Tattoos – What Purpose Does It Do???

The past few days when I read the papers, especially the Forum pages, I see more and more people clamouring for some kind of rules to be imposed on tattoo parlours in preventing those below 18 to have their bodies inked. I personally think they should increase it to below 21 cos this has become quite an eyesore, especially when I do my Hari Raya shopping at the Bazaar or walk along Orchard Road and see a large number of our Muslim youths sporting tattoos and proud of showing them.

Youths nowadays are not like those in the pre-Millenium days, where we thought a lot about our future, our families’ reputations, our society’s dilemma, or our religion’s stance even if we are the rebellious sort. I just feel kids nowadays tend to act more on impulse than think of the consequences. While some rebel by inking themselves or doing it out of curiosity, others do that to make a statement that they belong to a certain group. No prizes for telling me what kind of groups they are.

In the long run and religion-aside, what purpose do tattoos do to an individual??? Does it give one a sense of pride??? A sense of belonging??? A sense of freedom??? A sense of style??? I read one of the letters in the Forum page and this lady was lamenting how difficult it is for her son to apply for a job with 5 tattoos on his body. We are not living in the West whereby having tattoos is cool. Our society still frowns upon those who sport them and people will be quick to label you a bad hat for having one, even if you are the most angellic person anyone has known. 

Depending on the work place and their respective stance, even if you are qualified to hold an executive position, your prospective or current employers would think twice about hiring or promoting you. Cos think about it, when you are hired / promoted, there would be possibilities of meeting clients and your outlook would more or less make or break the deal being brokered, even if it’s not the mitigating factor. Remember the old adage, “First impression counts???”

I hope no one thinks I’m going on a one-man outlaw against those with tattoos. Honestly speaking, I have quite a number of friends who sport them, only to regret when they get older. Prevention is still better than cure. If you can prevent the kids from having them as early as 13 or 15, you’ll prevent them from being looked down upon as “society thrash” or have that feeling of regret as they grow older. It pains every parent’s heart to see their kids having them. Why go through all these unnecessary hassle???

At the end of the day, we still go back to our roots, that is our race and our religion, which frown upon them. Removing tattoos from one’s body is not an easy affair, neither does it come cheap. For those who regret having them, I hope and pray that one day you’ll be able to remove them for good and may God smile upon you even if you can’t afford them cos the beauty about Islam is that when you repent sincerely, you start with a clean slate. For those who still think it’s cool, I hope you can give me a beautiful insight on how it serves a purpose to your life now and in the near future.


Lately I noticed that I seemed to be having a lot of visitors to this blog interested in seeing Rey Mysterio unmasked, based on the search hits that lead to this blog. For those who dunno who is Rey Mysterio, he is a World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler who came down to Singapore in late July for a show. Yours truly of course went to that show and reported about it, complete with photographs of Mysterio in his unmasked glory just before he boarded the coach. I dunno what the fetish is all about looking at a masked man unmasked. I guess I just seemed to have a lot of curious visitors wanting to see how he looks like off the ring…