Anugerah Band Wildcard Round Review…

Those of you dropping in within an hour of the show’s end, or minutes even, would be surprised at the speed of which I’m posting this entry. Can’t be helped, especially with Euro 08 going on, and I need to have an early night before waking up to catch next morning’s double headers (France vs Italy and Netherlands vs Romania). Am updating this during every commercial break so yeah, this sure beats waiting and waiting for a report or review from Berita Harian that never appears, so much for being the “Official Media of Anugerah Band“. Hmmmppphhh!!!

Oh and not to mention the so-called “Official Website of Anugerah Band“. They have a segment on Weekly Recaps, but up till the 7th week now, they have still not updated that particular portion of the website. Next time don’t have it if they are too lazy to do something about it. I can think of a few old Malay idioms to describe this kind of attitude. One is “Melepaskan Batuk Di Tangga” and the other is “Hangat-Hangat Tahi Ayam“. For the benefit of my non-Malay readers, both idioms mean doing something for the sake of doing it without putting any effort or which does not produce any substance. I’ve said before in my Episode 2 review that I will not comment more till the weeks have gone by. A month on and still nothing much have been done other than the fact that they update photographs of each week’s episode or how to sms to vote. Oh and lately they’ve been quite busy promoting the series’ T-shirt mementos. Funny how come when it comes to generating income, they are quite on about it…

This week, thankfully, the audience is not subjected to voting and this I feel would result in a level playing field. I’ve said before, the groups in this Wildcard Round do not deserved to be here tonight. Why they were here was simply because of the fans’ votes. Simple as that. And when they go through to the next round, which is the semi-final rounds, they need the wisdom of these people’s fingertips and brains to bring them over to the Finals. So much for liking a certain group, but if they are just so-so, then please do a service to the industry and not undermine the quality that it is crying out for.

First performance – Putra (Sementara)

Contrary to what the judges said about their good performance, I thought that the introduction did not go down that well with me. The lead vocalist (Farid) was jittery and shaky and it showed when his voice cracked a few times. And what’s with that girly, lacy cut-off gloves that he wore??? As was pointed out by one of the judges, the bass and the drum was a bit off somewhere in the middle of the song. Certainly not my choice of semi-finalists as they were just too overawed by the occasion. Their only saving grace was their guitarist. 

Second performance – Knightwings (Nyalakan)

The group seems to have undergone a major revolution in terms of performance and tightness. I just cannot find any flaws on them tonight. The all-too-familiar prancing by their vocalist A’an was scrapped and this made his vocal execution the best tonight. It was evident for all to see and hear for themselves the range that this guy is capable of and the reason why I have a soft spot for this group.

Third performance – X-Tech (Yakin)

I was surprised they sang this song as I felt that it did not quite go down with what they had set off to champion, but they ended up smelling roses. From the start, the drummer stole the show with his energy and octopus-like moves. The original song which is of mid-tempo, transformed into a version that I myself was bobbing my head to. Trust X-Tech to come up with another energetic performance for us to savour.

Fourth performance – Virus Cinta (Sayang-Sayang)

They were given a reprieve, but I was surprised they did not grab their opportunity with both hands. While the ska-flavoured sound was music to the ears, the vocalist was having a lot of trouble executing the song as the key was too low for her liking. I dunno if they had enough practice on this song cos if they did, they would not have made this mistake and nip it in the bud before coming on stage to perform.

Through To Semi-Finals: X-Tech & Putra

Personal Thoughts – X-Tech should never have been subjected to this round, as was Knightwings. Personally I felt disappointed cos in terms of vocal stability, Knightwings could more than hold their own compared to Putra. Basically I knew who the judges would choose even before they made the announcement based on their comments after each performance. And I have a feeling when it comes to appeal, looks and style, Putra is more abreast with the current style and trend. So again, we might be falling back on the looks department that television is notoriously known for, above talent. I’m banking on X-Tech to sweep the competition from now on and be the winner, barring any sms hiccups…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

19 thoughts on “Anugerah Band Wildcard Round Review…”

  1. g0 CUCU DATUK MERAH I will supp0rt you 4 ever.. CDM perf0rm lain daripada yang lain CDM leh perf0rm pelbagai genre qualiti yang mesti ade kalau nak jadi rec0rding artist….. tk b0leh harap kn r0ck aje…. ini anugerah band bukan anugerah band rock. f0r this CDM ade x-fact0r. kalau nk comment CDM tengok dulu perf0rmance mereke semase auditi0n sebelum masuk TV POWER bab!!!

  2. I admit during audition they were good, but how come they did not transmit that level of consistency to the big stage? If you can recall Episode 2 and 4, they can consider themselves lucky to progress by virtue of sms-es, even if they sucked badly. The big stage is where you are judged and this is where people will gauge your capabilities, not the audition rounds. As it is CDM is a mish mash of a few genres and this confuses music lovers out there. Even their fashion sense is confusing.

  3. Yeah i agree with you that those in the “Wildcard round” should not even be in that round. In terms of performance wise X-Tech & Knightwings, SOLID. Like professional. Every band members hidup, everyone play their part, tak ada weakest link. Now that Knightwings is out, i’m hoping for X-Tech to birng the title home. Honestly I think that for the Pas Express should be given to X-Tech instead of CDM, no offence!
    As for Knightwings, I hope they will not be dissappointed. I’m sure since their band is more exposed now, they will get better opportunities out there.

