Cleanse Your Heart From Suspicions & Ill-Will…

I dunno whether to be all jumpy and peeved when I read someone’s recent blog entry. In it, she said that she had stumbled upon a certain group in Facebook that I was invited to join, and is adopting a wait and see stance before deciding to join. Cos why??? She didn’t want her bad experience joining a previous Yahoo Group to repeat again when she saw that the same member (she did not mention who but definitely was referring to yours truly) is also in the Facebook group.

Last year on 15 December 2006, I typed an entry titled “Sincerity Can Be A Bane“. To summarise what I said in that entry, I was extremely disappointed that my sincerity to help unite old friends was misinterpreted the wrong way. Picture this, they have not met like almost 2 decades and since I was still in contact with a few of them, I went out of my way to try and bring them all together again. But some people in the group made it looked and sounded so elitist and exclusive that outsiders were deemed as groupies and looked upon with utter disdain. I would not have gone out of my way had I not had the permission from the founders of the group to go ahead. And I wasn’t even expecting any acceptances nor accolades to be a part of the group. Far from it. Plus I won’t assist if people did not invite me to do so, bearing in mind there will be unhappy characters who will question a stranger’s motives in the short and long run.

She used the words “Bad Experience“. What “Bad Experience” did I inflict upon the group other than reunite them with about 10 other old friends??? As a Muslim, you should know damn bloody well that helping others to foster silaturrahim is something that is encouraged. No point you blog and say you want to answer the call for prayers (the saying “Tak guna sembahyang tunggang-tonggek” comes to mind) but your heart is still filled with suspicions and ill-will towards others. And you are wearing the Hijab too for God‘s sake!!! Reading her trials and tribulations in life through her writings, I can’t help but sympathise with her but sometimes things like these makes me wonder if they are all retributions on her but I certainly don’t wished them upon her.

One year on from that experience, and those bad thoughts still linger in her head. I wonder who should be referring to it as a “Bad Experience“, me or her??? I dunno if she will be reading this entry but I hope she will cleanse her heart from all these negative thoughts and approach life with less suspicions and think of others in a more positive light. And may Allah forgive her for her misgivings towards me cos really, I dunno what wrong I’ve done to her when I have not even met nor known her personally for her to be so quick to judge me as such. And just for her kind info, I am helping the Facebook group reunite with the whole gang again whether she likes it or not. I gain nothing from all these but personal satisfaction to see old friends get together again, plus my wife qualifies to be a part of this group if it ever evolves to be elitist and exclusive again (which I know it will not, based on its intentions).


It’s been more than a week since my last entry. I would like to thank all of you who sent your birthday greetings to my daughter Syahindah Adawiyah through comments in this domain, my cross-post Multiply blog as well as personal sms-es. We did not throw her a grand party knowing that she is too young to understand nor appreciate such a celebration. Anyway, Aida and I plus both sets of our families are not keen on a grand-scale celebration. Just like how we were not keen on holding a “Tahniq” (“Cukur Rambut“) ceremony after she was born. In that respect, we uphold our family tradition in keeping things humble and just celebrating it amongst us. At least she still got to cut her cake and received gifts from us.

To see Syahindah‘s mini party at home, please click here.


Last Saturday (8 December 2007) we went to Ang Mo Kio Central to watch the semi-finals of Band Remix, a competition organised by RIA 89.7FM where groups are supposed to sing a song of their choice in a different genre. Some might say these groups are out to destroy the original versions and from what I heard last year, some of the songs were definitely not pleasing to the ears (my own personal opinion!!!). But this year is so much different. Aida and I were definitely impressed with the competition on show and we were glad that the groups that entered the Final were the ones we liked. Though we did not spend a long time there, it was enough for us to be entertained.

Even Syahindah was dancing and headbanging whilst sitting on her stroller till Aura Shai quipped that she can take over her tag as “The Original Rock Chick” in future. We also made Fiza O a happy person by introducing Syahindah to her, cos all these while, she had been telling us how much she wanted to meet the little one, since we did not get the opportunity to bring her on previous shows. Great semi-finals and I bet the Final itself will be even greater. I’m still contemplating whether to go cos I am expecting something on that night…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

5 thoughts on “Cleanse Your Heart From Suspicions & Ill-Will…”

  1. He he, was looking at your multiply. Syahindah is so cute! And yeah, when she smiles, she looks like your wife. Your girl likes Winnie The Pooh?!! Then may I invite you to Sharleez’s party should I decide to make it at a slightly bigger scale? Insya allah. Not yet decided. Sharleez’s party is all about Pooh ler.

    Happy Belated 1st, Syahindah!

  2. My girl has her periods of liking a particular bear or toy. There was a period she loved Winnie, then it was Barney, then it was this Octopus which has a piggy nose and lately she loves this big teddy bear we call “Fatso” belonging to her aunt.

    But yeah she has quite a few stuff tat is Winnie The Pooh-ish like her playpen, her storybook, her clothes… Kalau you nak jemput, kecil tapak tangan Stadium Kallang kita tadahkan… Would be chuffed to be invited kalau you sudi jemput…Kalau tak pun, it’s ok if you intend to make it a small affair. No worries…

    And thank you for the well wishes sis… Nice to meet you again yesterday. Sharleez cute sangat2… Geram tgk mata and pipi dia… And her smile is so sweet… Patut si Eshaan sengih2 mcm kerang busuk diapit oleh dua gadis sunti yang cute miut!!! Wahahahah… 🙂

  3. tak paham what talking u in ur blog.. but me repeat repeat video tu.. part dia letakkan tangan atas kek.. kelakar siakxxxx. hahahaha!!!!

    ehh… kalau tak salah bdae anak Diah is on 3rd Jan.. sama bdae kita.. bole join tak?? me pun bdae gerl also… i dun mind celebrating with anak orang… terima kasih semua! buat susah susah jekkk!!! haha!

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