I Rest My Case…

I think this verbal tete-a-tete is not getting us anywhere is it??? When you’ve tried your best to be as rationale as you can, when you’ve explained your own rhetoric and looking at things from an ocean’s perspective, but yet what you get is flak and name-calling from someone you’ve tried to debate intellectually, you know it’s not worth it to go on further debating a lost cause. Here we are, only in the semi-final rounds of a reality competition, but criticisms and highlighting of flaws are already being hard to swallow at this stage. What’s comical is that, the ones who are jumping over hot coal are not the band members themselves, but their ardent supporters.

Goodness gracious, I shudder to think what would happen in future if they get flak by the media, be it local or foreign, this too after being crowned champions. What will be their supporters’ subsequent reactions??? Spam the forum pages with more emotion-filled, laced with hate comments??? Shows how mentally weak some people are and goes to show that you’re not ready for the big time. Cos to be an artiste, you’ve got to take criticisms on the chin and move on. What does not kill you, makes you stronger. As fans, it is ok to be defensive, but not too overzealously defensive till you’ve lost touch of reality. How to improve if you cannot take in flaks and criticisms??? What’s the point of wallowing in self-pity when you can channel all the negatives into something positive???

So with the following latest comments made by my ardent reader “Lazer Hika” a.k.a. “CTGucci“, I rest my case and will not debate with her further. I hope my readers have enjoyed this over the past few days…

Cyber war shit well goes to a jinx is awalys a jinx!CDM no matter what i’ll support u till end!Your performance have been improving!

we’re just trying to help each fellow musicians out!watda**** haha helping this you call help!!!!!!haha with this kinda blog written by PUJANGGA MALAM memang kau malam ah pasal kau buta taktahu tulis, fair kau ckp gi belajar dulu dgn reporter dulu ah sebelom type!

From the CDM die hard fans….


The Plot Thickens…

I thought when I came out with my own defense and explained the rationale behind my reviews in yesterday’s entry, it would more or less appease some broken hearts out there, or should I say those who suffered from sore eyes from reading my not-so-worthy entries. And so, we continue from our verbal jousting from yesterday, with another reply coming from you-know-who, this time in the Anugerah Band Semi-Finals Review entry:

This is to all who disagree with CUCU DATUK MERAH,gimmick in a band competition can be accept then rather to show their talent in ROCK music ONLY!They are perfectly good band!!Professional music player, fyno the singer has his own style to sing with a slang bit when he sang ..THUMBS UP BRO!From the day 1 till now your band have been showing ur talent in playing different type of song.To win this anugerah band have to show this man as you can see how from day 1 till now all the rock2 music band how many had been chosen.

Even in the semi’s there is 3 rock bands only im sure they will choose 1 band only in that category.Ni zaman bila bro nak perform rock metal ah!CDM i’ll support u buat bodoh sudah dgn ni semua apa kisah drg ni semua banyak cakap ah muka pon tak masuk tv nak comment ni tu ah band entah2 band istrument pon taktahu main!Cakap pasal vokal entah key nyanyi sampai tak!

Back to the topic…
XTECH IS XTECH yaa true but this is not a competition for ROCK MUSIC! A band has to perform n show their talent in any category song!
Excuse me if this not a competition yes you can mention XTECH IS XTECH because cant deny they are great in ROCK METAL!
As vocal wise in Singapore indutries Music do you think ALIF AZIZ are perfect in vocal wise huh!

