Anugerah Band Semi-Finals Review…

Am back again with another round of review. The previous week’s review was especially hot over here at my main domain, as well as in my cross-post blog over at Multiply, with visitors giving their takes and views on how the Wildcard round turned out. Though I have to respect the comments made by a small minority who disagree with my comments on certain groups which I feel are still lacking, I believe they have kinda lost the plot and commenting out of blind faith, emotions and without rationale. It’s like they arrived just to drop bombs and left without any trace, though trackings have detected that they came from the same source. It was interesting to observe whether their favourite group/s could really up their ante this week and I for one was looking forward to it. Right, on with the review proper.

First & Second Performances – Cucu Datok Merah (Kembali Berdansa) & Rancour (Ceritera Awan & Banjaran)

Why I placed the first two performances together is because they were similar in terms of quality and vocal execution. Quality-wise, they were just so-so, not too shabby, but yet not that excellent to warrant me to remember much about their performances. To be fair, this week, they were all given songs that are a bit off from their own comfort zones. While Cucu Datok Merah added a bit of funk to their play, Rancour stuck to their tried and tested formula. Vocals-wise, both vocalists were shaky and one common thing that both of them have not learnt right up till this stage is to lose the unbearable slang emanating from their mouths. They must have had cheeseburgers prior to the show.

Third Performance – Trabo (Sang Penghibur)

A slight tweak to the arrangement of the song did not spoil the whole substance to their performance. This was one of the most assured performances of the night and one I felt was the best. Calm, cool, collected. I will be extremely surprised if they do not enter the Finals.

Fourth Performance – Putra (Permintaan Hati)

For the second week in a row, the guitarist (Alif) actually stole the show from the lead vocalist (Farid). While the music arrangement was considered commendable, the same could not be said of Farid‘s vocals. I had pointed out how shaky his voice sounded last week and if that was not convincing to some of you, tonight was even worse as he went off pitch more often than he would have liked to and it clearly showed through his rather tired voice. God knows what the judges see in this group over a more balanced one like Knightwings when they made their decisions last week.

Fifth Performance – Fatskunks (Manusia)

In terms of creativity, I think this group won hands down tonight for an eye-catching introduction. However, the mish-mash of genres (Ska, Raggae, Swing etc) throughout the whole song kinda confused even the group members themselves judging by their movement to the beats and facial expressions. A case of too many cooks spoiling the broth perhaps??? Vocals were average even though you can detect some confidence in the tone.

Sixth Performance – X-Tech (Bila Dengan Kamu)

When it comes to bands, you know you need to have your own identity that you are comfortable with and not be dictated by the record companies or management that manages you. Bands are different from boybands where everything is manufactured and produced according to what the companies expect of you or if you want to cater your music to a select group of listeners. So you can guess which judge I agreed with just by reading the first few sentences in this paragraph. X-Tech is X-Tech. Watching them from Day 1 right up till now, you know what their distinct and signature sound is like and you can easily know it’s a trademark. Their trademark. While it wasn’t to the high quality that one expects them to be week in and out, you have to feel impressed that they have always have the ability to turn a song which is not to their feel, into one that they are comfortable with, and without spoiling the essence of the song.

How To Vote – You may start voting as at 9:30pm just now and it will end at 6:00pm next Tuesday 1st July 2008. Smses cost 60 cents and pre-paid card holders are ineligible to vote. You know the usual drill to vote: Band <space> Group Code and send it to 73388 and the codes are: Cucu Datok Merah (1), Rancour (2), Trabo (3), Putra (4), Fatskunks (5) and X-Tech (6). 

General Feelings – So far, only Trabo and X-Tech have shown that they are worthy finalists. If you ask me who should go through amongst the remaining four, I would go for Fatskunks and Rancour. Don’t ask me why I chose the other two. I just feel that they might make the Final a bit more interesting and they are much better vocals-wise. But of course fans of Cucu Datok Merah and Putra will not agree and leave more nasty comments in my blog. 😛

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

15 thoughts on “Anugerah Band Semi-Finals Review…”

  1. One’s perception may be another’s personality.

    Nonetheless, your honest opinion is of worthy attention to the bands, in regular need for feedback for perpetual improvement.

