Ian Qalysyah’s 1st Birthday Party & Anugerah Planet Muzik 2008 Prelude…

That’s quite a mouthful for an entry title isn’t it??? I’m beginning to hate weekends, cos weekends mean I have to do house chores mostly all by myself, especially now with the wife in confinement. Not that I hate to do them but it’s no fun doing it alone and taking up a lot of your time. Maybe I’m so used to growing up with a maid and am still adjusting to living on my own. Which was why I was thankful these two events happened on a day that all work has been done and I needed that wee bit of respite and rest to recharge for the coming week ahead.

Many thanks are in store to my best friend, Nizam and wifey sis Ian for first and foremost inviting us to the 1st birthday celebrations party of their sweet daughter Ian Qalysyah. I’m still a bit stumped that she’s turned one already cos I still remember Nizam sms-ing us to pray for her safe delivery on the eve of her birth day (11th April 2007). When I received his sms back then, I was in the middle of working out at the gym. How fast time has flown and now she has grown to be a cute infant with adorable and dreamy eyes.

We were not expected to attend since Aida‘s condition did not allow her to do so, but it was not a good reason for me to miss out since I’m still well enough to go and answer my best friend’s invite. I had initially planned to bring Syahindah Adawiyah along but bearing in mind how fidgety she could be if she were to sit for more than 15 minutes on her car seat, I decided against it. Even though both our homes are just a 5 minutes drive away, this event was held in the humble function room of a beautiful condominium set in the East.

I liked the whole setting, it was simple, humble and the place was cozy enough for close friends and family members to mingle about. Coupled with the fact that it was by the poolside, the ambience couldn’t be more apt for an event like this. I dunno maybe it’s just me, but I kinda like gatherings like these by the poolside. Diah‘s daughter’s (Sharleez Nadya) first birthday was a fine example of a gathering by the poolside that comes to mind.

When I came at about 1pm, the cake cutting was already done and dusted and games had been played, which was evident on some of the arms of the guests, as they had some fancy markings on them. I took time out to catch up with Nizam‘s family members and also Ian‘s father whom I’ve not met in ages. It’s always nice to have a conversation with people you’ve not met in awhile cos there will always be a lot of stories to share. I just love the company and the warmth being spread all over cos Nizam‘s family treat me like their own already.

I wanted to take more pictures of the birthday girl herself but she was so popular with the guests that the only photo I could take was when she finally rested on her daddy’s shoulders to rest and take a nap. Some kids are scared and overwhelmed by the event made for them which could sometimes make them cranky or cry but Qaly was the consummate professional and just enjoying it with a smile on her face. The only time she got cranky was when she wanted to nap, which is a norm for most little kids I know. Thanks again to Nizam, Ian and family for having me around…


After the birthday event, I took my leave and headed towards nearby Geylang Serai for the Anugerah Planet Muzik 2008 Prelude event held at the Malay Village‘s Dewan Singgahsana Hall, via a short stopover to observe my responsibilities. I was surprised to see quite a number of people at Geylang Serai on a Sunday afternoon as my only knowledge of the crowd is during the mornings when people come to do their weekly marketing. I believe half the number of people there were Indonesian workers and maids having their off day. There is even a dangdut club right smack near the Malay Village entrance where these people let their hair down, judging by the number of people queuing up to enter and listening to the way they spoke.

Saw a few familiar faces amongst the audience (my fellow listener friends) as I entered the Dewan Singgahsana Hall and started to chat with some of them. There was already a healthy number in attendance with all the seats on the lower level taken up and many more standing by the sides and at the back. For some weird reason or another, nobody sat at the second floor until much later when the hosts made the announcement and invited the audience who were standing by the sides to go up so as to ease the congestion on the lower level. Even though the hosts of the day were announced as TG from Warna 94.2FM and Fiza from RIA 89.7FM, KC and Nona Kirana from RIA as well as Suriani from Warna also took over the hosting duties during the Karaoke Kelam-Kabut and Tiru Gaya Artis segments.

Fiza & TG: The main hosts for the day…

I was in attendance more for the performances by the guest artistes (Sleeq, Didicazli & Azyza who was a late addition) than the various interactive segments meant for the audience. But the interactive segments were entertaining as well, if not a bit flawed with regards to the main karaoke competition. A lot of laughter were shared and generally I felt the crowd left satisfied with what was in store. The Tiru Gaya Artis segment especially threw up weird participation. Who would expect “Taufik Batisah” to be balding and having a generous amount of facial hair??? When the participant won and made a short thank you speech, Nona Kirana and Suriani remarked that he spoke like a Member of Parliament. Unknown to them, the participant’s brother (Mr. Zulkifli Mohd) used to be a Member of Parliament back in the late 80s, so similarities are uncanny in that respect. How do I know??? Let’s just say that their family and my parents are childhood buddies.

The boys from Sleeq were definitely slick with their moves…

But I guess I was more floored by the performance of a certain Noraisyah Aziz during the main Karaoke competition. If the name rings a bell but you don’t seem to remember from where, she’s the younger sister of last year’s Anugerah 2007 winner, Aliff. I’ve heard a lot about her before but not seen her in action and some sources even said that vocal-wise, she’s much better than her famous brother. It was a great introduction to seeing her perform on a big stage like that and I would not be surprised if she enters the next Anugerah competition or the following edition after that. She has the whole package to succeed: height, looks, the voice. And for someone who does not fancy Taufik Batisah‘s “Berserah” as compared to “Sesuatu Janji” before this, I was warmed over by her interpretation of the song. If someone sings and makes my hair stand, he or she has gained my stamp of approval and not many singers out there have won me over. Noraisyah, considered the novice, made me bristled and stood in awe of her voice. It was fortunate that I managed to record it for you guys to enjoy her performance. The only disappointment for me was the fact that she was upstaged by a tone-deaf 13-year old who won only cos the audience were the judges and they supported him more for his showmanship in asking the audience to clap for him.

While Sleeq continues to impress me with their showmanship and more stable vocal techniques, Didicazli went one better by showing his softer side and serenading to a handicapped girl on wheelchair. He was also at ease communicating with the audience and exchanging banter with Fiza when they had a brief interview. Azyza is one performer who is very much under-rated here in Singapore. While she has bags of experience having sang at night clubs, her one flaw could be attributed to the X-factor and stage presence that she lacks. In an industry where the male singers are being worshipped like demi-gods, it takes more than just vocal precision to win the fans over. Azyza should also pay attention to her choice of stage wear. I will not say more other than to say one’s physical assets should not be enhanced further by the tightness of the top, lest you’ll get a wardrobe malfunction. Which was why I chose not to take any photos of her performance, not that she was unendearing to watch.

Nona Kirana & Suriani looking for would-be impersonators amongst the audience…

It was a decent effort by the two main protagonists behind the Anugerah Planet Muzik event to have a prelude show like the one I attended last Sunday. Though I felt that more of these outdoor shows could be done in the weeks leading up to the event, this was a good promo in its own right and hyped up the adrenaline of the audience in attendance to expect a grand occasion come Sunday 20th April 2008. I certainly hope so as the reactions from the media abroad and even my own observations, did not not paint much of a rosy picture over the past two years’ editions. The only thing I felt shortchanged was the non-mention of who is to be the host/s of the event. Even when I tried probing KC & Fiza after the show ended, they were coy enough not to give anything away and let it be a surprise for everyone. I will share with you my humble predictions on the upcoming winners in my next entry…

Didicazli with his priviledged supporter…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

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