Gimmicks are welcomed as a form of surprise, an element which would spice your performance on stage. But there is only so much gimmicks can bring you. First and foremost you are supposed to enthrall the crowd with your energy, your voice, your showmanship as a singer, and at the same time need your group members to support you with their attitude on stage and responsibility in churning out the needed melody that accompanies you. You are not doing a magic show or a circus act. Gimmicks do not always translate into dollars in the long run. Too many gimmicks by a singer or a group are a bore sooner, if not later cos they only concentrate on doing spectacular stuff which then affect their overall performance. Just look at what happened to Helven.  Another way to look at it is that gimmicks do not reflect your seriousness in delivering a quality output, or worse, to mask your apparent flaws. If gimmicks are your cup of tea, then I presume you are a big fan of Moscow Circus or David Blaine, yes??? 😛

Goodness you’ve been harping about this professional musician thingy since yesterday as though I don’t already know or I have not made any homework. It is because of being professional musicians that people expect them to deliver top-notch performances week in and out, which they have not been showing on a regular basis, at least from my point of view. You complain about having three rock bands in the semi-final, I say all except Fatskunks are rock groups, just that the rock differs from group to group. But oh well who am I to judge right??? I can’t even play a damn musical instrument nor sing a crappy tune… 😛

The last paragraph kinda gave me some food for thought. True this is not a competition for rock music, but the organisers themselves did not spell out properly that bands, or the winner in particular, have to be versatile in many genres did they??? If that had been spelt out, then obviously all the groups would have experimented with different sounds or at least have one week where they must play raggae, or one week where they have to sound pop-ish. You think these groups that were asked to do something different from their comfort zones enjoy doing what they do??? Does it ever reflect their true feel, their passion and translate into note-worthy performances??? I had a chat with one of the members of Silksutra a few weeks ago. Prior to the episode before they were eliminated, he said one of the judges told them to stick to what they do best and what they are comfortable with. Isn’t that a strong indicator that the groups should highlight their strengths rather than their weaknesses??? Why in the world do they need to dabble in something they are not comfortable with and shoot themselves on the foot???

And why in the world is Aliff Aziz in the picture??? Aren’t we commenting about Anugerah Band instead of Anugerah??? Hello, please do not confuse my readers even more. Yes, I know some of you still have doubts about Aliff and his husky voice, his breathing technique yada yada yada. The fact is, he is laughing all the way to the bank, he has already made inroads across the Causeway, he was nominated in both APM and AIM (which is no mean feat for a local act), which of course tells you that if his voice was just so-so, would the people who nominate him be tone-deaf or select him for the sake of filling in the categories when there are quite a few decent male singers around??? Granted that he might not have a voice as melodious as Anuar Zain, or charismatic like Taufik Batisah, but when it comes to carrying our flag proudly on foreign shores, you can jolly well know you can count on him to make you proud of your local acts. 

You know “Lazer Hika” or “CTGucci” or whoever you are, I can be extremely childish, bend backwards or stoop to your level and say this is utter piece of garbage with a lot of grammatical errors to boot. But I’m not one who loves to laugh at other people’s shortcomings. You want to pour forth your thoughts, please jolly well do so without angsty emotions. Like I said yesterday, if you can at least share your own experiences sitting in the auditorium week in and out and give your own fair share of reviews in that white elephant blog of yours, people would at least take notice of where you are coming from and at best be another alternative media which people would want to read. Running your mouth like a broken piece of record and thinking from the comfort of your coconut shell only make others, me especially, hate your beloved group even more. Please do not soil my blog with your lop-sided thinking.

Things Just Got A Bit Hotter…

I’m compelled to blog about the following comments from one of my domain visitors. I dunno whether to laugh or be angry, but since I’m smiling as I’m typing this, I think the former sounds appropriate. I love debates, and I love to hear alternative views even if I don’t agree with them. At least I learn something from a different perspective and try to be in other people’s shoes. But I get peeved when people rebut with angsty emotions just to put their thoughts across. For the benefit of those in my Multiply network as well as those who don’t read the comments left by visitors in my main domain, here is what a visitor who calls him / herself “Lazer Hika” had to say and this was posted about an hour before I typed this entry:

First & Second Performances..
omg for your info CUCU DATUK MERAH is the BESTfrom the start till now they have been performing different type of music to showcase their talents man!For sure they will make it to the FINAL!Those who know about music and band will support CUCU DATUK MERAH, thats y they are still in the semi’s round PASS EXPRESS!Furthermore they are proffesional band player thats y any music for sure they can play.

DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MUSIC AND BAND HUH?Seems you only know to comment on their vocal wise.
Sixth Performance..Xtech is Xtech what the F*** for your info from the starting till now they are only concentrating in HEAVY ROCK METAL!In any reality show will never agree in this,XTECH should show any type of music to play to win anugerah band man!

Reading your Sixth Performance makes me reply to this coz i really disagree with you. Truthfully reading your blog is just reading someone who don’t know how to appreciate MUSIC and this is a competition band show man! The 2 band which you mention Trabo and X-tech which they are related somehow only know to perform Heavy rock metal band. FOR SURELY ANUGERAH BAND ARE LOOKING FOR A RATIONAL BAND WHO CAN PLAY VARIETY SONG NOT ONLY ROCK METAL!

Since all the way i’ve been there seeing they perform live my judgement FINAL CUCU DATUK MERAH,PUTERA,FATSKUNKS & RANCOUR will be in FINAL!

About who is the best, it’s really a subjective matter. And as to who would enter the finals, it’s down to the judges as well as the fingertips of the voters. My ears say Trabo and X-Tech have been the best so far, some of my visitors have agreed and some have not. That’s absolutely fair enough and I respect that. I was initially drawn to CDM as what Cucu Datok Merah is known for now, when I watched the very first episode of Anugerah Band. I thought this was a group that has something good in store for the watching audience in upcoming weeks based on the clips of them during the audition rounds. To say that those who know about music and band will support CDM is a very one-sided comment coming from within a coconut shell. You have to remember, 50% of the marks come from the judges and the other half is by the voting audience. If you have a strong fanbase, good for you. Of course they have been performing different genres for the past few weeks, but can you safely say they have pulled off good performances??? Have you easily forgotten how they shot themselves on the foot in the second episode???

What makes a good band remain in longevity??? It is by staying true to their nature, true to their art, true to their craft, true to their form. You look at Search and Wings and how long they have been in the industry. Have they ever tried to dabble in anything other than rock??? Gerhana Ska Cinta, a group that plays ska and raggae sounds have been around for a decade, which is considered long in industry shelf life, and even if they are not as popular in the mainstream than underground, they still have a sustainable market and people still flock to their shows. Back to CDM, I don’t deny they have tried hard, but sometimes it is best not to be a jack of all trades but master of none. So what if you’re professional musicians, even professional singers do not always perform well when crunch time comes.

I might not know about the technical aspects of music like some of my learned visitors, but I do know when the music sounds good and when it does not. I believe you’ve lost the plot when you chose to scrutinize my comments on vocals, when in fact I have also mentioned about musical arrangement and other aspects. Of course as someone who has the benefit of watching live, you have the advantage of seeing and hearing in the flesh how the sounds were emitted as compared to a couch potato like yours truly. Watching live and watching on television is different. With the sounds and noise made by the audience, even a frog croaking or in the words of one of my Multiply visitors, “suara macam kambing“, can also be music to the ears. 😛

Looking at your emotion-filled comments, even Jatt Ali looks like a criminal in your eyes, since he himself agreed that X-Tech is X-Tech. I can respect the comments made by the visitor before you (Asfi), even if he is a CDM fan and proud of it. He gave his thoughts and rationale in his blog which even the most sceptical of fans like me can say he has good points to put across. Truthfully reading my blog is just reading from someone who does not appreciate music eh??? Why bother coming in and read then??? Ooooppsss I forgot, the official media and website don’t update as often as you would like them to, which is why you have to drop by this site that provides an up-to-date service for gleeful readers like you to come in and drop bombs without thinking in the bigger picture.

If you think you have substantial reviews to provide, then by all means, please provide a service to the nation and don’t read this blog. You should know damn well reviews on blogs are the typist’s prerogative and point of view. I try to be fair and give credit where it’s due and heck I have no affiliations whatsoever to any members of the groups who are still participating or have been knocked out. What my ears and eyes reject, I will say it, and I will say it bluntly and call a spade, a spade. You want to come in and rebut, by all means do so with dignity, grace and mannerisms. You don’t see me disagreeing by using uncouth vocabulary do you???

