As the title suggests, I’m not gonna mince any meat here.

Which arsehole out there is a true-blue member of True Yoga and has been giving my number away to their dumb call centre??? As it is, they have been calling me on an almost weekly basis asking me whether I would like to join them or not and when probed who was the wise ass who gave away my number, they could not give me a definitive answer saying the name of the member was not written on the slip. WTF???

This is bloody frustrating, I have half the mind to report this stupid company to CASE. But on what grounds do I have to make my complaints??? If this is the fault of someone in my contact list, that person jolly well owns up and be responsible about it. But I doubt it. People nowadays tend to do things behind our backs, and yes I treat this as a royal betrayal of the highest order. If you wanna give away my freaking number, at least tell me in advance. Not dropping my name and number into their recommendation boxes / bowls and without leaving your names behind.

Idiot!!! Freaking idiot!!! And I don’t care if you’re an acquaintance, a good friend or a family member…