In Search of “Prata Tumbuk”…

My home PC is still not up yet. So I’m now posting a short entry on my laptop.

Last Saturday, I went to the Bazaar in Geylang in the afternoon to beat the crowd. As usual I bought my normal foodfare (read kebab) before leaving. However I was left disappointed after walking around and not finding any stall that sells the unique “Prata Tumbuk“.

And so, I beseech your kind help in directing me to any stall around Singapore, be it the Bazaar at Causeway Point, or Tampines, or Jurong West or wherever that sells the aforementioned “Prata Tumbuk“…

SOS!!! I’m like a pregnant woman craving for it… Help me!!!

Thank you in advance!!! 🙂

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3 replies

  1. Ur pc needs someone to do? coz i got a frend who can help

  2. salaam PM, prata tumbuk tu apa?

  3. Helooo!! selamat berpuasa. prata tumbuk? me ada penumbuk jek. hehe. hmmm tak pernah makan prata tumbuk. if ada, i will tell u.. orang tua2 kata, kalau bini mengandong, lelaki yang mengidam… *batok*. orang tua2 la yang kata.. i tak cakap apa2 kan? di bulan puasa nie, saya hanya mengidam kuih badak berendam.. i loike!

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