I admit I’m not a rockish person, more so if it’s rock metal, but hell I appreciate this genre and feel that if Singapore bands are only good at this then they should just stick to what they know best and strive with it. One distinguished visitor in my Multiply site brought up an interesting food-for-thought. Rock has been around since the 70s. Those teenagers, 20 pluses, hell even 30 pluses back then loved it. Fast forward to the current time, these people are already parents, while others have already gotten the grandparent tags. Don’t you think that deep down somewhere in them, they still love rock??? Would they still accompany their kids or grandchildren to rock concerts / gigs??? I say why not if their interest have not waned over the years???

For your sake, I would love to see CDM emerge champions and then I want to see how long they can sustain in this industry. Or better still, if there is a market for them or any other bands out there. I’ve talked to a few people who have been in the industry for quite some time, some have even been kind enough to share their thoughts and all have painted a bleak picture. For the sake of Singapore bands, I hope this will not be the case and I expect the group that is honest and true to their style of play to land credence to their title win, rather than one which champions multiple genres or rely only on looks to earn their dues.

Anugerah Band Semi-Finals Review…

Am back again with another round of review. The previous week’s review was especially hot over here at my main domain, as well as in my cross-post blog over at Multiply, with visitors giving their takes and views on how the Wildcard round turned out. Though I have to respect the comments made by a small minority who disagree with my comments on certain groups which I feel are still lacking, I believe they have kinda lost the plot and commenting out of blind faith, emotions and without rationale. It’s like they arrived just to drop bombs and left without any trace, though trackings have detected that they came from the same source. It was interesting to observe whether their favourite group/s could really up their ante this week and I for one was looking forward to it. Right, on with the review proper.

First & Second Performances – Cucu Datok Merah (Kembali Berdansa) & Rancour (Ceritera Awan & Banjaran)

Why I placed the first two performances together is because they were similar in terms of quality and vocal execution. Quality-wise, they were just so-so, not too shabby, but yet not that excellent to warrant me to remember much about their performances. To be fair, this week, they were all given songs that are a bit off from their own comfort zones. While Cucu Datok Merah added a bit of funk to their play, Rancour stuck to their tried and tested formula. Vocals-wise, both vocalists were shaky and one common thing that both of them have not learnt right up till this stage is to lose the unbearable slang emanating from their mouths. They must have had cheeseburgers prior to the show.

Third Performance – Trabo (Sang Penghibur)

A slight tweak to the arrangement of the song did not spoil the whole substance to their performance. This was one of the most assured performances of the night and one I felt was the best. Calm, cool, collected. I will be extremely surprised if they do not enter the Finals.

Fourth Performance – Putra (Permintaan Hati)

For the second week in a row, the guitarist (Alif) actually stole the show from the lead vocalist (Farid). While the music arrangement was considered commendable, the same could not be said of Farid‘s vocals. I had pointed out how shaky his voice sounded last week and if that was not convincing to some of you, tonight was even worse as he went off pitch more often than he would have liked to and it clearly showed through his rather tired voice. God knows what the judges see in this group over a more balanced one like Knightwings when they made their decisions last week.

Fifth Performance – Fatskunks (Manusia)

In terms of creativity, I think this group won hands down tonight for an eye-catching introduction. However, the mish-mash of genres (Ska, Raggae, Swing etc) throughout the whole song kinda confused even the group members themselves judging by their movement to the beats and facial expressions. A case of too many cooks spoiling the broth perhaps??? Vocals were average even though you can detect some confidence in the tone.

Sixth Performance – X-Tech (Bila Dengan Kamu)

When it comes to bands, you know you need to have your own identity that you are comfortable with and not be dictated by the record companies or management that manages you. Bands are different from boybands where everything is manufactured and produced according to what the companies expect of you or if you want to cater your music to a select group of listeners. So you can guess which judge I agreed with just by reading the first few sentences in this paragraph. X-Tech is X-Tech. Watching them from Day 1 right up till now, you know what their distinct and signature sound is like and you can easily know it’s a trademark. Their trademark. While it wasn’t to the high quality that one expects them to be week in and out, you have to feel impressed that they have always have the ability to turn a song which is not to their feel, into one that they are comfortable with, and without spoiling the essence of the song.

