A Welcoming Retort…

I thought the issue of CDM would end when they were eliminated this past Tuesday. But I know their fans or sympathisers out there are still very much sore with the less-than-flattering reviews I made about them throughout their journey in this competition. Just today I received a retort from someone by the name of “Man Shaggy“. Before anyone out there shoots him down, let me just say his reply is one that I always welcome from those who do not agree with my comments. To summarise, his is a welcoming and very much civilised retort. This was what he said:


I like reading your blog but do apologize right if this sound harsh to you.
Absolutely i Agree with lazer hika comment reting for his debates******, from the start reading your blog the way u convey your message about cucu datuk merah throughout thier journey in anugerah band is all bad errr kutuk2 i have to say this bro.Obviously the fans wont like it and your blog is open to public to view,he have the right to blow out your blog.Truthfully from the start reading your blog rabak bro you kutuk cdm.Untill well the die hard fans he the lazer Hika blow out your blog then you stop writing and condemn cdm.

Well end of it too bad they are good.Thanks pujjangga malam

Cheers.. ) ya…

First of all, any retort of this nature is not harsh to me. It is one that I’ve come to expect from those who would like to leave their two cents worth. I pride myself in being as civilised as possible when pouring forth my thoughts and having a certain degree of class to criticise without sounding vulgar. Likewise I expect people to debate, agree or disagree with as much grace and dignity. But then again, human characters differ from people to people. You can’t expect everyone to be the same, lest the world will be colourless. Of course, a little decorum would go a long way in making others respect your opinions, no matter how wrong or right you are.

Back to the comments. Right from the very start, I have been very critical of bands who have not shown a certain amount of quality and consistency that would make or shake this small industry of ours in time to come. It is very easy to pinpoint and say that I was very critical of CDM right from the very start, but I think you also missed out on the fact that I had been equally damning towards PutraHelven, Keigo Sphinx and Silksutra. Even two of the finalists, Fatskunks and Rancour, were not spared from my criticisms. Short of being angry and disappointed, Silksutra sent me a Facebook Funwall message thanking me for my comments and using them to spur them to greater heights. I believe that should be the way, turning negativity into something positive and improve as you go on.

It is not true that I stopped “condemning” CDM, if that’s what you called it, when you-know-who came along. I just refined my words and did not stoop to her level, knowing fully well that adding fuel to a raging fire gets you nowhere. Like I mentioned in one of my previous entries, blog reviews are solely the views of the reviewer. It is his / her own opinion on something. What I like, what I dislike, what I am receptive to and what my ears reject are there for all to see. Some of you might not agree, but this is by no means the Official Blog of Anugerah Band for me to wax lyrical on every band, even if they do not sound esthetically nice to the ears, my ears.

I am not like a certain judge where even the not-so-nice becomes sugary and sweet. I don’t believe in having to use veiled words when wanting to get my points across. More often than not, you’ll end up confusing the very same people you want to see improve. It’s a simple rule of the thumb for me, if you are good, I’ll say you are good, if you are not then likewise I will say you are not. So if you have a problem with my honesty, then please do me a favour and type your own review, where you can have the entire space to rave, mask whatever flaws your personal favourites might have and put them on the pedestal like you so wished them to be.

It is only the opinion of one blogger, one that does not have any musical qualifications to back him up, that has made quite a few people jump. You guys should be extremely thankful that the media here is not as harsh as those across the Causeway or even in Indonesia. If the opinion of one blogger can cause such a storm and that too before being crowned champions, then I’m sad to say, we are still not ready to make headway abroad or even internationally. Ask any of those artistes who have made it abroad and they will be glad to tell you that their experiences with the media there is so much different with those over here. Some say that the media here is too nice sometimes. We can’t get anywhere by being too nice.

If you ask me, people like Rafaat Hamzah and Zoul are fine examples of good judges. They tell you things as it is without beating about the bush. But sad to say, our community is still not ready to receive brutally honest opinions. Which was why Rafaat got so much flak during the Anugerah Skrin in 2006. Like the analogy of parenting, you scold your kids because you love them and not want them to do things that they shouldn’t do. In this case, criticisms were dished out so that the group could improve. Yes, they are professional musicians. It is this undeniable fact that made expectations of them even stronger and greater.

I do not wish to start another round of worthless debating. I considered whatever that has gone on over the past week as water under the bridge. I never said CDM was shitty or crappy, did I??? I just didn’t like the way they have portrayed themselves throughout the competition, knowing fully well that they did marvellously in the audition rounds, to the point that a lot of the other groups installed them as favourites to win the competition. Yes I expected them to do well, but sadly in my personal opinion, they did not. I had to give a fair review and based on what I heard and saw. And if being fair and honest are not good enough for some people, then I’m sorry, I am not one to compromise my principles…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

One thought on “A Welcoming Retort…”

  1. Brader PM….

    Firstly gua bukan nak bodellica lu ah…

    Tapi dengan era penjualan CD semakin merosot dan artis sua susah mau cari makan, apa ada pada glamer.

    “Muzik mereka akan dibawa ke seluruh Nusantara”. Hmmmm, dengan cara apa? Label besar buatkan CD? Label-label besar lagi 5-10 sua bakal lingkup!

    Kalau ada anak-cucu, suku-sakat yang cakap gua macam faham, silakan. Tapi tanya diri sendiri, adakah anda beli CD punya orang atau sedut free dari internet?

    Jadi pada gualah ada pertandingan atau tidak, peluang untuk berkarya dan menyerantau atau menyejagat dalam era internet ni terbuka luas. Hanya satu aspek negatif – kesukaran untuk ‘menduitkan’ ( monetise ) karya-karya seni.

    Keadaan amat suram dan muram, EMI untuk Asia Tenggara akan tutup kedai.

    Para pengamat industri muzik meramalkan semua syarikat rakaman akan pupus secara perlahan dalam masa 5 hingga 10 tahun ini.

    Kepada semua band-band yang nak jadi macam Search atau Sweet Charity melalui kaedah aliran perdana, lupakan niat anda! Cari jalan lain.

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