    And like yourself, I do await the outcome of results and the subsequent round.

    Thank you.

  2. Great reviews man. Gives different perspective and sheds new light on the subject. Though I may have a different take on the matter, but I still respect your opinions. It’s not my place to change them, anyway. Cheers bro.

  3. First & Second Performances..
    omg for your info CUCU DATUK MERAH is the BESTfrom the start till now they have been performing different type of music to showcase their talents man!For sure they will make it to the FINAL!Those who know about music and band will support CUCU DATUK MERAH, thats y they are still in the semi’s round PASS EXPRESS!Furthermore they are proffesional band player thats y any music for sure they can play.

    DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MUSIC AND BAND HUH?Seems you only know to comment on their vocal wise.
    Sixth Performance..Xtech is Xtech what the F*** for your info from the starting till now they are only concentrating in HEAVY ROCK METAL!In any reality show will never agree in this,XTECH should show any type of music to play to win anugerah band man!

    Reading your Sixth Performance makes me reply to this coz i really disagree with you. Truthfully reading your blog is just reading someone who don’t know how to appreciate MUSIC and this is a competition band show man! The 2 band which you mention Trabo and X-tech which they are related somehow only know to perform Heavy rock metal band. FOR SURELY ANUGERAH BAND ARE LOOKING FOR A RATIONAL BAND WHO CAN PLAY VARIETY SONG NOT ONLY ROCK METAL!

    Since all the way i’ve been there seeing they perform live my judgement FINAL CUCU DATUK MERAH,PUTERA,FATSKUNKS & RANCOUR will be in FINAL!

  4. Well, i couldnt agree more… as much as the fact that Alif is an old jamming/buddy of mine, he always has a heckcare pesona on stage (and an inspiring guitarist i so often told him then) like you said, stealling the spotlight… but farid is not really doin his thing as the frontman…so, that is really not good. scratchy and offtuned vocals ..yet again… hes the only problem in the band… im not so much of a friend person when it comes to music… if the music’s good, its good…. if its bad, i’ll be straight on… i vote for excellent showmanship and honest performance…

    cucu datok merah, too much gimmick i think though i thought his eccentricities could work for band … and yeah, vocal wise, thumbs down for me too ..

    trabo is solid and x-tech i think, should have just been the winner… consistency is there and no gimmick. that’s a band i’ll be looking out for, and support…

  5. This is to all who disagree with CUCU DATUK MERAH,gimmick in a band competition can be accept then rather to show their talent in ROCK music ONLY!They are perfectly good band!!Professional music player, fyno the singer has his own style to sing with a slang bit when he sang ..THUMBS UP BRO!From the day 1 till now your band have been showing ur talent in playing different type of song.To win this anugerah band have to show this man as you can see how from day 1 till now all the rock2 music band how many had been chosen.

    Even in the semi’s there is 3 rock bands only im sure they will choose 1 band only in that category.Ni zaman bila bro nak perform rock metal ah!CDM i’ll support u buat bodoh sudah dgn ni semua apa kisah drg ni semua banyak cakap ah muka pon tak masuk tv nak comment ni tu ah band entah2 band istrument pon taktahu main!Cakap pasal vokal entah key nyanyi sampai tak!

    Back to the topic…
    XTECH IS XTECH yaa true but this is not a competition for ROCK MUSIC! A band has to perform n show their talent in any category song!
    Excuse me if this not a competition yes you can mention XTECH IS XTECH because cant deny they are great in ROCK METAL!
    As vocal wise in Singapore indutries Music do you think ALIF AZIZ are perfect in vocal wise huh!