How To Vote – You may start voting as at 9:30pm just now and it will end at 6:00pm next Tuesday 1st July 2008. Smses cost 60 cents and pre-paid card holders are ineligible to vote. You know the usual drill to vote: Band <space> Group Code and send it to 73388 and the codes are: Cucu Datok Merah (1), Rancour (2), Trabo (3), Putra (4), Fatskunks (5) and X-Tech (6). 

General Feelings – So far, only Trabo and X-Tech have shown that they are worthy finalists. If you ask me who should go through amongst the remaining four, I would go for Fatskunks and Rancour. Don’t ask me why I chose the other two. I just feel that they might make the Final a bit more interesting and they are much better vocals-wise. But of course fans of Cucu Datok Merah and Putra will not agree and leave more nasty comments in my blog. 😛

Anugerah Band Wildcard Round Review…

Those of you dropping in within an hour of the show’s end, or minutes even, would be surprised at the speed of which I’m posting this entry. Can’t be helped, especially with Euro 08 going on, and I need to have an early night before waking up to catch next morning’s double headers (France vs Italy and Netherlands vs Romania). Am updating this during every commercial break so yeah, this sure beats waiting and waiting for a report or review from Berita Harian that never appears, so much for being the “Official Media of Anugerah Band“. Hmmmppphhh!!!

Oh and not to mention the so-called “Official Website of Anugerah Band“. They have a segment on Weekly Recaps, but up till the 7th week now, they have still not updated that particular portion of the website. Next time don’t have it if they are too lazy to do something about it. I can think of a few old Malay idioms to describe this kind of attitude. One is “Melepaskan Batuk Di Tangga” and the other is “Hangat-Hangat Tahi Ayam“. For the benefit of my non-Malay readers, both idioms mean doing something for the sake of doing it without putting any effort or which does not produce any substance. I’ve said before in my Episode 2 review that I will not comment more till the weeks have gone by. A month on and still nothing much have been done other than the fact that they update photographs of each week’s episode or how to sms to vote. Oh and lately they’ve been quite busy promoting the series’ T-shirt mementos. Funny how come when it comes to generating income, they are quite on about it…

This week, thankfully, the audience is not subjected to voting and this I feel would result in a level playing field. I’ve said before, the groups in this Wildcard Round do not deserved to be here tonight. Why they were here was simply because of the fans’ votes. Simple as that. And when they go through to the next round, which is the semi-final rounds, they need the wisdom of these people’s fingertips and brains to bring them over to the Finals. So much for liking a certain group, but if they are just so-so, then please do a service to the industry and not undermine the quality that it is crying out for.

First performance – Putra (Sementara)

Contrary to what the judges said about their good performance, I thought that the introduction did not go down that well with me. The lead vocalist (Farid) was jittery and shaky and it showed when his voice cracked a few times. And what’s with that girly, lacy cut-off gloves that he wore??? As was pointed out by one of the judges, the bass and the drum was a bit off somewhere in the middle of the song. Certainly not my choice of semi-finalists as they were just too overawed by the occasion. Their only saving grace was their guitarist. 

Second performance – Knightwings (Nyalakan)

The group seems to have undergone a major revolution in terms of performance and tightness. I just cannot find any flaws on them tonight. The all-too-familiar prancing by their vocalist A’an was scrapped and this made his vocal execution the best tonight. It was evident for all to see and hear for themselves the range that this guy is capable of and the reason why I have a soft spot for this group.

Third performance – X-Tech (Yakin)

I was surprised they sang this song as I felt that it did not quite go down with what they had set off to champion, but they ended up smelling roses. From the start, the drummer stole the show with his energy and octopus-like moves. The original song which is of mid-tempo, transformed into a version that I myself was bobbing my head to. Trust X-Tech to come up with another energetic performance for us to savour.