  4. i agree with u on this one. I dun think Putra did well, knightwings chose the wrong song i personally felt but still perfomance wise slightly better than putra. x-tech hands down is the best that nite! and abt CDM, they should not even BE IN THE TOP 8 in the first place! I dun understand the voters mind sometimes. Supporters vote blindly putting those w/o substance in. And putra mcm over confident eh? 🙂

  5. hmmmp…you can say watever you want…no one is stopping you but i guess this is THE REALITY. Please FACE it. Thats why its a REALITY SHOW…so WAKE UP MAN…like one of the judges said DO or DIE. This competition is about surviving k 🙂 If you are not happy or whatever, its no used. 6 semi finalist already been announced….SO?
    just sit back and watch …. why must you bother … basically if you think its not fair…then VOTE VOTE VOTE ok…dont just talk much but not voting your favourites. Isnt it STUPID. Please also …get rid of PHD

    I wish all the best to the TOP 6 Bands who make it to the semi finals and remember what Eddy Ali said as he wants all band to try different genre….dont always sing ROCK ROCK ROCK all the way… boring kekekek 😦

  6. How can you prove that I have not voted or on what basis was my entry full of hatred and jealousy??? Sometimes talk is cheap and accusations can be wild but you my dear visitor certainly have problems understanding my words, or do you need me to speak in a different language for you to clearly understand my tone and my feelings towards the competition??? It’s my blog, I have the right to type what I see and hear. What is good, I will complement, and what is bad I will point it out. I’m a fair person, whether you like it or not…

  7. i feel u r so right-on about your comments on the bands (i like your description of x-tech’s drummer, octopus he is indeed yah, hehe…).
    but i believed all the bands have enjoyed themselves that night, i thot that’s more important than winning this comp…

  8. Iqah & Lela,

    I know you’re the same persons cos your IP adds are the same. CDM more power??? Let’s wait and see… Even if they succeed, I want to see how long they will sustain in this industry. 🙂

  9. PM, check IP nampak? hehe.. sama lah keje aku jugak.

    Anyways, gue tarak tgk ni anugerah. I think “reality” shows sucks, except for American Idol. Not Singapore, not Malaysia, only America. I no eat keju hor, but i think you get my drift.

    BTW, i have great great great feeling that this sms-voting are planned.

    Review lagik eh, sebab betol betol kita husband wife tak tgk anu lagi.

  10. hi PM,
    OMG, eh sorry bro…i think you got me wrong…pls dont misunderstood me…perhaps im not clear in my comments but im not referring to you…i know you are a fair person and fr day 1 of your entry abt AB, i really look forward to it every week. I know your entry is base on fact, what you hear and see and i believe you are not that kind of person.

    Sorry if my comment seems like commenting you but really fr the bottom of my heart its not meant for you.
    I really apologise …

    Btw, im just not happy with pple commenting abt the AB Groups. 6 semi finalist are known, so what we hv to do is give them the Moral Support and hopefully their performance will be outstanding…Basically all of them did a fantastic job. …but im just wondering why of all Bands CDM always received criticism fr day 1….just because they did a mistake and they are in the Semis? Im not siding any of the bands but to be fair…why not we just sit back and see what will happen.

    Ultimately we will know who is the WINNER of AB. All bands hv the potential but whose luck will that be we will have to wait.

    Ok, ive said my mind…hope Bro, you dont take it to hard hor.

  11. Hai guys,

    Enjoy reading yr comments. But do give constructive comments and be more matured in critical and creative views. I’m not a big fan of the AB nor do I know much about the local music industry but I did follow thru it closely. Our music industry is small it doesn’t help to pin pple down without giving constructive criticism. Do face it in real world you don’t really get what you want. Guess there is blessing in disguised. The winner of AB may not be the best grp as there are other factors to consider when your are in the entertaining industry. Just hope the best man win and not only can the winning group play and sing but also can entertain the audience equally good. AB is just a platform where gems are being polished, it is up to them to realised their dream and with the given support they will make it big in the world stage.

  12. Hahazkzzz…..da moment Putra’s name was called out 4 da semi-final instead of Knightwings, i noe dis AB thingy was juz 1 big joke…well-versed thankz to the Clown (da Judges)…da issues of judgin on the “looks department ” instead of talents n potentials has been a common prob in our local talent search….winning this AB dun mean instant Stardom in S`pore industry…ask JAtt Ali himself….how many comp did he won back den b4 being artiste….Its all down to the band’s bloods, sweats n tears….no offence to anyone…Juz clearin my opinions

  13. Apart from the promising contract with Universal Records for the grand winner, I think all the bands who have made it to the TOP 6 are winners liao. I am sure there are labels observing them already lor.

    So, for the 2 bands who would not make the cut to the finals, it’s OK. There are recording labels who would want to endorse them liao. They would be willing to invest on grooming, be it aesthetically or musically.

    Still, I would want my choice band to make it to the finals la. Heh heh.

  14. i setuju dengan ape yang pemerhati cakap i c0nfirm CDM, putra n Fatsunk can d0 it i just v0te f0r CDM see larr kalau d0rang very g0od ishallah larr… kite mane tahu………….. gtg see yeh

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