A Little Clarification…

Regular visitors of my blog will note that I’ve been on a one-man crusade towards seeing a more balanced treatment towards our local artistes when it comes to performing on the big stage like Anugerah Planet Muzik. Past entries have also seemed to have shown some gripe towards the blessed dynamic duo, Taufik Batisah and Hady Mirza, who can do no wrong in the eyes of their ardent fans. Before I move on, let me first apologise for creating a sense of unhappiness towards their sets of fans with the comments I made. It has to be made known that as performers, I have every ounce of respect for these two talented individuals who did not earn their revered reputations by accident.

Some have kindly pointed out the fact that along with Aliff Aziz, they are currently the top 3 popular Malay artistes we have at the moment, which makes for their appearance at APM2008 a mere formality. Coupled with the fact that each has his own set of influence to entice the Malaysian and Indonesian audience, it made perfect sense to have them performing to create more awareness towards our home-grown product to the watching regional audience. Also, their presence would pull the Singapore fans to travel up to Kuala Lumpur to watch the awards show live. These are business / common sense that were not lost on me, but ones which I did not bring up, preferring to rant instead on having the same people performing again and again.

If you were to scheme through the current line-up of performers, we seem to only have four representatives from our industry, while Indonesia has five and Malaysia has double the number of performers. In a regional awards show like APM, it is only common sense that each country brings out their big guns to attract the audience into tuning in, either on television or radio. However, it has to be said that for every top-tier artiste, there should also be space for second-tier ones. They need the exposure and it’s only through a stage like this that their talents can be noticed.

I bring you a good example in Syed Azmir. Who was he to the regional audience, prior to performing at APM2006??? By the time he performed again last year, he already boasts a quality album which is nominated this year under the tutelage of renowned composer Ajai, with a lot of rave reviews coming from the Malaysian side. Likewise, look at Hady. He might be Singapore‘s latest Idol but his progress was somewhat stagnant until he performed at APM2007 and subsequently the Asian Idol. I browsed through online forums and blogs after APM2007 and many were blown away when he sang Hijau with Zainal Abidin and began to realise that there is another Idol other than Taufik who deserves to be noticed. It was just the foreign press who gave him bad press for being tight-lipped. So as you can see, how influential being on a big stage like APM could do to our other artistes who have been waiting patiently for their opportunity to shine and have a slice of the pie, and it’s not that we lack quality in that respect. We seem to have an abundance of them.

This was the essence of my gripe, not hitting out at both Taufik and Hady on a personal level. The reason why I named them as examples of recycled performers was the fact that they sang in more than one item last year when the mantle could have been given to other artistes. Likewise, Kris Dayanti and Irwansyah were also “guilty” of singing in two items last year when in fact the latter’s vocals were mediocre to say the least. I hope people out there would read my comments and see things in a bigger picture, rather than jump to conclusions that I have an axe to grind with the two boys. I still respect them for their achievements and their immense talents, which is why I also said that I hope that they would achieve the breakthrough that they need in Malaysia after this APM, to show that the current Singaporean invasion are not mere flash in the pan. They need that wee bit rub of green to boom just like how some people said that Imran Ajmain got lucky over there with Seribu Tahun. You need every ounce of luck to make it in life and one should not take anything away from Imran for hitting it.

Speaking of creating awareness, there is so much radio could do to promote their event. Imran pointed out how the print and broadcasting media should join forces in a newspaper article that he was invited to do on 17th February 2008. You can read his thoughts here. There is some truths in what he said and this event is a fine example of how promotion could help it being made aware by the masses. Cos really our local papers have not made much of a mention on APM2008 and not many people are radio savvy. If there is a short write up every other day on the artistes involved either through nominations or performing, it would most definitely be a good advertisement for the event and for people to get to know our local artistes better. And not wait till the day before the event to hype it up. Maybe that’s why I take it upon myself to update my readers on APM2008 as much as I can in this blog, even if what you read are rants on why things are being done like this, or why things are being done like that… 🙂

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

5 thoughts on “A Little Clarification…”

  1. it is just questioning how hady earns a chance to perform at APM this yr without any new musical works or album.. its tad superficial to give him the honor just because he won Asian idol (esp it seems to be an incidental win of calculations and reverse strategy to many people)..

