Things Just Got A Bit Hotter…

I’m compelled to blog about the following comments from one of my domain visitors. I dunno whether to laugh or be angry, but since I’m smiling as I’m typing this, I think the former sounds appropriate. I love debates, and I love to hear alternative views even if I don’t agree with them. At least I learn something from a different perspective and try to be in other people’s shoes. But I get peeved when people rebut with angsty emotions just to put their thoughts across. For the benefit of those in my Multiply network as well as those who don’t read the comments left by visitors in my main domain, here is what a visitor who calls him / herself “Lazer Hika” had to say and this was posted about an hour before I typed this entry:

First & Second Performances..
omg for your info CUCU DATUK MERAH is the BESTfrom the start till now they have been performing different type of music to showcase their talents man!For sure they will make it to the FINAL!Those who know about music and band will support CUCU DATUK MERAH, thats y they are still in the semi’s round PASS EXPRESS!Furthermore they are proffesional band player thats y any music for sure they can play.

DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MUSIC AND BAND HUH?Seems you only know to comment on their vocal wise.
Sixth Performance..Xtech is Xtech what the F*** for your info from the starting till now they are only concentrating in HEAVY ROCK METAL!In any reality show will never agree in this,XTECH should show any type of music to play to win anugerah band man!

Reading your Sixth Performance makes me reply to this coz i really disagree with you. Truthfully reading your blog is just reading someone who don’t know how to appreciate MUSIC and this is a competition band show man! The 2 band which you mention Trabo and X-tech which they are related somehow only know to perform Heavy rock metal band. FOR SURELY ANUGERAH BAND ARE LOOKING FOR A RATIONAL BAND WHO CAN PLAY VARIETY SONG NOT ONLY ROCK METAL!

Since all the way i’ve been there seeing they perform live my judgement FINAL CUCU DATUK MERAH,PUTERA,FATSKUNKS & RANCOUR will be in FINAL!

About who is the best, it’s really a subjective matter. And as to who would enter the finals, it’s down to the judges as well as the fingertips of the voters. My ears say Trabo and X-Tech have been the best so far, some of my visitors have agreed and some have not. That’s absolutely fair enough and I respect that. I was initially drawn to CDM as what Cucu Datok Merah is known for now, when I watched the very first episode of Anugerah Band. I thought this was a group that has something good in store for the watching audience in upcoming weeks based on the clips of them during the audition rounds. To say that those who know about music and band will support CDM is a very one-sided comment coming from within a coconut shell. You have to remember, 50% of the marks come from the judges and the other half is by the voting audience. If you have a strong fanbase, good for you. Of course they have been performing different genres for the past few weeks, but can you safely say they have pulled off good performances??? Have you easily forgotten how they shot themselves on the foot in the second episode???

What makes a good band remain in longevity??? It is by staying true to their nature, true to their art, true to their craft, true to their form. You look at Search and Wings and how long they have been in the industry. Have they ever tried to dabble in anything other than rock??? Gerhana Ska Cinta, a group that plays ska and raggae sounds have been around for a decade, which is considered long in industry shelf life, and even if they are not as popular in the mainstream than underground, they still have a sustainable market and people still flock to their shows. Back to CDM, I don’t deny they have tried hard, but sometimes it is best not to be a jack of all trades but master of none. So what if you’re professional musicians, even professional singers do not always perform well when crunch time comes.

I might not know about the technical aspects of music like some of my learned visitors, but I do know when the music sounds good and when it does not. I believe you’ve lost the plot when you chose to scrutinize my comments on vocals, when in fact I have also mentioned about musical arrangement and other aspects. Of course as someone who has the benefit of watching live, you have the advantage of seeing and hearing in the flesh how the sounds were emitted as compared to a couch potato like yours truly. Watching live and watching on television is different. With the sounds and noise made by the audience, even a frog croaking or in the words of one of my Multiply visitors, “suara macam kambing“, can also be music to the ears. 😛

Looking at your emotion-filled comments, even Jatt Ali looks like a criminal in your eyes, since he himself agreed that X-Tech is X-Tech. I can respect the comments made by the visitor before you (Asfi), even if he is a CDM fan and proud of it. He gave his thoughts and rationale in his blog which even the most sceptical of fans like me can say he has good points to put across. Truthfully reading my blog is just reading from someone who does not appreciate music eh??? Why bother coming in and read then??? Ooooppsss I forgot, the official media and website don’t update as often as you would like them to, which is why you have to drop by this site that provides an up-to-date service for gleeful readers like you to come in and drop bombs without thinking in the bigger picture.