  6. well, if they are truly ‘perfect’, i wont be here saying otherwise… no band is… x-tech even, so much so they are almost flawless in their every performances…. just that, well, a lil gimmick wont hurt, yes they pumped up the crowd, yes they played with them, but … they forgot to just play the music… too much is never good… ever heard less is more? im sure you do but, its already been done … theres no haters here just that we love different bands and theres no need for the cyber war shit alrite miss?

    this is just constructive opinions if in case all this while uve been typing blindly … its how we perceive things, no more no less… we didnt say you cant support them… we didnt say like ” CDM SUCK! ” or anything… you just took it a lil too far miss lazer … we never say that they should just go home right?? … we didnt, matter of fact.. so why are you getting all worked up ?? and joining this kind of competition you’ll surely be criticised constantly but that doesnt mean u shouldnt try harder.. that is the challenge really… making music is always a challenge.. yeah, we are intrument-challenged but we didnt disrespect them as musicians… but to succeed is a long winding road… every musician knows that… just that, in this time and era, people know what they like when in comes to music… people has got to buy their music when they make it as a signed band yes? so just fanbase alone wont help… you have got to give this world an earthquake or something.. make yourself a worthy musician … a true one… tell them you deserve this … change our mind … blow it off if possible … so in my opinion, they are still in the competition and they still have the opportunity to do so… they have the goods but its about using the goods to good use that matter… afterall theyre musicians, we need all the good musicians we could get to get the music industry here goin you see… so why are we killing each other here in this blog? were wasting time, its harmless comments babe … its not really lethal coming from us… we’re just ant bites … we’re just trying to help each fellow musicians out… we want all the bands to literally kill each other with their styles… be the best… period

  7. *Applause* Beautiful rebuttal that I myself can’t think of spontaneously… 🙂

    But I’m sure our words fell on deaf ears. I’m not gonna argue with this person anymore. Let her live in her own world and be contented with what she has.

  8. Cyber war shit well goes to a jinx is awalys a jinx!CDM no matter what i’ll support u till end!Your performance have been improving!

    we’re just trying to help each fellow musicians out!watda**** haha helping this you call help!!!!!!haha with this kinda blog written by PUJANGGA MALAM memang kau malam ah pasal kau buta taktahu tulis, fair kau ckp gi belajar dulu dgn reporter dulu ah sebelom type!

    From the CDM die hard fans….

  9. wow, some fan isnt she?? … im done talking … whats the point of saying anyway right?? gasak kau lah… cakap baik2 dgn dier pun tak guna… cakap dier je lah, yelah tu… orang cakap cdm ader potential cumer kena tweak sikit pun react mcm orang takder akal…

    and yeah, y are we talking bout her again ???
    looks like shes the one needing spotlight…
    anyways, good luck CDM, at least u guys got one diehard fan whos really rooting for u, thats more than good at least…. (truly most of us here are music fans, criticism is normal, if you cant take it, learn how to) … i’ll still be watching every band …. we just have to wait and see… wait hika, do u want some of my jinx for that band of yours? do holla if u need it …i have aplenty… lets just hope they do well for your sake… they should be thankful they have you for support…

    think thats the only decent thing i can say for your kind… and pleaseeeeeeeeee get your own blog so u can write YOUR point of views…
    just get off this one… this is not the place for you …

  10. ni semua bukan kita tentu kan, sebagai bangsa melayu kita bersyukur bahawa melayu sentiasa maju. kita gaduh apa kita dapat. org kutuk CDM kutuk, dati kecik hingga mereka besar KORANG SEMUA YG KUTUK KUTUK BUKAN KASI DORANG MAKAN.. apa dorang ada bukan datag dari kita datajng dari allah tu kemahiran mereka. 6 bands dorang ada potensi tapi kita yg jatuh kan kerana tak habis habis kutuk kutuk kutuk.. melayu melayu. mcm mane nak maju.. CDM menang menaang lah tak menang sudah. kalau korang tak suka jgn tgk, dorang ada style tersendiri, kalau benci tutup tv…
    my point of view is everyone have different taste, some like music some band some this and there tapi apa korang dapat eh kalau korang gaduh????????

  11. Hi, everyone, watched the Anugerah Final & i think Rancour deserve to win. Not only they are young & vibrant, they are telented! Compared to the rest, Trabo (very bertrabo), very bapak-bapak look, X-tec (kalah rambut), Fatskunks (music OK, tapi vocalist a bit on a plump side). Kalau Rancour di bawa ke Msia, tak malu org Singapura, just need to groom a bit, OK lah tu, setaraf dgn band Msia. Good luck to Rancour & all the best to you!

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