Am I Gonna Die Soon???

What a way to start the New Year with such a title huh???

I dunno if I had received a sign the other night or am I thinking too much about it, but I just feel as though God is trying to tell me my time is gonna be up soon. I had a very late night on Wednesday night, being addicted to my Football Manager 2008 game on the PC. It was only at 3:25am that I retired for the night.

I felt as though I had slept for the longest time and I was dreaming a queer dream. In the dream, I saw a few people being whacked and one of them was Jose Mourinho, the ex-Chelsea manager. After seeing him being stomped at in the face till his eyeballs popped out, I was jolted from my sleep and woke up with my upper body shaking and shivering. I could even feel the waves from the tip of my hands till my head and I felt cold. I dunno if this was due to my sleeping half-naked (no shirt) but the thought of the first few signs of one’s incoming death came to my mind in an instant.

For those who have read those forwarded mails regarding the signs, you would know that the first sign was stated as your whole body would shake and shiver sometime after Asar as though you are like an animal that has just been sacrificed and you would feel confused. That’s what I felt, even though the time on the clock stated 4:20am and only half my body was shaking!!! I spent the next 20 minutes counting down the days to my expiry date and I came up with 12 April 2008.

I think I’m paranoid about it already and I read a little too much on things for my own liking. But what if, what if my time really really is coming up soon??? Am I ready??? I would say “Hell No!!!“. I’ll be missing out on seeing my daughter grow up, I’ll be missing growing old with my beloved wife and I’ll be missing out on performing my Hajj and countless Umrahs I had planned to do for the rest of my life. Whatever it is, I take it as a sign to reflect on past sins and make 2008 a better one with loved ones and biting my tongue more when I have to…


The birthday and wedding anniversary came and went just like that. Not that I’m the kind who celebrates it anyway. Those who know me well knows I don’t celebrate birthdays as I see it as a reminder that we are a step closer to our graves. Spent the first half of the day working (actually there was no work but an end-of-the-year eating session with colleagues) and the second half at my contractor’s office finalising details on how the interior design of the new place would look like. It was only at night that Aida and I had time for ourselves.


50 mins to go and the place was already packed…

We both had planned to watch the fireworks display at Marina Bay along with Syahindah, but since the little one had just recovered and bearing in mind that the place was gonna be crowded, we ditched the idea of bringing her and left her in the care of my parents. We reached Esplanade Drive, which was closed to the traffic at 8pm, at about 10:55pm. The place was already packed but not fully. We chose a spot near the junction of the Fullerton Hotel so that we could leave quickly once it was over like the previous year. The downside about this year’s event was it did not rain like last year. Therefore the crowd was definitely even more than last year’s affair.


Don’t you just love the city skyline at night???

The place was an absolute mayhem when the fireworks display was over. The Police had blocked off the pedestrian crossing at the Fullerton Hotel, thus preventing the crowd at Esplanade Drive from crossing over to the hotel en route to Raffles Place MRT Station. We were told to move towards the underpass opposite Victoria Concert Hall to get there. Halfway through, we were told to turn back. That’s when people started to turn disorderly and agitated. The officers were screamed at and some broke free and just dashed across the road to get over to the other side.

The original clip is too big to upload and takes up about 8 mins 40 secs so I give you a shortened version of it for those who did not manage to go there to view yourselves…

It was pandemonium with people jostling and pushing one another. Thinking back, it was a blessing that we did not bring Syahindah along. Actually, all these could have been avoided if the pedestrian crossing had not been blocked. The police officers had a difficult time shouting themselves hoarse asking the crowd to move back but to no avail. People just wanted to go home or celebrate elsewhere after that. We both ended up walking back to the car, which was parked at Maxwell Road as the MRT station was too packed with people.


New Year’s Day was spent with the family. We had brunch together at Cafe Gourmet Carousel at Royal Plaza On Scotts Hotel to celebrate the belated birthdays of my family members in December, including yours truly. The only ones not born in December are my mother and Aida. So it made perfect sense to combine all the birthdays together on one day, even if Syahindah already had her own mini affair.