If you think you have substantial reviews to provide, then by all means, please provide a service to the nation and don’t read this blog. You should know damn well reviews on blogs are the typist’s prerogative and point of view. I try to be fair and give credit where it’s due and heck I have no affiliations whatsoever to any members of the groups who are still participating or have been knocked out. What my ears and eyes reject, I will say it, and I will say it bluntly and call a spade, a spade. You want to come in and rebut, by all means do so with dignity, grace and mannerisms. You don’t see me disagreeing by using uncouth vocabulary do you???

I admit I’m not a rockish person, more so if it’s rock metal, but hell I appreciate this genre and feel that if Singapore bands are only good at this then they should just stick to what they know best and strive with it. One distinguished visitor in my Multiply site brought up an interesting food-for-thought. Rock has been around since the 70s. Those teenagers, 20 pluses, hell even 30 pluses back then loved it. Fast forward to the current time, these people are already parents, while others have already gotten the grandparent tags. Don’t you think that deep down somewhere in them, they still love rock??? Would they still accompany their kids or grandchildren to rock concerts / gigs??? I say why not if their interest have not waned over the years???

For your sake, I would love to see CDM emerge champions and then I want to see how long they can sustain in this industry. Or better still, if there is a market for them or any other bands out there. I’ve talked to a few people who have been in the industry for quite some time, some have even been kind enough to share their thoughts and all have painted a bleak picture. For the sake of Singapore bands, I hope this will not be the case and I expect the group that is honest and true to their style of play to land credence to their title win, rather than one which champions multiple genres or rely only on looks to earn their dues.

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

2 thoughts on “Things Just Got A Bit Hotter…”

  1. Hey brother,

    Thanks for quoting me.

    I think this “Lazer Hika” character is taking things way too seriously.

    Then again, music is a passion, so it is arguable that music lovers are simply quite passionate in their, well, passion.

    I’m not condoning his/her actions. I think that it’s just human nature to be supremely enthused and sensitive about one’s preferences.

    The transference of opinion, even though not quite right, is still a reality.

    Even if it’s wrong, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

    Such is life. I know. Not fair. Then again, what in life is fair?

    Still, he/she didn’t have the right to come out and smoke you out like that.

    Like I said in my blog, “I may disagree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it”.

    Selamat, bro.

    Keep thinking.

    Keep writing.

    At the very least, keep us intellectuals alive and fed with more food for thought, ‘cos a lot of people seem to be surfing the web and blogging and leaving comments and such, but have the brain capacity of a sengkuang and maturity of a lobak.

    Tambah kobis boleh buat coleslaw.

    Just add mayo.

  2. Well, seems like you have an all-out attitude when it comes to commenting performances/things, like moi. We all have preference, right? But I realized, your style of commenting is almost similar to mine. I’ll be all-out bout what my ears tell me to say. Like, if there’s gonna future for these bands after the competition; will they stand long in this people-eat-people industry, you know the promise that they give you after this big hoohaa. I like the fact that you explained why you like/not like certain bands and you pointed out their plus and minus points. And I agreed with you on why must these potato-head people must use profanities when trying to prove their point?? I do not get it either. Cant they just defend their subject w/o sounding like drunkheads?? I mean thats your opinion, right? Moreover, your comments are more well-constructed and I dont see no use of curses in your entry. So, I mean, she/he needs to really peel that potato ears of hers/his. Gimmick never last long. For awhile yeah, it might, i’ll give a year tops. I too thought that CDM gave me an impression that that band might give you something more as the competition progresses. But, its still a let-down and I do not see that they are gonna do anything to change their current state. They are too complacent with their fanbase. Like i said earlier, Im biased when it comes to music. I have my own preference of music that I listen to. Regardless if my friend is in it or not. If its good, its good. If its not, I will tell them so they can do better. Afterall, theyre still friends and i want to see them excel in what theyre doin.

    One more thing, like you, I like when people dont agree with my views. I like to hear from their perspective of things. And of course, minus the cursing and all. I get it why they defend their choice but being one-sided is so kuno you know. You have to cover all grounds when you want to ” put down ” someone’s comment but, mostly, i dun see that happening so often. They too are blunt, too blunt. They have no control over their emotions and spill their guts out in someone’s blog. How pathetic is that.

    But anyhow, this potato-head was glad she stumbled upon your blog and I think your blog gives me hope to im-only-hear-for-the-music-only-not-the-scene me. Just keep doin your thing. We need more of yous for this world of ours. Honesty, no gimmicks.

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