I’m Back!!!

Yes peeps you read that right…

I’m back after a week long hiatus to shift and settle down at my new home. For those who are craving to see how the new home looks like, no I’m sorry I will not go down the route of fellow blogmates who put up photographs of their new homes and their interior decorations. I have nothing against them for doing so and it’s entirely my own personal belief that certain things need to be kept on a privacy level since I’m a low-profile person anyway. And knowing full well the possible vile from our community’s way of thinking, I am also trying to avoid being called a “show off”, even though it’s harmless to share one’s joy with the people who reads your blog.

Some people just have a quirky way of thinking and if they are unhappy with / jealous of you, they’ll start to say things which are contrary to what you set about to do initially. So to save these people from creating sins for themselves, I’ve taken the liberty to not include any photographs of the new place. The house is still quite bare really so there’s nothing much to share in the first place. I’m just relieved that my Internet connection is up and am able to watch my weekly dosage of football on cable television in time.


Details on how to get your hands on the tickets to Anugerah Planet Muzik 2008 is finally out since Thursday 13 March 2008. Frankly speaking, I’m not keen on going on a package tour with this Azizi Travel & Tours Pte Ltd group, which is in charge of bringing Singaporean fans up to Kuala Lumpur for the event. Even though I have to admit the “U-Turn Package” is extremely enticing for me to go ($155, departing 20 April 2008 and arriving back to Singapore in the early hours of 21st April 2008), the situation at both our checkpoints out to Malaysia and coming back is a big turn-off to go by coach. Which is why I’m now hoping to win the on-air quizzes on radio with regards to APM2008 from next week onwards, so I can negotiate my way up to the event via flight. At least I don’t waste too much time traveling and can be back at work fresh the next morning. If someone from radio reading this is kind enough to offer me a special pass, all the better!!! Hahahaha… I’m thick-skinned I know… But please don’t ask me more details about how to go up through the package tours cos I don’t work for them and neither do I get paid for promoting them. All you can do is find out by calling them at 67422931 or 67446074 or you can email them at apm.azizitours@gmail.com.


So what can I expect from the upcoming week ahead???

Yes peeps, it’s none other than arguably the Nusantara‘s number one singer, Datin Sri Hajjah Siti Nurhaliza‘s Diari Hati concert at The Esplanade Theatre. It’s been almost three years since her last concert here at the Singapore Indoor Stadium (20th July 2005) and anyone who appreciates good music would know that a concert like hers is every worth the dollar spent. I’ve got my front row seats already and this must be the closest I’ve watched her perform throughout my life.

Ooooppsss I spoke too soon. I was one of the stagehands during Konsert Diva back in 2000, and I stood just after the barricades separating the audience and the stage. It was so close that when she wanted to throw flowers to the audience, she bent down and handed them to me to throw into the crowd. I still have that on tape but dunno if the tape is still working or not.

Over the past 12 years of supporting her career, I can say that I’ve experienced a lot of sweet memories and seeing for myself that she is an indeed, a genuine person with no airs, unlike what her detractors like to accuse as just putting on a false front. Popularity and wealth hasn’t changed her and I’m sure if we were to meet again, she’ll be the first to acknowledge me and pull my leg with her endless teases. But I dunno if marriage might make her tone down a bit. I’m just happy I’m gonna watch her up close and personal again this Friday (21st March 2008). Heard that Hyrul Anuar will also be sitting along the same row as me. I think he’s an even bigger fan of Siti than me…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

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