Testing Week…

I think the title of the entry is apt enough to describe the ordeal and stress that Aida and I have been going through this past week. Being parents to a young infant, who is very much helpless and meek at this point of time, it pains us to see her suffer and resorted to all kinds of tests and treatment being done on her. Syahindah has been ill since last weekend, down with fever and flu which she contracted from her cousin (my sister-in-law’s son who is staying with us). Since she spent the Good Friday holidays over at my parents’, my old folks did the yeoman service by bringing her to the paediatrician at Mount Alvernia Hospital on Saturday morning.


The forlorn look of pain and anguish… Doesn’t it make your heart sink???

There, she was given the usual suction treatment, which she hates. Almost every time she contracts the flu, she has to be given the same treatment which involves inserting the tube into her nasal passageway and sucking out the phlegm. Because of this, she is traumatised everytime we bring her to our family doctor or when we go to the polyclinic for her periodical jabs. She will start to bawl the moment we step into the room or put her on the weighing machine cos she knows what it means afterwards. So young, yet she is already accustomed to her surroundings and knows what is in store for her. But she will immediately stop crying the moment we step out from the room. Sometimes we wonder if she’s just putting on an act or is she genuine in her cries.


The eyes begging us to go home…

By Wednesday morning, her fever had reached a high of 39 degrees. Aida and I took no chances and brought her back to the paediatrician. Our hearts sank when he said that she had to be admitted or risk having her suffer for another week or so. We could not afford to have her ill, bearing in mind that her mother needs to be in good health for the delivery of her younger sister this coming Tuesday. I was not keen on her staying at the hospital as I believed that with proper medication and without seeing the nurses and doctors, Syahindah would recover without more stress but Aida was adamant on her staying. This was a big test on us on the first day as anger and tears were shared seeing Syahindah crying her eyes out struggling and fighting against the nurses every time they put on the drips on her, when they injected the antibiotics on her, when the physios had to pat hard on her lungs, and when the neubilizer had to be applied on her. She is so traumatised that even when the cleaners or nurses walked into the room to tend to the other patient next to us, she would start to cry.


Wondering when could she return home…

So Aida and I did the next best thing that would minimise her pain. We studied what the nurses did and when the time came for them to apply the neubilizer or inject the antibiotics into her via the tubes, we were the ones who took over the mantle and became nurses for the day. Syahindah did cry of course but not as intensive, nor did she put up any struggle as she knew she would not be “manhandled”. Yes, it is painful as parents to see our young kids suffer like that and I for one, do not wish that to any parents out there, no matter if any of you have axes to grind against me. I now know how my cousins felt when their son was admitted last year at Kandang Kerbau Hospital. My close friends and relatives must be wondering why we did not inform them of Syahindah‘s condition. The fact is both of us hate to bother you guys and waste your time visiting her when we ourselves do not know when she will be discharged.


Scant reprieve…

Alhamdulillah by yesterday evening, she was up and about and was back to her cheery self when we took her out from her room and brought her to the children’s playroom at the end of the corridor. There, she let loose and started to run on the rubber mats and asking me to put her on the slides. Even though she looked weak, her spirit was strong enough to make her want to play and start running, cos she has not been able to do that for the past week. Of course her spirit is strong, just imagine her against three nurses restraining her and with her successfully squirming and wriggling away. Naturally when we brought her back to her room, she went all grumpy and started to cry again but not for long as my mother’s arrival quietened her.


Going down the slide with her tube still attached to her…

She’s back home today after a 48-hour stay at the hospital, but boy doesn’t it feel long for us and her??? I certainly felt that way, I kinda likened it to my stupid annual reservist in-camp training in the jungle (Yes that’s how much I hate the Army). I know right now with the erratic weather and the bug going round, many people from all walks of life are getting ill. Please be careful of your children being in contact with people who are already ill. We learnt a painful lesson and we hope that no one would be in our shoes. Syahindah‘s viral lung infection or “Pneumonia” as what the diagnosis on my child sick leave stated, could happen to anyone, especially since the virus is airborne.



I wish people will stop being busybodies and mind their own business. A look at my blog statistics at this main domain of mine revealed that quite a number of people had stumbled upon my blog through the search engines via typing a local celebrity’s name and followed by the word “Divorce“. Seriously people, do you expect me or even the person him / herself to talk about their private lives for the world to see???

Actually this has been going on since January, which was way before the news was made public. At first I just dismissed it as rumours but then as it went on for weeks and up till now, I thought how come people seemed to know about something that has not been made officially known upon???  What is so fascinating about reading someone’s divorce or failed relationship??? Can’t we all mind our own business and let them live their own lives in peace??? Please people, I’m sure there are better things to do than reading and prying into other people’s lives. Please respect their privacy and space. They are humans too!!!


A very interesting news article came out in today’s page 2 of Berita Harian. An up-and-coming talent was charged in court for grievous hurt and faces up to seven years in jail if convicted and found guilty. Seriously I’m the least bit surprised by all these. I dunno whether to call it gut feeling, but this guy certainly did not exude positive auras when he competed in last year’s Anugerah 2007. Which is mind-boggling considering the aunties and the teenyboppers were swooning over his looks and raving over his half-past-six voice. So many people cried foul when this guy was eventually eliminated (thanks to the intelligence of the voters). Personally I said, “Good riddance!!! The competition’s honour is somehow upheld and not being made a mockery of…” 

Can all those people out there who have supported him all these while still claim to be his true fans??? I know I’m not in a position to judge his character but as someone who can already be considered a public figure, he should have known damn well his actions could lead to massive repercussions in the future. He can even say goodbye to his aspirations cos if really he was convicted and put behind bars, he would be left well behind by new and rising talents that will appear over the years. Already it is extremely difficult for true talents like Hyrul Anuar, Rudy Djoharnaen and Aqmal to have a decent push, what more someone with so-so qualities??? The least he could do is use his looks like a certain Anugerah Skrin finalist and force his way into the acting scene. He can consider himself lucky if people still want to take him in as a possible star-in-the-making cos seriously, the public will have second thoughts in wanting to support him, bearing in mind that he is certainly not the poster boy for being a role model to follow…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

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