    At least Taufik has been working to prove his worth to stand on the stage with his consistent music efforts and a maintained improvement that has made him someone us singaporeans are proud of. he was the co writer of Seribu Tahun if im not wrong..

    just feel that we have to gauge the worthiness of artistes that deserves the chance… if only if they have put in effort themselves..

  2. As I had pointed above and thanks to the kind observation of fellow readers of this blog, the selection to perform at APM might not be due to what efforts or new works being shown which were the criterias, but the pulling factors of the artistes themselves. It has to be noted and not many people (Hady fans aside) know that ever since Asian Idol, he is big in Indonesia and having a healthy fan base over there.

    As I had mentioned in one of my recent entries, APM is very much a stranger to the Msian and Indo audience. To have a familiar face as the pulling factor, would create some kind of awareness for them to tune in. Cue Hady who is already known in Indonesia, aside from their own artistes (Bunga, Judika, Matta, Ihsan & Kris) who are slated to perform on the night.

    I believe Hady in his own right has put in a lot of effort to be noticed. Yes he might not have a new album to show for or he might be singing the same old tracks over and over again, but it is easy for us to overlook the work he does elsewhere when not many people are willing to share his achievements over there.

    The choice of our performers for APM night is a common sense of its own with regards to their popularity, influence and pulling factor. Quality-wise, they are on par with their regional counterparts. My only gripe is there should be more of them being invited to grace the occasion…

  3. Hi PM,

    Thank you for the clarifications pertaining to the two idols. Now I understand better. Your previous entries did sound like you were against them. And no, it’s not true that the two idols can do no wrong in the eyes of their fans. Overzealous or otherwise, just take it with a pinch of salt. Their fans are just doing their job, just like you, promoting / defending Imran as and when you deem fit.

    Let’s not go into “incidental win of calculations and reverse strategy to many people” when you don’t have an absolute facts and figures to show for. Besides, it’s April now, more than 3 months have passed. Can’t we all just accept the fact that Hady is the winner?

    Hady’s inclusion in this year’s APM is testimony that despite the lack of album, he is still a huge crowd puller, especially audience from indonesia who are warming up to him. APM and Hady need each other. Hady needs the exposure, while APM needs to grab the attention of the Indonesians who are oblivious to our talents. Who knows, after this, not only Hady is well known, but also Taufik, Aliff and Ahli Fiqir will be accepted there.

    Comparisons of Hady and Taufik in terms of album worth is unfair. Hady was collecting material for his second album when Asian Idol came knocking. And now, he continues working hard composing and writing his own material to give his fans a good album. Why discredit him now when his product is not even out?

    Anyway, performers listed are not required to have songs written/compose by themselves. If that is the case than I can safely say many of them are not qualified as they are mere singers on their albums, not producer/writer/composer like Taufik. Taufik is multi talented, and not one can fault that.

    And yes Taufik is the co-writer of Seribu Tahun and a few more songs from Imran’s album.

  4. Hi Pujangga Malam

    I like to read your blogs but never commented on any topics. Thank you for your clarifications pertaining abt the two idols. As what serundingpedas comments regarding Hady, it’s true that Hady is busy collecting materials for his upcoming album. It’s easy to say than to be done. You need to get the inspiration to write lyrics and composing songs. With the upcoming APM and other events that he’s involved with, he’s really a busy man now.

    Hady’s Indonesian fan base is getting bigger and his news are always in the media there but here in Singapore it seems there are hardly any news about his achievements. Anyway no news is good news..

    Taufik is multi-talented and I’m proud of his achievements. Taufik has a great talent so do some of our local artiste like jai,didicazli,sleeq and not forgetting Imran also.

    don’t you feel proud that a Singaporean won the 1st Asian Idol title? Hady had done his best to give a good performances during the competition.

  5. Hi Ani,

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your two cents’ worth. Wished more of my readers could do the same cos it’s no fun seeing 400-500 over hits per day but not many would like to leave and share their thoughts behind cos my words are not always the be all and end all. I’m still learning from everyone.

    No news is good news. But it could also be a double-edged sword. That’s why I said above, besides Hady’s fans and those who are in tune with his journey in the entertainment scene, not many know of him making inroads over in Indonesia. I’ve not seen our local print media harping about it on a regular basis. Even if they did, it’s just a fleeting mention and nothing more.

    Which is why I echo Imran’s call for there to be a synergy between all media parties to lift the standard of our local music industry. Only then will our people get to know our own products better.

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