Fourth performance – Virus Cinta (Sayang-Sayang)

They were given a reprieve, but I was surprised they did not grab their opportunity with both hands. While the ska-flavoured sound was music to the ears, the vocalist was having a lot of trouble executing the song as the key was too low for her liking. I dunno if they had enough practice on this song cos if they did, they would not have made this mistake and nip it in the bud before coming on stage to perform.

Through To Semi-Finals: X-Tech & Putra

Personal Thoughts – X-Tech should never have been subjected to this round, as was Knightwings. Personally I felt disappointed cos in terms of vocal stability, Knightwings could more than hold their own compared to Putra. Basically I knew who the judges would choose even before they made the announcement based on their comments after each performance. And I have a feeling when it comes to appeal, looks and style, Putra is more abreast with the current style and trend. So again, we might be falling back on the looks department that television is notoriously known for, above talent. I’m banking on X-Tech to sweep the competition from now on and be the winner, barring any sms hiccups…

Singing On National Radio…

Earlier today, I was featured on Hit Banget on RIA 89.7FM. They have this segment called “Karaoke Suka-Suka“. In the past, one of Hafeez Glamour‘s favourite segments amongst the listeners was the karaoke segment. People like Hetty Sarlene, Rudy Djoharnaen and Mansor Warren were fine examples of this “alumnus”. This was where I honed my skills as a music critic as well as show off my talents, or lack thereof depending on your perceptions. Ever since Hafeez revamped his daily programmes in the last year and a half, the segment was wiped off, so there went one avenue for me to spread my wings. But this weekly one-hour programme meant for the Indonesian workers tuning in, gave me the opportunity to resurrect something that I had long missed and so wanted to do. The itch was certainly there, moreso since my last live performance was during my wedding dinner, if my memory still serves me well.

I find it amusing that WordPress does not allow us to embed music files. As such I could not upload the clip in my main domain. But fret not, luckily Multiply allows us to upload music files so for those of you who would like to hear this frog croaking… I mean, me singing, here’s your chance to do so if you really want to know how I sound like when I open my mouth to sing. The singing was not done live during the show but the recording was done about 9 days ago in the early morning, when I was on leave. If you guys can guess, that’s the voice of someone who has just woken up and trying to find his rhythm. The only part I wasn’t too pleased about my singing was when Hafeez came into the picture, which in turn affected my key and subsequently, my voice cracked in the end. Hehehe excuses!!! I’m ready for all the brickbats coming my way, if you wish to comment on my singing…

So what you’ve got to do is click here. Then you have a choice of either to download or click on Play This Playlist. If you click on the latter, please be prepared to wait awhile for the clip to upload. And the rest as they say, enjoy!!!

No Reviews…

I looked at my blog statistics this morning and noticed a surge in readership yesterday. I believe this is relatively due to what most of you have come to expect just a few hours after every episode of Anugerah Band ends, which is my reviews. Like I’ve stated in my entry on Sunday, I will not be doing any reviews for this week as I was at work when the show was being televised. So I have to apologise for disappointing you guys there.

My thoughts on the results??? Those in the Wildcard round do not deserved to be in there and yes that includes Virus Cinta. Just look at the pedigree they have and compare it with those who were a shoo-in into the semi-finals. I will not say which groups already in the semi-finals I do not fancy, but I believe one or two of them deserves to be in the Wildcard round instead. But such is the “strength” of these groups when you subject this kind of competition to the fans, who sometimes vote out of blind loyalty, which in turn undermines the quality that the competition is crying out for.

For the record, those who have entered the semi-final rounds are Cucu Datok Merah, Fatskunks, Rancour and Trabo. While those in the Wildcard round are X-Tech, Knightwings, Virus Cinta and Putra.


As the title suggests, I’m not gonna mince any meat here.

