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Entry today won’t be lengthy. No mood to type so long as per usual. Maybe the hectic life at work I’ve been leading of late is taking its toll on me. Anyway would just like to share something new about my neighbourhood. Even though this place is about an MRT station stop away, it’s still within the same area and about 2km from where I live. Come to think of it, I nearly bought a home there when it was still up for grabs, because of its close proximity to Buangkok MRT and the new Sengkang Mosque that is currently undergoing construction.

As you can vaguely make out the words, the name of this particular area is “Aspella“, but of course if you were to tell cab drivers, they won’t know where it is… 😛

From the entrance of Buangkok MRT station, you will be greeted by this sight, an upmarket Kopitiam outlet, a 24-hour NTUC Fairprice supermarket and a 24-hour Sakura Restaurant

The interior is small but outside the restaurant, the place is enough for big gatherings to be done. But I’m sceptical how this place is gonna survive when it is situated at one end of the place and the flow of human traffic is still slow…

Outside the 24-hour NTUC Fairprice supermarket…

We had a choice of buying this 2nd-floor unit but since it is too close to the supermarket, we decided against it, bearing in mind the noise when the area properly comes to life and also the stench that will be emanated in time to come. My idea was getting somewhere further up the floors but the units were already taken up…

A common sign seen at the bakery shop facing the supermarket. When will people stop being ignorant that “No Pork No Lard” constitutes to being “Halal“???

At the other end of the area, there is another Kopitiam outlet. What is special about this place is that they have a dedicated area for football fans to converge. Even the place is decorated with pictures of football players and a goalpost with a miniature goalkeeper diving for the ball as you can see from the photo. Now I hope the place screens Champions League football cos there is no way I am gonna subscribe to MIO Singtel‘s subscription next year when the rights to watching the games are switched over to the broadcaster.


Unlike any normal Sunday evenings where football will be at the top of my agenda, there wasn’t any yesterday as none of my friends were available. I too had to return to the office due to some last-minute agenda cropping up. But since work ended early at about 4pm and I was feeling bored with no football, I decided to head down to the Darul Ma’wa Children’s Home along Still Road as there was a carnival going on. What’s more, there were performances by Revalina, Sheila Abdul, AhliFiqir, Dayang Nurfaizah and Hady Mirza.

By the time I came, Revalina and Sheila Abdul had already performed, which was a big bummer since I so wanted to see how Sheila Abdul performs live being a newbie in the industry and with a growing reputation across the Causeway under the tutelage of Adnan Abu Hassan, who we all know is responsible for producing excellent talents like Liza Hanim, Misha Omar and a certain Dato’ who is nominated at the upcoming MTV Asia Awards.

I wasn’t so much into the performances, was just sitting at one corner to the left of the stage and enjoying it for what it’s worth. AhliFiqir came on stage without DJ Cza and Mawar Berduri, who is apparently hospitalised at Changi General Hospital. Get well soon Mawar!!! Appropriately at an event like this, they opened their act by rapping to Too Phat‘s “Alhamdulillah“, did “Dia Datang” and finished off with “2 X 5“. Dayang then came on singing “Erti Hidup” but not before the accompanying CD skipped three times during the intro. I think she sang “Ingin Ku Miliki” after that before ending off with “Seandainya Masih Ada Cinta“. I wasn’t concentrating on her performance as I was busy chatting away with AhliFiqir‘s Samsol a.k.a. Tukang Kata. Last met him at APM2008 when we hung out for awhile after the show and just after I checked out from the hotel. Of all topics that we discussed, we talked about the political situation in Malaysia as he is more in tune with what is going on since he is based there.

As expected when Hady came on stage, the fans rushed forward to take close up photos of him. The good thing about my camera is that I could just sit from the comfort of where I was and zoom in to give that close-up shot of him. I have to give him credits as he is now very much at ease conversing in Malay than before. Maybe the experience performing in Indonesia has been of great help to his progress. The only thing I hope now is that he will release a Malay album as quickly as possible, since most of the time when I watch him perform live, he would be singing “Merpati” and “Freedom 90“.

MatGila (left) meeting his idol…

There was an autograph-signing session with Dayang right after the show ended. As I was with one of my fellow listener friends, “MatGila“, who is a big fan of hers, I gamely helped to take a photograph of him and his idol. I know he will be one happy fellow for the days, weeks, months to come. I also met a few old friends who were part of the organising set-up and made small talk with them before leaving. Can’t help but reminisce the old times when I too had been a part of all these, helping out and rubbing shoulders with the artistes. Sometimes I wish I could turn back the time…

One of the emcees of the event, the wacky Fiza O, with yours truly…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

7 thoughts on “New Buzz In Da’ Hood…”

  1. Asalammualaikum.

    Yeah, the noporknolard signages. Me so sad when I see so many makcik/kakcik/nekcik patronising these type of shops, esp in Bedok.

    I have to tell my mom to stop buying the baggueet from the neighbourhood bakery becos of this as they may not sell pork or use lard but wat about the other meaty buns ie chix, hotdogs, floss.. :(.

  2. Bro, so sekarang tinggal mana? Still in hougang ke? Ko buat orang confuse. Or is it just me who is confuse? I no longer hougang for quite sometime.. balik pon dah tak lagik. Mak dah jual rumah hougang. hehe. no longer my hometown.

    Konon tak lengthy.. gambar peh byk.. words dah boleh buat cerpen.. tak lengthy konon.. ceT!

  3. Wa’alaikumussalam Saly,

    It is misleading. At one end I don’t blame the non-Muslims for not knowing but I’m saddened by the fact that our people sometimes close one eye on these sort of thing and just eat what they think is right. And that includes being seen eating at Fish & Co, Pastamania, Subway etc. Yang hairannnya they can blog about it and be proud of it…


    Kak Lis,

    I love putting ppl in a fix. Maybe if you can jog back to some of my previous posts, you are able to see where I live exactly. The thing is, Hougang is still my home technically since my parents are there and we still have yet to sell our old home at Ave 7. Heh… I didn’t know that you’re a former Hougangite till now…

    Niat di hati malas nak lengthy tapi bila dah ada gambar and nak describe, naturally jadi termelalut pulak… I kan storyteller… 😛

  4. Hello PM, A thousand thanks for the help, hope you know what I mean..
    Sleep like a baby after the show…..puas hati bro!

    I luv your website……keep it up bro………
    Keep updating coz kita jarang berjumpa….
    Take care

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