The Plot Thickens…

I thought when I came out with my own defense and explained the rationale behind my reviews in yesterday’s entry, it would more or less appease some broken hearts out there, or should I say those who suffered from sore eyes from reading my not-so-worthy entries. And so, we continue from our verbal jousting from yesterday, with another reply coming from you-know-who, this time in the Anugerah Band Semi-Finals Review entry:

This is to all who disagree with CUCU DATUK MERAH,gimmick in a band competition can be accept then rather to show their talent in ROCK music ONLY!They are perfectly good band!!Professional music player, fyno the singer has his own style to sing with a slang bit when he sang ..THUMBS UP BRO!From the day 1 till now your band have been showing ur talent in playing different type of song.To win this anugerah band have to show this man as you can see how from day 1 till now all the rock2 music band how many had been chosen.

Even in the semi’s there is 3 rock bands only im sure they will choose 1 band only in that category.Ni zaman bila bro nak perform rock metal ah!CDM i’ll support u buat bodoh sudah dgn ni semua apa kisah drg ni semua banyak cakap ah muka pon tak masuk tv nak comment ni tu ah band entah2 band istrument pon taktahu main!Cakap pasal vokal entah key nyanyi sampai tak!

Back to the topic…
XTECH IS XTECH yaa true but this is not a competition for ROCK MUSIC! A band has to perform n show their talent in any category song!
Excuse me if this not a competition yes you can mention XTECH IS XTECH because cant deny they are great in ROCK METAL!
As vocal wise in Singapore indutries Music do you think ALIF AZIZ are perfect in vocal wise huh!

Gimmicks are welcomed as a form of surprise, an element which would spice your performance on stage. But there is only so much gimmicks can bring you. First and foremost you are supposed to enthrall the crowd with your energy, your voice, your showmanship as a singer, and at the same time need your group members to support you with their attitude on stage and responsibility in churning out the needed melody that accompanies you. You are not doing a magic show or a circus act. Gimmicks do not always translate into dollars in the long run. Too many gimmicks by a singer or a group are a bore sooner, if not later cos they only concentrate on doing spectacular stuff which then affect their overall performance. Just look at what happened to Helven.  Another way to look at it is that gimmicks do not reflect your seriousness in delivering a quality output, or worse, to mask your apparent flaws. If gimmicks are your cup of tea, then I presume you are a big fan of Moscow Circus or David Blaine, yes??? 😛

Goodness you’ve been harping about this professional musician thingy since yesterday as though I don’t already know or I have not made any homework. It is because of being professional musicians that people expect them to deliver top-notch performances week in and out, which they have not been showing on a regular basis, at least from my point of view. You complain about having three rock bands in the semi-final, I say all except Fatskunks are rock groups, just that the rock differs from group to group. But oh well who am I to judge right??? I can’t even play a damn musical instrument nor sing a crappy tune… 😛

The last paragraph kinda gave me some food for thought. True this is not a competition for rock music, but the organisers themselves did not spell out properly that bands, or the winner in particular, have to be versatile in many genres did they??? If that had been spelt out, then obviously all the groups would have experimented with different sounds or at least have one week where they must play raggae, or one week where they have to sound pop-ish. You think these groups that were asked to do something different from their comfort zones enjoy doing what they do??? Does it ever reflect their true feel, their passion and translate into note-worthy performances??? I had a chat with one of the members of Silksutra a few weeks ago. Prior to the episode before they were eliminated, he said one of the judges told them to stick to what they do best and what they are comfortable with. Isn’t that a strong indicator that the groups should highlight their strengths rather than their weaknesses??? Why in the world do they need to dabble in something they are not comfortable with and shoot themselves on the foot???

And why in the world is Aliff Aziz in the picture??? Aren’t we commenting about Anugerah Band instead of Anugerah??? Hello, please do not confuse my readers even more. Yes, I know some of you still have doubts about Aliff and his husky voice, his breathing technique yada yada yada. The fact is, he is laughing all the way to the bank, he has already made inroads across the Causeway, he was nominated in both APM and AIM (which is no mean feat for a local act), which of course tells you that if his voice was just so-so, would the people who nominate him be tone-deaf or select him for the sake of filling in the categories when there are quite a few decent male singers around??? Granted that he might not have a voice as melodious as Anuar Zain, or charismatic like Taufik Batisah, but when it comes to carrying our flag proudly on foreign shores, you can jolly well know you can count on him to make you proud of your local acts. 

You know “Lazer Hika” or “CTGucci” or whoever you are, I can be extremely childish, bend backwards or stoop to your level and say this is utter piece of garbage with a lot of grammatical errors to boot. But I’m not one who loves to laugh at other people’s shortcomings. You want to pour forth your thoughts, please jolly well do so without angsty emotions. Like I said yesterday, if you can at least share your own experiences sitting in the auditorium week in and out and give your own fair share of reviews in that white elephant blog of yours, people would at least take notice of where you are coming from and at best be another alternative media which people would want to read. Running your mouth like a broken piece of record and thinking from the comfort of your coconut shell only make others, me especially, hate your beloved group even more. Please do not soil my blog with your lop-sided thinking.

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

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