Which arsehole out there is a true-blue member of True Yoga and has been giving my number away to their dumb call centre??? As it is, they have been calling me on an almost weekly basis asking me whether I would like to join them or not and when probed who was the wise ass who gave away my number, they could not give me a definitive answer saying the name of the member was not written on the slip. WTF???

This is bloody frustrating, I have half the mind to report this stupid company to CASE. But on what grounds do I have to make my complaints??? If this is the fault of someone in my contact list, that person jolly well owns up and be responsible about it. But I doubt it. People nowadays tend to do things behind our backs, and yes I treat this as a royal betrayal of the highest order. If you wanna give away my freaking number, at least tell me in advance. Not dropping my name and number into their recommendation boxes / bowls and without leaving your names behind.

Idiot!!! Freaking idiot!!! And I don’t care if you’re an acquaintance, a good friend or a family member…

“Badok” @ Badoque in Bedok…

LOL… Ok the title sounds kinda cheesy I know, but I think I need to post an entry very soon, bearing in mind that I will not be doing any Anugerah Band reviews this week due to work commitments. I doubt there will be any performances by the contestants anyway since this week is a half-hour special to see who qualifies for the semi-final rounds. So for those of you who look forward to my weekly updates, many apologies in advance for disappointing you in that respect.

I’ve been reading a lot of good things about this particular restaurant that I wanna talk about briefly in this short entry of mine, particularly from my fellow blogmates who have had the opportunity to try out the delicacies on the restaurant’s menu. I’m a Simpang Bedok regular, especially when it comes to visiting the Spize restaurant for their infamous Roti John Black Pepper and their Kebab (I’m drooling as I’m typing this), which I feel is the best in town and rightly so from the Selamat Pagi Singapura award that they received yonks ago (that was sometime in 2000 when I was still serving the country). Me and the family plus my in-laws (Syahindah was at my parents’ place for the weekend), wanted to try something different rather than the normal fare that we were used to whenever we go to Simpang Bedok. After hearing a lot of rave reviews, we decided to check it out ourselves.

That’s the Mushroom Cream sauce, half eaten…

Last April when I casually walked past the restaurant to locate its whereabouts (it is at 298 Bedok Road or Simpang Bedok, two shops away from Mad Jacks Restaurant, directly facing the old Bedok market), it was just a humble restaurant like any other. But this time, we were greeted by an alfresco dining area outside, fit for those group outings where you can talk and eat under the starry night. It has become more chic so to speak. One of the co-owners, Salim, who happens to be one of Imran‘s best friends, welcomed us in. Soothing eclectic Latin and Middle-Eastern tunes filled the air. Added with that touch of black decor which I simply adore, I felt at home in an instant. The ambience is such that it makes you relaxed and feel at ease instantaneously.

“Chicken Kuszee”… Yummy!!!

A pity I couldn’t quite recall the exact names of the food that we ate. From what I can remember, my in-laws had that “Snapper” dish with potato cake (I call it “Bergedil” 😛), Aida had “Chicken Kuszee” and yours truly had “Mushroom Cream” sauce / soup for starters and Steak Pasta (sorry can’t recall its full name). My goodness, the appetizer I ate still lingers in my head and tastebuds. I think that’s the best “Mushroom Cream” I’ve ever tasted. Had there been “Garlic Bread” for me to dip into it, I think I would be in Heaven. I think the next time I go there, I’m gonna order two or three servings. Even the pasta that I ate is different from the normal spaghetti we get at Pizza Hut or other restaurants. All the meat and even the fish are tender and soft.

My main course…

If you guys might baulk at the price, fret not. What you are paying for is actually reasonable, especially when the food is of a high quality and moreso because the staff are ever so friendly, so approachable, so affable and they really make the effort to make your short stay all the more worthwhile. Not many restaurants have their staff coming to you and asking how’s the food and what more can they do for you, on top of recommending what is good. Honestly I can’t find any flaws from them and I have to say it was money well spent. God-willing I hope to come again someday and I hope you guys too would try the succulent dishes on offer. And nope, I am not paid to promote them, just spreading the word out of goodwill for all to know and hopefully come to like, just like yours truly…