NY Makan

This beautiful sight greeted us at the lobby of the hotel and is made of wax…

The place was packed with diners but we had already made prior reservations beforehand. It’s been awhile since I last had a buffet meal so I didn’t know how I could eat the sumptious spread in store. Bearing in mind my New Year’s Resolution to bring my weight down, this was a start I could not have asked for but since my fitness regime only resumes on Monday 7th January 2008, I thought I should give myself a bit of leeway but minimising the rice intake, which I am trying to cut down this year.

NY Makan 2

I began with the Mushroom Soup and Garlic Bread

NY Makan 3

The second course consisted of Potato and Tuna Salad

NY Makan 4

I just love the seabass, can’t recall what was the name of the dish. The Stuffed Squids were also hot favourites amongst diners.

NY Makan 5

I just love Tofu and Omelette, though the Nasi Briyani was a big letdown. It lacked taste and was quite dry. Good thing I only took a bit of the rice…

NY Makan 6

I got turned off by the taste of the Cinnamon Tart so I ended up with just the ice-cream. Couldn’t eat so much as I was already full. I’m just not a buffet person…

After the meal, we all headed home to freshen up and perform our responsibilities before heading to Ang Mo Kio Hub to watch “I Am Legend” since we had complimentary tickets to watch the show. As elder sis Farah had watched it the day before with her friends and mum was not keen on watching, only dad, Nurul, Aida and me went. It’s a so-so movie, didn’t understand why it hit box office in the US. The ending was simply too abrupt and anti-climatic for my liking even if Will Smith saved the movie with one of his impeccable performances.

NY Makan 7

Syahindah enjoyed herself at Carousel

By the time it was 11pm and Manchester United versus Birmingham City was on the telly, I was already too tired to watch due to the previous night’s travelling and sleeping late. I think I slept by the 10th minute of the game and only woke up to see the highlights of Carlos Tevez‘s goal when Aida woke me up to watch it. The next time I woke up, the match had long ended and the clock stated 3:18am with the television still on!!! So much for being a die-hard fan, but I guess I didn’t miss much as that was the only goal of the game…


I know this is extremely late and almost a month stale but I somehow had forgotten to talk about this event I attended on 9th December 2007 at the McDonald’s Kallang outlet. It was the first birthday of my nephew Md Eshaan and only close friends and family members were invited to the event. As the event was more for the kids, the adults were contented to sit by the side and just converse with one another. The sporty themed affair was my kind of theme though I wished I could have worn my Manchester United jersey just to “spite” the hosts and remind them who are the current champions of the Barclays Premier League 😛 LOL… Football themes were banned as only the hosts could wear them and you can see from the photos why I wanted to “spite” them. I guess blood relations go out of the window when it comes to club rivalry, but I still love my cousins to bits all the same…

Eshaan’s Birthday

Cake cutting time…

This party was also the meeting of new friends but Syahindah wasn’t quite in the mood as she had just woken up. I just love seeing that cute girl in the centre wearing the cheerleader’s outfit. Will be seeing her again tomorrow 🙂

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

3 thoughts on “Am I Gonna Die Soon???”

  1. hi bro.. not onli u panic.. tat time my head bergerak2.. sebelah tengah kepala.. bahagian belakang.. it happened selepas asar.. i tot i was going to die the next day.. alhamdulilah.. im still ard.. i read loads of news abt premature deaths.. mmg menakutkan.. tapi.. maybe anda pikir banyak sangat.. like me.. think think think abt death.. and then kene anxiety.. panic tak tentu pasal gitu.. so i hope u will relax more…kesian nanti ur wife risau tak tentu pasal..

  2. It might be u to tired and u focus too much on football. that why ur have this symptoms of dying, frankly speaking people who think too much about dying they are the one who will have long lives Amin. Semoga u panjang umor murah rezeki, dan di berkahi ALLAH selalu. Amin.

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