. Hahaha, just feeling a bit lazy to update, but not for long cos here I am again. I dunno if it’s because of Anugerah 2007 or my ever-controversial comments on air or perhaps a bit of everything, but the average number of visitorship have since risen from 195 the last time I reported on it, to 245. Still a small number and nothing to be proud about really. To those new ones who have just gotten to know of this blog, welcome aboard and to the seniors, hope I’ve been a good entertainer and host to all of you all these while…

Last Saturday (28 July 2007), my cousins Ezaad, Julie & Jid held a 30th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations for their parents (the legendary great Dollah Kassim and Faridah Anwar) at one of the function rooms of Hotel Grand Plaza Parkroyal along Beach Road. It was, I have to admit, a grand brainchild of Julie‘s. I mean, most of us would only go as far as to celebrate with just a feasting session at some posh restaurant to celebrate with our loved ones, but this was celebrated along with 40-odd family members. And to do it at the hotel took a lot of sacrifices in terms of time, effort and money. Not to mention lying to their parents that they were meeting friends or going shopping, when in fact they were at either my place or Ezaad‘s, practising the skits and dance steps performed at the event. Cos not only was it done with just a hi-tea as the main attraction, but we the cousins had to put up performances for the guests as well.


We spent the week leading up to the event by practising over at my place. Initially I was supposed to host the event along with my younger sister, Nurul. But since I wasn’t keen on hosting and my kind elder sister, Farah said that we both would end up bickering, the job of hosting was solely given to Nurul. Good practice for her too since she’s just started her N.I.E. stint. But I wasn’t let off that easily. I was told to sing a song. Well, the initial pick was KRU‘s “Apa Saja“, but I can’t sing that song due to pitching and key differences found in the minus one, since the original song has three different voices singing the different parts. So I settled for Teacher’s Pet‘s “Cinta Kita“. It’s a dead song if you ask me, dead as in no life and kills the mood with its melancholy. I think I bored the guests to death with this number.


And to think I used to brag that “I was born to perform“. This time, I was so nervous, in fact more nervous than my own marriage solemnisation ceremony or performing at my wedding dinner in front of a 300-odd guests. Why??? Cos firstly I did not prepare myself (memorising the lyrics) and secondly, I’m not used to performing in front of people I’m not close to, even if they are extended family members from my cousins’ side. You could ask, what’s the difference between performing for 40-odd guests as compared to 300-odd ones??? Well all I can say is I’m more comfortable in the presence of the latter, who I consider close friends and family members than the former, having sung in front of them at various stages in life, plus I thrive on performing for a larger audience. LOL!!! Thick-skinned… Excuses, excuses… I was a bunch of nerves as my turn loomed near and my hands went icy cold. This was what happened when the last performance was on my wedding day. If you think I would upload the video of me singing, nah, I won’t subject myself to further embarrassment. Let’s just say, I made Kassreeal Alfi sounded better… :p


The cousins and star couple…

Anyway, back to the event. I was very impressed that the function room had a small screen outside indicating what event was being held inside. The “bride and groom” for the day were naturally shocked and surprised when the doors were opened and they were greeted by applause, whoops, cheers and the kompang beats in the background. My aunt was so overwhelmed, she wept tears of joy and playfully scolded her close buddies for keeping it a secret from her. After the couple had gone round thanking everyone for coming, we started the feasting session. Yours truly in his nervousness, did not join in as he was more worried about the singing. Luckily the wait did not last long and I got it out of my system. Immediately after that, we had the skit which we had practised all week long. I was supposed to play a younger and fatter version of Dollah, complete with a blue Afro wig. Well to summarise, the skit was about how the couple met with a twist of our own. It was only after the skit had ended, did I get to enjoy the sumptuous spread. Everyone’s favourite seemed to be the Cream of Mushroom Soup which was best eaten with buns.


When everything ended at 6pm, we still hanged around the function room eating as much as we could. As for me, I was more interested entertaining my daughter and my nephew Eshaan, who inadvertantly became the stars of the day. Practically everyone came over and took photographs of them sitting on their respective Bumbo seats on the stage. Me being the prankster, put on the blue wig on my daughter’s and nephew’s heads. Everyone remarked how cute both of them looked. But soon after my daughter became cranky and I carried her and put her to sleep…



Later that evening, Aida and I popped over to the Indoor Stadium to watch the World Wrestling Entertainment‘s (WWESmackdown / ECW Summerslam Tour 2007 show. My daughter had by then, gone home with my in-laws after the hotel event had ended. Well for the uninitiated, Smackdown and ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) are two wrestling shows produced by WWE, the third and premier one being RAW. To tell you the truth, I’ve kinda lost a bit of interest in wrestling, ever since The Rock left and the likes of Shawn Michaels and Triple H being out with long-term injuries. And the stars that I like from RAW were not in town. But still, nothing beats seeing these beefcakes in the flesh. I bought seats near where the wrestlers entered and exited the stage down to the ring. It was a great view as they were quite close but the best seats were still right smack in front of the ring, which cost a hefty $345.


Rey Mysterio acknowledging the fans’ adulation…

When we entered the arena, the first match between Chris Masters and the legendary Ric Flair was already underway. Flair of course won with his trademark “Figure-4 leglock” move. Ok I won’t describe every match in detail and bore you with what happened. All I can say is, as compared to watching them on television, when you see their matches live, you can easily see how they sometimes do not connect with their punches and kicks, and the ones being hit would feign injury. Anyway, this was a promotional tour so the wrestlers did not go all out in beating the hell out of each other. Still, the crowd lapped everything up and it was fun hearing the different chants we have grown accustomed to on television, being re-enacted. The only sore point was the lack of pyrotechnics. I was so hoping to see Kane and Batista come in to their trademark pyrotechnics cos they had them the last time they came in 2003. When the main event came along, Aida and I were already stationed at the top, waiting to exit the arena, as we wanted to stand in front of the barricades facing the backstage entrance and coaches where the wrestlers would board.


Michelle McCool smiling for me…

Once the final bell rang signalling the end of the three-hour slamfest, we made our way down to the barricades. However, we were disappointed to see the place being blocked and the security personnel telling me to go over the other side. So I made a quick dash to the other side and stood along the barricades facing the coaches. Ezaad, who went on his own, soon joined me, while Aida waited somewhere at the back. Soon, more fans joined us and it was quite a spectacle seeing them chanting the wrestlers’ names and beckoning them to come down from the coaches to sign autographs and take photographs with them. Well, only four of them obliged: Brian Mercy, Cherry, Michelle McCool and lastly Rey Mysterio, who finally appeared from the arena after an hour of waiting. I managed to grab Kane‘s attention as he was going up the coach. When everyone was chanting his name, I broke away from the norm and called out his actual name – Glenn Jacobs. He immediately stopped and turned around before moving on. Rey has always been a crowd favourite, always obliging the fans whenever possible and his down-to-earth manner is what makes him a very-much loved wrestler as compared to the rest, who I felt were a bit arrogant. The least they could do was come down and say thank you and break away from their characters…


Rey Mysterio unmasked…

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Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

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