Being Chuffed & Having HFMD…

Before I move on and talk about my HFMD experience, I just wanna say how chuffed I am when I saw a comment left by one of my visitors to my blog (if you are reading this from my main domain). As I’ve always mentioned like a broken record already, I won’t know who and which individual comes and goes unless they bother to leave a short note / comment and if they leave their proper identity behind. Other than that, I only have some rough inkling of who they are based on my site trackings / Multiply visitor history or if they mention / bitch about me in their own blogs. Hahahaha… Anyway back to my visitor…

I really did not expect her to come in and read my entries, seeing what a busy person she is. Coupled with the fact that her stock has just risen following her newly crowned title as the Artis Baru Wanita Terbaik (Best New Female Artiste) at the recent Anugerah Planet Muzik 2008, I would expect her schedule to be even more packed than it already is. I’ve always liked her songs, ever since I watched the second season of “Gol & Gincu“, where her song “Seribu Penipuan” was the main soundtrack in the series. And then when her following single “Di Pangkuan Pilu” hit the airwaves in Malaysia, I was really won over by her vocals and her songs as they are a tad different from most female singers in the Malay market, and since not many are brave enough to experiment with a pop rock album, bearing in mind that local music consumers are so into Ella, a distinguished quality who is already in the scene for 20-odd years.

When I gave a positive review on her in my APM2008 review, it was written without having any thoughts whatsoever nor have any designs that she would probably be reading it quietly or if anyone had informed her of it. I was just being frank on my assessment of her and gave credit where it’s due, just like how I can criticise and give credit to a certain party where I feel they came up short and if they have other aspects which deserves a well-mentioned praise. I believe I’m a fair person in that respect, in that I do not forget the good from the bad and vice-versa. Even if I bother on hypocrisy for being on the fence, it also depends on how each individual interprets my words and judge me as a person. So to Farah Asyikin, thank you for dropping by this humble abode of mine and leaving your short note on it. It really made my day to have one of my current fave singers coming in personally and liked what she read.  Hope to meet you again in future and attend your shows Farah. Rock on sister!!!


Right, I’m sure you guys would like to know how I contracted this current dreaded disease that is making its rounds in playschools, montessories, kindergartens, schools etc. Well it all began about two weeks ago when my niece, Nurin Diyanah, who is staying with us, went down with fever. Three days later, her younger brother, Muhammad, and my daughter Syahindah also went down with fever. Surprisingly Nurin Diyanah recovered with no after-effects but her brother and my daughter began to have rashes on their hands, legs and faces. Syahindah was fortunate enough that the rashes were only limited to her legs right up to her buttocks.

I woke up last Friday morning feeling a little groggy and having an extremely sore throat. I brushed it off as nothing more than effects of not having enough sleep since after all, I’ve been burning the midnight oil looking after my second daughter, Syadiyah Asyura, who is surprisingly active at night. However, the soreness in my throat did not go away and by the time afternoon came, I was completely drained. It was a wonder I could still walk some distance between my office to the mosque for Friday prayers. After prayers, I was already groggy and feeling as though a heavy weight was piling on my head. Told my supervisor I was not feeling well and off I sped for home.

When I reached home, I immediately slumped on my bed shivering away. The wife sensing something wasn’t right, took my temperature and showed me the readings. It read 38.5 degrees Celsius, a sure sign I had fever. It was only after Maghrib that I found enough strength to see the doctor. He had speculated that I could have contracted the same thing as Syahindah but he brushed the possibility aside since the chances of an adult getting it was quite rare. He just told me to look out for any spots or rashes in the next few days. True enough, the next night, boils and blisters began to appear on my fingers and feet. This was on top of the on-off fever I had throughout Saturday.

So another visit to the doctor was in store on Sunday night and he wondered what rotten luck I had for getting into such a predicament when I walked into his room to display my “wares” to him. I was expecting at least three days MC at the most but he said this disease is almost similar to chicken pox and one has to be quarantined at least a week before getting confirmation that he / she is fit to face the public again. Since I did not want to spend again just to see him for confirmation, I told him to extend my MC and in the end he gave me a hefty 10 days to sit at home. I winced when I heard 10 days. Most people would love to have extended MCs and stuff just to get away from work. Not me though, especially when I think of the idea of being cooped up at home without stepping outside for fresh air. Fortunately, I have loads of magazines and DVDs to while the time away. And I’ve been doing just that for the past 4 days now. I even managed to save my hard-earned dollars by watching streaming current blockbusters in our cinemas, on the Net.

Having HFMD has its pros and cons. Of course it sucks to the core that you have to stay away from your family members, moreso if you cannot cuddle and kiss your wife and children. My heart breaks whenever Syahindah comes into the room, holding out her hands, wanting me to carry her. Even though technically I can still carry, cuddle and kiss her since she already had the disease, she can still get it again. This disease is unlike chicken pox, where a recurrence is highly unlikely in most cases. It can return again anytime without warning especially when you read that there are different strains to it. Funny though how come I have more spots, boils and blisters on me as compared to Syahindah. I think adults come off worse than kids. The good thing I got from this is that I had a free weight loss programme over the past week losing about 2kg, just eating porridge or half-boiled eggs. Certainly beats not going to the gym. Hahahaha…

So to anyone of you out there whose child has contracted the disease, just be patient. Bathe the kid in salt water (don’t have to go to the beach) and apply calamine lotion on the affected areas. The spots should disappear soon. If anyone out there wants a long MC and think you can go through 3-4 days of having fever or have spots, boils and blisters growing on your body, not to mention having ulcers in the mouth and tongue, you know who to find for your dose of medicine. Don’t say I didn’t warn you of the effects!!! :p


Lastly, I would like to welcome my favourite cousin from my paternal side, Irwan and his beloved wife Fauzana into the marriage club. They got married last Saturday 3rd May 2008 with the main wedding happening on the following day. Also to my favourite cousin from my maternal side, Ezaad, who celebrated his 30th birthday on the same day. And to think I did not get to celebrate both cousins’ monumental day, being confined to my bed and down wih fever on Saturday

Md Irwan & Nur Fauzana Kaz – Welcome to the club!!!

Md Ezaad a.k.a. Movie Star – Am happy you finally realised your dreams even if it took 30 years of your life to achieve it. At least you finally made it…!!! (Photo courtesy of Tantalizing Goddess)