Hold Your Horses…

Alright people, I know a lot of you are waiting for my Anugerah Planet Muzik 2008 review based on the record number of hits my main domain generated. As much as I want to share with you my thoughts as well as the photographs that I took at the event, as quickly and as soon as possible, somehow you have to understand that I too hold a day job like most of you out there. So I hope you guys would be patient and I’ll try to publish it before the week is out since you all know I don’t like to compromise and rush my reviews. It will be lengthy, it will probably be one of the best reviews I’ve ever made, I dunno. That will be up to you to judge for yourselves. For the time being, I just want to thank the record 1479 readers who came in yesterday to see if I’ve updated this blog or not. Sorry to disappoint you there but I hope when the review is out, I would satisfy and quench your thirst for the lowdown on the region’s annual music awards.

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

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